19 November 2013



A little bit of forward motion and a lot of circling around is what we get this week, but as always Heirs still delivers enough sweetness and intriguing characters to keep me interested and involved. 

Episode 11:
Okay so basically I guess what we get here is a huge plot arc that circles back around to exactly where it started and yet.... its all about the journey right?

Well it is for me anyway. We don't get a huge amount of forward movement in this episode but there is definitely enough here to keep me happy.
We begin again with Young-do grabbing Eun-sang in for a forced hug for Tan's benefit, which of course leaves Tan totally pissy. Young-do reiterates again that he likes Eun-sang in a genuine way, saying that Tan should tell her because she doesn't seem to believe anything he says (well of course she doesn't!). This time though Young-do's words do seem to penetrate and Eun-sang is left flabbergasted and staring after him as he walks away, perhaps for the first time registering that his attentions and torment do actually stem from real feelings. Which just makes Tan even more pissy and he basically asks if she is having a moment, hoping to snap her out of her Young-do stupor.

Tan spends a hell of a lot of this episode being shouty actually, enough to make me miss the quiet contemplation of his America days where it seems to me he would rather say nothing at all if he didn't have anything relevant to say. Personally I think that being back in Korea and faced with all these things he hates; his family structure and pressure,  his arranged engagement, Young-do being crazy, all of them standing in the way of his hopes for a future with Eun-sang, well I kind of think they bring out the absolute worst in him.
And just like he acted so shocked and surprised when Eun-sang actually agreed to hang out with him that night at camp after all his shouty forcing and dragging to make her stay, I also get the impression that a lot of the time he doesn't even expect that his actions will work. But he keeps trying and shouting all day anyway because.... what else does Tan have in his life other than Eun-sang? She is probably the realest thing he has, and I know he is not trying to be controlling of her (as seen by his rather more eloquent decision in the US to just ask her to stay beside him etc which shows that he can be gentlemanly if given the chance) so all I can conclude is that he is still only 18 and an idiot who has absolutely no idea what he is doing, that all he knows is that he is not going to let Eun-sang go by any means.

Eun-sang on the other hand is still so likeable and awesome, though somtimes drives me completely crazy too. I liked how forward she was with (a rather shocked) Tan when they hung out all night in the woods during her camp, but I also don't like that she told him it was a one night only deal. Obviously that is totally not going to work, you can't just turn this stuff on and off. Though sometimes personally I feel like they should try dating but also keeping it totally secret and avoiding repercussions until they leave highschool or something. There is so much pressure for Eun-sang to choose either way so that it ends up feeling like she is choosing between love and her family's welfare. She is totally lured by Tan and likes him deeply but ultimately how can she choose anything but looking after her mum?
Though it seems maybe this dynamic of housekeeper's daughter and young master might hopefully soon shift with Eun-sang planning on moving out of the house after being discovered by the Madame. This would be a welcome change if it happens and give our OTP something new to argue about, because if Eun-sang's mum's welfare doesn't rely so heavily on the Jeguk Group then that frees our young couple up to make their own choices quite a bit.

Young-do in this episode was just as unpredictable as ever, even though little by little he is softening up (to the point where we even see him feeling guilt and regret over his lost friendship with Tan) Yet he is still utterly crazy too, nicely highlighted by the way he actually threw Eun-sang in the pool!! Unexpected!  And apparently it was because he wanted to teach her a lesson about not dating Tan. Wait.... does he expect her to find this stuff attractive and start dating him instead? This boy has absolutely no sense of reality. Crazy.

Eun-sang is very rightly pissed and tells him she will get revenge..... but instead she ends up feeling sorry for him when the whole school finds out about his (and Rachel's) family issues. So while everyone is asking Rachel if she is okay and she is off crying into Tan's shoulder (I actually kind of hate her but didn't feel like Tan needed to explain his actions in comforting her... it was so obviously an awkward and not at all romantic situation) Eun-sang is the single only person in school who even seems to realise that Young-do has been affected too.
So he swaggers up to her all confidence in order to play some nasty mindgames and try and throw her off balance with his barbed words, only instead Eun-sang asks him quietly and sincerely if he is okay.
Young-do just stares at her in absolute wordless shock, for the first time losing all his savvy ability to talk and turn any situation to his favour. And for the first time it is Eun-sang that walks away first, leaving Young-do standing frozen and staring after her for a change, not knowing what even just happened to him.
So I do feel for Young-do here as clearly it is the nicest anybody has ever been to him (and yes I know this is because he was psycho, but this boy is my guilty pleasure in this drama and my heart is totally going to bleed for him if it wants to) but it also seems to me that Eun-sang finally won a round. She can't beat him at his own game of being a scary manipulative douchey guy but she can sure as hell stop him in his tracks with her words of kindness. And if that isn't showing her to have some sort of power in their weird twisted relationship then I don't know what is.
Kill em with kindness! Yes!

So this episode Eun-sang finally seems to get more insight into Young-do and just because she is the kind of girl to be understanding of a persons difficult situation and not solely judge on their (dumb arse) actions, she begins to realise that he is lonely.  And when all the crazy shit hits the fan at Tan's house with the Madame, she even uses him as a sort of shield against Tan. Aaaand we basically end exactly where we started with with Young-do holding Eun-sang close to get one over on Tan.....

Episode 12:
But it totally doesn't work, because as Tan and Eun-sang have yet another serious debate about their lack of a future, Young-do might as well have been invisible for all the notice they take of him and his random interjections of words.  Eun-sang yet again rejects Tan which leaves him lost and upset, and in serious need of a grand gesture to make sure that Eun-sang knows he is serious about her.... but more on that later.

