6 May 2014



Art and drama, two of my favourite things ever! This is where I indulge in a bit of fanart appreciation, bringing you some rare gems from some random talented fans!

First up here is my favourite of the bunch from one of my favourite dramas of all time, Arang and the Magistrate!  Isn't this so gorgeous? I just adore it, so romantic and sweet. Just perfect.

Scroll down for more.....

Here are some lovely Heirs artworks...... so pretty.
We have Bo-na, Young-do and finally Eun-sang.

Here is a cute one from Queen In-hyun's Man, another of my all time favourite dramas!

Here are some fan impressions of Kang-chi from Gu Family Book. Both are very different but very cool.
Link  and  Link

Here is a bunch more artworks from the lovely Arang and the Magistrate. Like heaps more..... sorry, but I can't help it, I love it so much.
 The first one is pretty epic and the rest are just damn cute!
Link  and   Link

Here is a beautiful piece of art from the drama The Princess Man, a truly incredible and gripping show that cemented my love of romantic Sagueks (or ignited it....whatever).

Next up is Gaksital. Suitably stirring and epic paintings from that roller coaster of a drama.
Link   and   Link

You From Another Star, which I have a fully written review for but am so lazy I haven't posted it yet. These lovely pictures might inspire me to edit it though!
Link   and    Link

Here is a bonus random drawing of Lee Min Ho. Pretty incredible picture!

Heaps of awesome pics from Faith, another loved drama of mine which is desperately calling for a re-watch.
Link  and  Link

And lucky last, one of the best drama of all time, Tamra the Island. Go freaking watch it if you haven't already and then you will understand the awesomeness of the dude below.

All done!  :)

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