8 November 2013



Now I don't pretend to be some sort of fashionista sitting behind my computer and judging everyone else for their fashion choices or anything, but I am pretty sure the entire world will agree with me that a lot of Korean celebrity shoots are absolutely bonkers!!  I mean seriously why take such goddamn attractive people and ruin them completely with mental-cake fashion?

All I can say is that whoever thought up these photo concepts wanted to give me a good laugh!


Joo Won. There are no words to describe the horror that is happening here.  Is it a dress? Is it a sack? And the sunhat! ugh.

Kim Soo-hyun looks like some sort of creepy pink Willy Wonka type character, which was obviously the whole point...... but why? 

I get a lot of laughs out of this one because it is so damn serious and arty! Kang Ha-neul is such a ridiculously pretty man. Tsk tsk.

Ha! Sung Joon and that dude he starred in for both 'White Christmas' and that newer drama 'Can we get married'.  Rock gods they ain't!

This is what Lee Jong-suk likes to wear whilst he listens to 80's lounge music at home. Very fetching.

 I love Kang Dong Won I really do but these photos were so awful I couldn't even pick which one was worse and had to post both..... hahahahah!!  And the  bowl cut!

Fashion vampires with Sung Joon and Lee Soo-hyuk.

I have no words....

Like always, photos taken from Couch Kimchi, Dramabeans & Korean Celebrity Facebook, no stealing intended, just re-blogged for fun!


  1. Hah! Oh my lord, that last picture! I'm still catching my breath from the laughter. And I'll give you three words: Pee Wee Herman. And also a question: Whyyyyyy??? (Though it's seriously hilarious. I'll give them that.)

    Also… Dear Lord I have it bad for Sung Joon because I'm seriously thinking… his pics aren't that bad. Is… is it me? o.O

    Thanks for pulling those pics together. :)

    --Betsy Hp

  2. Haha, Thanks Betsy! And no I totally get the Sung Joon thing! He actually manages to look good in most of his photos even when they make him wear the most atrocious things. That is a real skill too considering some of the dumb stuff I have seen him wearing. I think it is because he has a great and very masculine scowl on him which really counterbalances the sometimes overly feminine and fashiony clothes maybe?

    1. That masculine scowl… I think you've hit the nail exactly. :D

      --Betsy Hp