4 August 2014

Some lovely photos Part 9: Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi


Here are some gorgeous photos of the perfect Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki. 
Aren't they so lovely?

Check below the page break for some Joseon Gunman stills. 
So perfect! So pretty!

 Cute! Cute! Cute!!

A lot of these were taken from Koalas Playground and also from some Joseon Gunman facebook sites. No weirdness or stealing intended! :) 


  1. Like a young Gary Cooper in the pistol still. Am enjoying this series immensely on DramaFever.

    1. They are such great photos right? And me too I am loving this series so much, but it is also so incredibly tense that sometimes I actually feel a bit sick after watching the episodes! Which I think is a really good thing (?) because I am caring so much for all the characters that the story is really affecting me. :)

    2. Yes, yes! I can get pretty keyed up with the intenseness -- it's all that gun powder!! LOL

      I'm also enjoying your novella

  2. Oh wow really? Thats so nice Anna, I'm so glad you're reading it and enjoying it! :-) How exciting for me!

    Yes I think this drama is sooooo tense but I am just loving it so much, though sometimes it can be a little stressful to watch! ....stressful in a good way?!

  3. What's stressful for me, is that my hubbie just started watching it, and I have to wait for him to catch up to this week's episodes so we can watch it together on the same screen -- I was using my tablet while he was watching the last bits of "Two Weeks" on the tv; now I have to watch the last bits of 2 Wks on my tablet! We're fairly new to KDrama arena, having started last year with "Queen Seodok" on Netflix as a fluke. The perils of venturing down the Korean drama path...LOL!

  4. Oh that is so cool you guys are watching drama together! My husband isn't hugely into it but we do watch some together and actually the next drama I have picked for us to watch will be Joseon Gunman because it is just too good. And yes the wait must be killing you!
    I really loved Two Weeks too, I want to watch that again with my husband.
    It is so funny, but everytime we watch a drama together it always happens to star Lee Jun Ki. I think my husband must think he is the only Korean actor out there! :)
    I've never watched Queen Seodok, is that good? I might have to look it up!
    Yep, the Korean drama path is one slippery slope, it has completely taken over my whole existence, particularly because there are just constantly airing new ones so there always seems to be something awesome to watch! I love it!!

  5. Greetings POPS:
    Queen Seodok is a long historical drama, but that's why we liked it! It takes some artistic liberties with the characters but we thought it was over the top great with costuming, architecture, fight scenes, crying, screaming at each other, intense emotional, not alot of kissing though (!) guess they didn't do much of that in the late 600s. This is the drama where I was introduced to Kim Nam-Gil -- he plays Bidam in the second half of the series. Wow - knock your socks off acting & easy on the eyes to boot. But I do have to be fair and say the actress Go Hyun-jung who plays Lady Mishil was absolutely stellar -- she won awards for the part -- you loved to hate her after awhile! It also gave us a look at Korea's incredible history -- I ended up purchasing a few books on their history so I could understand some of the nuances better.

  6. Oh cool, thanks for the description Anna. That does sound really good! I really love historical dramas (because like you I get so interested in the history and have to go do my own research as well!) but I have always avoided the really super long Sagueks and tend to just check out the 20-25 episode ones usually.
    I think its also because the super long ones seem to be pretty tragic and I am truly a sucker for a happy ending. Another reason why Joaeon Gunman is stressing me out!!

  7. Phew -- I really liked the ending of J.G.; there were a few loose ends but I can live with that. I am soooo glad the writers didn't have the bad guys be dead, then not be dead, then be dead, then really not be dead, like those stupid horror movies -- what was done was done and final, and everyone moved on. It was refreshing. I think an interesting alternate ending would be that the characters go to America to fight the fight from abroad, a little tricky but would have a nice twist. All in all I really enjoyed this series!

    1. I really liked the ending too, though I think it made me feel pretty awful. I am not a massive tv crier but during this last episode I think a lot of sobbing was happening. It was just so depressing because no one really managed to achieve anything (good guys or bad) and so many people sacrificed themselves for something that never came to fruition. It was so sad..... but I guess also realistic in many ways because usually stuff doesn't end up in a neat nice bow I suppose.
      I really liked it though and am so freaking glad that Yoon Kang and Soo In at least got away and were able to live. :-) what a great drama!!