12 November 2014



I was browsing around Gooddrama the other day and ended up searching Horror Kdramas, just because I haven't ever really come across one before and the idea intrigued me. I chose this Anthology Horror series (every episode tells a different stand-alone story) because I saw the first episode stars a younger Park Min-young (City Hunter) and Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs, Gu Family Book). This combination had me interested enough to give it a go and I found the whole thing a rather interesting,  if somewhat creepy experience. 
So below I have written a short review on the first episode only and guess what!?
For the very first time ever on this blog my review is actually spoiler free!!! Yay!!!

Episode 1 Review:
I really really enjoyed this episode. It starts off with a horrible murder as a bunch of masked noble men stand around a young helpless girl in the dark of night, before plunging a sword through her chest. And then, her white sleeping hanbok covered in blood, she is thrown down into a dry well and left there to die. It's pretty horrible and only one of the men, lovely fresh faced Choi Jin-hyuk, looks at all upset by what's going on.
But down in the well, the girl begins to change......
Cut to the next day and we are introduced to a sprawling household during Joseon times, everyone bustling about as they prepare for one of the daughters of the house's wedding. Only we witness this daughter's own mother has been forbidden to see the bride. Not just today but ever again. Suspicious! 

And the bride's decorated wedding palanquin sits silently in the courtyard, the girl inside never answering her mother's anguished cries..... and when we finally see inside we find the lifeless body of a dead girl sitting there, the one from the well, all dressed up in her wedding finery.
The beating heart of this story is the lovely and vibrant Myung Ok and her precious Unni. The close inseparable friendship these two girls share is really lovely and surprisingly well fleshed out for such a short one episode story arc. I loved their scenes together, their cheekiness as they break all the house rules and giggle and act like very real, sweet girls.  I love their solid relationship that makes you care about them and what is going to happen to them......and believe me, none of it is good.

In short this is a story about Gumiho's and there are some truly creepy and unsettling moments within this hour of horror. Whether it will truly scare you or not is really up to how you personally handle scary stuff,  but if your tolerance is low then maybe watch this one during the day. If not though, and like me you rather enjoy a bit of supernatural horror, then this is a really fun one to enjoy! It won't scare the pants off you but is a lovely dark creepy fairytale.


  1. I might just give this a shot after I come back...Thanks!

    1. I don't know if the other episodes are good or not, but I certainly enjoyed this first one! :-)

  2. Arang & The Magistrate is about as scary as I get. Unless it's classical scary, like Phantom of the Opera.

    1. Haha, yeah maybe don't watch this one then. I think it is more creepy than scary but I know everyone has different tolerance levels for scary stuff!!! :-)


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