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  1. Pops -- I'm trying to find out where I can view "The Horse Doctor" kdrama, I think 2012? Can't seem to find it to watch. It's about a vet that becomes doctor to the King (Joseon period) Any ideas where??

  2. Mmmh I'm not too sure, I watch all my dramas on Gooddrama which is free and can he viewed in my region. Maybe try searching on there, but if its not there I don't really know anywhere else Anna..... :-(
    Actually I am trying to find Hero (Lee Jun Ki drama on MBC) and because gooddrama doesn't have it I am a bit lost!!!

  3. I see Horse Doctor on your Gooddrama -- I'll try that at home & see if it works over here in the States. Lee Jun Ki's "Hero" was also named "Unseen War" or "Strange Heroes" maybe it's under those instead. Maybe DramaBeans can help you out?

    1. Oh thanks for the heads up about that Hero drama! :-) I had no idea it had other names (though I should have guessed considering most dramas do!) I don't even know if it's any good but I will probably watch it at some point anyway just because of Lee Jun Ki!! :-)
      I hooe you manage to watch Horse Doctor too!! :-)

  4. Merry Christmas POPS!
    Highly recommend "Healer" if you can get it -- just started about 5 episodes ago; it's much like "City Hunter" but more refined. The musical scores are top notch!

  5. Merry Christmas Anna and I hope you have a lovely New Year!! I have been so busy lately I haven't watched any kdrama for 2 weeks (sob...sob) but next week I plan to throw myself back in there. I am getting withdrawals! ! Thanks for the tip about Healer, I have read it is going really well so am definitely keen to check that one out! I have put it on my (massive ) list!! Thank you!! :-)

  6. Hey Pops!
    Just wondering how you've been lately. You must be very busy.
    Anyhoo, take care!

  7. SOSsy!! I've only just seen this now! And you probably won't see this because I took so long to reply :(
    How are you??
    I am still around, still watching dramas non stop, but yeah, I am just lacking the time to write about them these days. It makes me a bit sad actually cos I really enjoy this blog, but I have started writing novels now and that sucks up all my spare time (because obviously I can't quite my boring 9 to 5 job). I would love to be published one day, but no luck so far, but oh well, I really love it so will continue writing and keep trying!!
    I hope you are well!! :)

  8. Happy New Year Pops!
    Great to hear that you're well. I'm doing alright. Trudging along with the 9 to 5 , and still watching my dramas at night.
    Wow! novels...Good luck with that! Shout out whenever - would love to read what you write!