9 December 2013



A late post today!!! I have no time!! I am running behind on everything!! Eeek!

I am posting some more actors (again), and next time I will catch up with the actresses.
I am actually really pleased with some of the photos from today, they are rather lovely. Especially of certain actors whom I am not sure photograph very well. For instance, Kim Soo-hyun is so gorgeous, but he can look a bit awkward in photos and you are so much better checking him out on film. Others like that would be Lee Jun-ki (I know heaps of people love his photos but I think he looks better on screen), Lee Min Ho (so much hotter onscreen) and also Joo Won.

I am not sure what it is about a person that makes them photogenic or not, but it is a very real quality that some people possess.

Kim Soo-hyun!! Probably one of my favourite photos of him!

I love this photo! Yoon Shi-yoon looking soulful in black and white.

Lee Jun-ki looking manly and not at all like a 90's pop star like he used to in his earlier photoshoots. And not a shiny mullet or dangly earring in sight!

Kim Soo-hyun again just because!

CHILBONGIE!!!! I am so hardcore on Team Chilbongie (which of course means I am currently feeling very terrified I will get my heart broken,)

Kim Woobin. Ahhh.

And Lee Jong-seok. I am not a massive fan of his  (but I am not a hater or anything) but this photo is really lovely.

Lee Jun-ki again..... don't fight it!

And Lee Min-ho eating some stuff!!

Bye bye!!!

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