30 June 2014



Actually the first episode was pretty fun, zippy, goofy and fast paced with a great hulking goofball for a hero and a shouty tough and strong no nonsense heroine, prone to violence and easily able to stick up for herself. I took great joy in their first meeting as this tiny firecracker of a girl totally owns and shames (and possibly terrifies) the male lead who is at least three times her size.  I loved their bickering which was crackling, fiesty fun and I was shamelessly looking forward to their fiery relationship continuing in a forced cohabitation situation.
What went wrong?

Well I think everything started going downhill pretty quickly but I still stuck it out because I kept waiting for something drastic to happen, as in the male lead to evolve away from being such a truly horrible good for nothing douchebag. Or the suddenly weak and doormat-y heroine to realise this guy was bad for her and give him a good kick up the arse to wake him up.

But then slowly as episode after episode rolled by with no character development or changes whatsoever, I started to realise that strong awesome kick-arse heroine was gone for good, replaced by a weak girl who was happy (well maybe not happy exactly) to let the man she loved walk all over her constantly, and a male lead who never learned a single thing and ended the drama in the exact same position as he began it, being useless and the last man in the world a woman should ever choose for a potential husband.

Not only did the plot circle around constantly with no forward movement (oh, he's leaving the house...oh wait no he's not, he's back again but he is still being cruel and chasing other women and stealing her money.... but now he's moving out again...oh wait...) but it ended in exactly the the same place it started, only with a three year time jump that happened for no reason and seemed to mean nothing.
Such an utter shame because I really like Kim Rae Won, I like his goofy exterior which in other roles of his actually hides hints of hidden depths, but sadly his character here was seriously as lacking and mean and uncaring as he first appeared. He started as a bit of a tool and ended as a bit of a tool, making it his mission in life to take advantage of this heroine as much as humanly possible, even to the extent of trying (and at least once succeeding) in creating a bit of a sex buddy situation with her even though it was obvious she had serious feelings involved when he didn't, and also that she was an innocent and he was a big fat player.
What a tool!

A tool who learned nothing the entire drama running time!
Though actually there even comes a point when you can no longer even feel sorry for the female lead because she is doing this to herself (fool me once....) and was enabling him to walk all over her all the time because of her never-ending passiveness.

Blurg. For real.

No stars!! Don't bother.

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