15 November 2013



Korean movies are just so different from their drama counterparts in so many ways. Take for example this little nugget of a fluffy romantic comedy which really has quite a few of the kdrama tropes buried in its straightforward plot. Yet, other than set up and circumstance this movie is still totally different to the way a drama would play out this same plot and situation mainly just because a drama could never have a main dude like this one, a guy continuously described by everyone around him as a 'pervert'.
And considering how many times he grabs the fifteen year old heroines bum without consent throughout this movie, I find I am inclined to agree with them.....

A drama just surely couldn't get away with a character like this (unless I am just watching the wrong ones..?) because here we have a male lead who is obnoxious, a womaniser, immature, watches porn and is generally just a big massive manchild. Not that he isn't without his certain charms but still.... pervert.

But of course this is a lovely Korean story so everything works out and changes to ensure you are totally rooting for him by the end.

So the basic storyline of this movie is pretty damn crazy. And also kind of a little bit wrong.
But once you get past the fact that marrying a fifteen year old schoolgirl off to a man who is in his early twenties and sending them off to live together alone is all kinds of squicky, well then its actually pretty fun!

I like Kim Rae Won, i really really do, but seriously at the start of this movie he is kind of an unlikable mess. Well maybe not unlikable exactly but surely not someone I could root for in ending up with the innocent, naive and just so young  Boeun (a lovely fresh Moon Geun-young).
But weirdly enough it does work because the characters slowbuild romance focuses in on my most favourite of  Kdrama cliches, the bickering relationship and forced close-quarters living arrangements. I feel like the movie really got underway once our two leads started their married life together as that is definitely when all the guilty pleasure fun got started.

Seriously though this guy, Sang-min, he is so terrible that he spends all his time teasing Boeun with sexual advances or frightening her by running around with not much clothes on. Oh yeah, and watching porn right in front of her whilst she is trying to study!

But despite all this they also are clearly having a hell of a lot of fun living together. Suddenly such a simple thing as cooking dinner turns into a fun event and their play-fighting and easy camaraderie is actually quite sweet. And you know what? When Sang-min isn't off being a drunk sleazy douchebag he is actually a pretty cool guy and I really enjoyed all the scenes where he finally got to display a little bit of sincerity beyond his buffoony exterior. 

And then things get kind of wrong again as Sang-min gets assigned to Boeun's class as her teacher! Bahahaha! So wrong, but also so much fun! And I guess its okay because they already knew eachother prior to him being assigned? Mmmh... I dunno.
Anyway I loved having them together at school with all the petty fighting and ridiculous hi-jinks that entailed (think Sang-min rubbing Boeun's underwear all over his face in front of his students because he grabbed them that morning thinking they were his hanky! Ha!) .

Later on in the movie things get much sweeter as the romance amps up due to the forced living together circumstances (can I just say how awesome is the forced living together trope... I love it) as the couple spend more and more time together. And that is when the jealousy starts, which really pushes the love story forward. Especially on Boeun's side, although she totally doesn't understand that it is jealousy she is feeling, considering as far as she is concerned Sang-min is just her crazy oppa and definitely not someone to ever look at  romantically. And yet when Sang-min starts having to fend off the unwanted attention of a desperate teacher at school, Boeun really starts feeling annoyed although that just basically manifests as her yelling at Sang-min even more than usual.

For Sang-min himself though it seems he is already well on his way to being in love with Boeun, possibly something that has been boiling away for years ever since they were both kids..... but then hopefully neatly stored away all those years when he was an adult but she was still a child because that is totally gross.....

Actually the whole thing is pretty damn wrong if you think about it too much, but if you just get past all the squickyness of it then you can easily enjoy it for what it is... a ridiculous and sweet romantic comedy.

I really liked Moon Geun-young in this movie, which was a bit of a relief considering all her latest dramas have been unwatchable for me (except for 'Mary Stayed Out All Night' which was totally fun in my opinion).     
And Kim Rae Won, once you get past the womanising drunken mess that is his character, is also totally lovely. He has this knack for layering a genuine sincerity and serious sweetness underneath a baffoony loudmouthed surface which I think brings a certain interesting charm and gravity to his roles.

So the end verdict?  Check it out if you have time for a fun and thoughtless bunch of silliness with some sweet romance and a few giggles.


  1. Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard of it before but I'm gonna check out the movie now.

  2. A must watch "Hidden treasure' for me...Kim Rae Won and Moon Geum Young...how could it NOT be wonderful??