16 December 2013



Well there you go, the end.

Episode 19:
Bring on the cuteness! !
So it turns out all Tan really had to do was go public with Eun-sang in front of everyone, giving his father no real choice but to grudgingly accept them. Pretty freaking simple but also pretty effective. And on a side note I must say I liked the way Won was staring at them during the party, shocked by his brother's daring actions for sure, but I am guessing more than a little impressed too. And maybe he can see in Tan what he should have been doing all along himself. 
Tan has always been braver than Won, in the way he deals with their father, in the way he goes after what he wants and even in the way he was so loving to Won all those years even in the face of such cruelty. It takes a special kind of bravery to risk your heart and it is something that Won clearly does not possess.
Sad really.

After this it is all just cute couple stuff, Eun-sang and Tan making up for lost time and being super adorable. It's interesting because I enjoy watching all the cute adorable stuff so much but I can never find much to write about it, except that it is totally awesome!!

Young-do is really a changed man now, standing up for Rachel in the cafeteria and finally beating his dad without cheating, which I guess signifies he now understands he doesn't necessarily want to be like his father and will therefore go his own way. Good thing too because it looks like his father's empire is falling apart.
That scene where Young-do asks his dad where his mother is is really just so sad. He seriously looks like he is about to cry. But then luckily he manages to get her address out of thin air anyway so its all good....

I think Young-do's journey has really all been for this one moment, meeting his mother again. Can you imagine if he had gone to see her acting like he used to? He probably would have said some truly cutting and cruel words to her which would only have damaged them both. If he had even been able to get up the guts to go see her that is, something I actually highly doubt only because I think Young-do always had enough self-awareness to understand his mother wouldn't have been proud of him or the way he used to act.
But now she can be, because he has changed so incredibly much. 

I really liked that end scene with Young-do and Tan brooding on the roof. It's so obvious these guys are so alike in so many ways. Don't fight it guys!! Feel the love!!

And Tan's stupid dad.... is it bad that I sort of felt it served him right to get a brain attack all by himself in his enormous house after driving everyone away? He is clearly going to finally realise that all these people he has been manipulating are all he's got, and because he has been so busy playing them all off eachother he hasn't seen the bigger picture, which is of course that the stupid chairwoman and her stupid fake long hair are attempting a take over.

Episode 20:
Well here is the very last episode of Heirs. I don't know how I feel really except I think Won's sad little ending really threw me as to be honest I was expecting some sort of redemption for him that would end with him being happy with his family again as well as getting the girl. It seems to me to be a very heartbreaking ending if he can learn the value of his brother and family but still never choosing love over his business. It is a difficult one because as a viewer we are never shown whether Won's decision to marry the heiress comes from a real need to protect the company or not, so without all the details surrounding that situation it is hard o know if perhaps Won would have still won the vote even without going that far. But it was the decision he thought necessary to make, so whether right or wrong it is what he chose. 
And what he must now live with, which basically entails him alone in his office crying every night.

Actually I thought it was interesting that there were so many loose ends in this finale, though in another sense I suppose that is a more realistic portrayal of life. Usually things don't end with a neat little bow so I can see why a lot of the kid's stories are left open-ended and without real resolution. 
I suppose in a way it is fitting.
Young-do is left in a terrible place with his father hauled off to prison but hopefully he is a better stronger person now and he will manage to endure whatever comes his way. I really liked that he decided it was necessary to apologise to that kid he traumatised and I like even more that the kid didn't accept it. It was again a very real moment with no easy answer and what Young-do did in many ways shouldn't be forgiven and forgotten. That kid will live with those scars for the rest of his life and so should Young-do too. It is only fair. 
And yet the effort he made and the bravery it would have taken to go apologise was a huge moment for Young-do as he chooses a better path. You know he is going to be okay, that he can understand the difference between right and wrong now and build himself a better future.

I guess I liked the scene with Young-do's mother but I felt annoyed at her that she worked somewhere in Seoul all those years and never bothered to look up her son, only seeing him when he happens to find her randomly. I think although Young-do wasn't a good guy back then he still needed her and she wasn't there. 
I also thought their hug was weird because it was like she was taking all the comfort from him instead of giving it, and I think because she is the one who left and didn't bother to contact him for years she should be giving him some motherly caring and love and not the other way around.  I think I am just being picky but I felt the dynamic was all wrong and I wanted her to hug Young-do and apologise and tell him everything would be alright.

Only Tan and Eun-sang really got a wrapped up ending but that is only appropriate as it was really their story all along. I liked Tan's little dream for the future,  and I liked even more the fact that we will never know if it was real or not. Too be honest I don't think it was, I think it's the future he dreams of with everyone happy and getting along, his mum back home and his dad loving and alive. None of it seems very likely but that is Tan for you, he is a dreamer. And by being a dreamer he makes a future like the one he described with Eun-sang all the more possible, because he isn't like Won and he won't ever give up for anything.  
I think he and Eun-sang at least will grow into that future vision of themselves and be together. And that's enough.

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