10 December 2013



Well I am not really a fan of the enforced separation for no reason, or the Noble Sacrifice that dramas love to pull out towards the end of their runs, and really this week I was hard pressed to tell who was nobly sacrificing themselves for whom and why.  It was pretty redonkulous. But as always, lot's of fun!

Episode 17:
Mmmh well this is the episode where we see Tan break, and its pretty depressing.

So I am going to admit I felt a level of annoyance with Eun-sang for the running away thing. I don't like that she planned it all by herself and didn't bother to let Tan know, as if she is somehow in the dark as to how he feels about her. And I think it brings me back to last week when Tan asked her, "do you even like me?"
Because, yeah, do you?  Cos you're not being particularly thoughtful about all this!

 I can see why Eun-sang is having a hard time, I really can, but she was the one who decided to take Tan's hand, she was the one who agreed to fight for what she wanted, but then just like Young-do holding Eun-sang over the swimming pool and then letting her fall, Eun-sang lets go.
And you think she would know better!

I think its meant to be a noble sacrifice because she can see how difficult everything is becoming for Tan as he fights to be with her. But again like I have mentioned before Tan isn't really doing it all for Eun-sang, she was just the cataclysmic event that gave him the courage to do what he wanted for himself.
Which means Eun-sang basically took a guy who, in order to protect himself, couldn't care less about anything or anybody (except maybe his brother) and she woke him up, gave him air and a taste of the life he could lead if he was willing to fight for it, and then to protect him she walks away leaving him an utter mess.

I feel like what she did here was terrible, not the moving away bit exactly, but the way she blindsided him and let him believe he could help her, the fact that she didn't tell him what was happening.

Ugh. But then contrary to my own beliefs that Eun-sang has really screwed up, Tan is just angry with his father, and then finally with himself because he feels like he destroyed what little life Eun-sang scraped together.
Frankly I don't think this is Tan's fault. Sure he can be an idiot but he has never lied and said being with him would he easy or a walk in the park....

So anyway Tan and Young-do are clearly going to leave school and join the police as detectives (although neither could realistically handle others ordering them around so maybe a private eye service instead? I would watch that drama!) because they both track down Eun-sang's whereabouts in, like, two minutes.

Young-do barrels down there and forces himself into Eun-sang's new life saying he will visit again. He gives her a seriously intense hug which makes it seem like A) they were actually dating before she left and B) she has been gone longer than two minutes. But it is very exciting so I like it anyway!

Tan also finds Eun-sang but because he now believes everything is his own fault he doesn't visit her. First he gives in to his brother and tells Won to look after Eun-sang (Won is clearly totally disturbed by this change of heart... I wish you hadn't needed to see your brother break so realise you actually like him Won!) And then Tan goes to say goodbye to Eun-sang, also deciding to perform a noble sacrifice and leave her alone for her own good.
If all of this is for everyone's own good then why does everyone looks so bloody sad!!

And during this exchange Tan just looks so heartbreakingly sad, and yet I can't take him seriously because of his embarrassing snow-white coat, the latest in Tan's trail of fashion blugs..... Anyway, Eun-sang yells at him to leave her alone and that he has does nothing but bother her since they first met. Which is totally  over the top and cruel.
And Tan believes her.

And then we see a montage where he sinks further and further downhill until he ends up a blubbering ruined drunk wreck on a street in town, with Young-do alternating between holding him back for Tan's own good and smashing him in the face with his fist. Tan gets  few good ones in too and they both end up sprawled on the road exhausted.
Tan is so clearly fucked that it is obvious even Young-do is pretty worried, but then Tan tells his (sort of) friend that he can have her, Young- do can have Eun-sang!

Which is a pretty bloody low moment really.

Episode 18:
I don't really get it because this episode Won goes to visit Eun-sang in her new seaside town and he tells her that she should use her upcoming exams as an excuse to go back to school in Seoul, meaning she gets to stay beside Tan.
Sooooooo...... if she could just head back to Seoul whenever she wanted what was she doing saying cruel words to Tan to get him to back off and being so intimidated by his father that she had to run away?

I mean, what has changed in that situation that makes it suddenly different and okay for her to return? Because Won gave her permission? Because she realised she was destroying Tan? Because she just wanted to?

Maybe I am missing something here but I feel if the situation was so incredibly bad that she felt she needed to run away and leave Tan hanging and emotionally wrecked, then it should have been a little more than just a change of heart that brought her back. Because really nothing is different about her and Tan's situation at all, except now she has let him down severely when he needed her and also she has to commute for hours to get to school each day. 
Personally if I was Tan I would have been a little pissy when she just turns up again without any explanation or apology, yes I would have been happy too, but also very pissy.

But Tan is apparently not as petty as me and is just relieved Eun-sang has returned. His words to her "You left." Spoken in such a matter of fact but wounded way really broke my heart. But soon enough they are playing happy couples again and preparing themselves for the big fight ahead with Tan's dumb dad..... which is basically what they were doing before Eun-sang decided to run away. 

I kind of wish they had gone with a nice time jump here, so we could catch up with all the characters after highschool and discover what is next for them all but oh well, it was not meant to be. And at least for our young couples sake, their separation was short lived.

I liked Young-do very much in this episode.  It is like all the years of squashing down his emotions and pain and vulnerability are finally coming to a head, with everything, every little regret all bubbling back up to the surface at once.

My favorite scenes this episode were the quiet Young-do ones, moments that really broke my heart. 
The scene where he eats  a meal made with love by Eun-sang's mum, fighting back tears as he feels a mothers care and concern for the first time in years.

That moment when he first sees Eun-sang at school again and he just walks right by her without a word, knowing without a doubt that the reason she has come back is not him.

The scene where he takes Eun-sang to fulfill her promise of eating noodles with him, understanding that he is using his one last reason to be beside her and that after this they are done. The way he jokes he is breaking up with her but really he is so hurt and only trying to preserve what little strength he has left by requesting they not speak anymore. He doesn't say it in a cruel way, more like he is trying to hold himself together.

And finally, the way he addresses Tan's mum when she comes to look for her son at the school, that mixture of embarrassment and regret, trying now to be as polite as possible to awkwardly make up for his former cruelness.

Frankly it was all very sad,  like Young-do is only holding on by his fingernails, set to he swept away at any moment.

And now I will leave you with some nice photos of Tan and Eun-sang all dressed up to face the world and a cute behind the scenes one. But first, my personal favourite, then and now.