Young-do uses this as a chance to try and get closer to Eun-sang but like always he only ends up forcing his attentions on her which just isn't going to ever work, and today at least Eun-sang just doesn't have any time for him.
After harrassing her for a couple more days though he just happens to get clued in on the true identity of Eun-sang's mother, and Eun-sang rushes back to the intersection where they were meant to meet to find him still waiting for her.  She immediately begins to accuse him of planning to tell everyone her secret and he yells back at her that he never said he would.
I quite liked this scene and although Young-do is hurt and yelling, he is not yelling at Eun-sang,  which is a nice change from Tan's shouty ordering.  I thought Young-do seemed more angry at himself and worked up because he is just unable to get what he wants from this relationship and he doesn't know what to do about it.
Obviously though if you are usually horrible to someone,  you can't just turn around and be nice and expect them to trust you suddenly..... yet it seems this is exactly what Young-do sincerely hoped would happen. In saying that though, I also get the impression that he can fully understand that this situation is his problem and his fault, and that he is trying desperately to figure out how to fix it.
You can't dude.  Just leave it alone..... (or you know don't,  and let me stare at you for the rest of this drama. That is fine too)

Young-do and Tan as normal share plenty of tense (yet ultimately circling and redundant) conversations in this episode, where they threaten each other a lot and about the only interesting development that occurs is that we do start seeing a darker side to Tan at the Golf Club which makes it easier for me to imagine how much of a scary dude he was back  in his heyday. When he threatens Young-do with reverting back to that old self in order to destroy him, you can actually believe that Tan could, though Tan also makes it clear that it is not something that he wants.
In fact, by the end of their conversation it seems Tan is almost pleading with Young-do in a genuine way for his old friend to settle their fight because Tan is getting ready for a much larger and more important one.

I think Tan is over Young-do and their ridiculous fight, I think he just wants to walk away and live quietly.  He was obviously hurt and angered badly by his ex friend in the past but I also think he is over that as well and no longer cares one iota whether he ever sees Young-do again or not (the long as Young-do agrees to back off Eun-sang of course).  It was Young-do's decision to end their friendship and his choice to feud with Tan for all these years, and I get the impression Tan is pretty over it all.

Young-do on the other hand does still seem to harbour some sort of lingering feelings of regret and lost friendship towards Tan even though he does his best to antagonise him every chance he gets. I think that Young-do knows he screwed up and knows he is the one ultimately paying for that loss of friendship and trust, but even so he has come waaay too far to back down now.
All in all a messy relationship between two boys who have way too much time on their hands and who should go study instead.

I don't write much about Won usually, only because he doesn't seem to have a lot going on besides being a cold bad tempered rich guy who thinks the world is evil and totally against him. This episode though we saw a bit of a (tiny) thaw in him for which I was grateful, as after being cold as hell like usual when he sees Tan outside the house, he then bothers to warn his little brother that their dad is meddling and to be careful to not get caught.  Its not much right, but still he didn't have to say it, he didn't have to try and help his brother out, and that was a slight change I really appreciated. These two boys are so alone in their problems, problems that are so bloody similar, that it just kills me that they are fighting each other rather then their true enemy,  their domineering dad.

Later we also find out from Won's totally underused tutor girlfriend (I love this actress but she is hardcore being wasted here) that Won has often spoken about Tan to her, which leaves Tan feeling all gooey inside just to know that his brother does care. I really adore Tan (most of the time) so I feel really happy that he heard these words, though I would definitely have preferred they came directly from Won (followed by an apology and some grovelling preferably).

So it does look as if Eun-sang and her mum are going to be leaving Tan's home soon, which I think is a smart move to shake the drama up a bit and give us something new, but I also wonder if the Madame will let it happen? I find myself warming to Tan's mum more and more all the time, no matter how mean she is to Eun-sang,  because seriously the poor woman is just so isolated and alone and I feel like her relationship with Eun-sang's mum is actually really important to her.  Like a weird kind of symbiotic partnership where they do actually care about each other and rely on each other.  Odd, yet also kind of sweet.

And then we get to the end of the episode and Tan's Big Plan, which I have got to say was something I agreed with him about wholeheartedly. I guess I didn't like the situation he put his mother in, getting humiliated and all that, but seriously something in that household had to give and I am glad he made his move now to break the engagement and shake things up.
That last scene outside Eun-sang's workplace was quite lovely too. Eun-sang has spent her entire shift flustered because of Tan's mini kiss attacks earlier on (which weren't passionate but were still sweet in a nice and non-threatening way) and so freezes when she sees him standing waiting for her again in the dark. (At first I thought it would he Young-do waiting for her for some reason and the relief that it was in fact Tan just goes to show I am still shipping the right couple n this drama). This little scene was a nice throwback to the early days of their romance where they had these moments of connection through wordless stares and exchanges, something that felt quite meaningful and moving compared to all their more recent bickering back and forth. This was a low moment for Tan. He has just done something huge that he could never have dreamed of before he met Eun-sang and he has no idea what is going to happen next.

He just stares at her with tears brewing in his eyes, needing comfort and her presence after this huge change he has set in motion.
A lovely moment and very affecting. (Seriously, I don't know what it is but crying boys get me Every Single Time! It doesn't matter what horrible things they did earlier, as soon as the tears start coming all is forgiven....sigh)


  1. You're not the only one who loves Tan. I find him such a great character.. And Lee Min Ho does a great job in portraying him also.
    I agree with what you said about Tan and Young Do on the gold club. It did felt like Tan was almost pleading Young Do to stop this "war" between them. And really I don't blame him. It seems trivial in front of the things he has to confront. But I also think that Young Do finally understood. Something in Tan's words made him realise that the only one getting hurt is him, as it happened before when he failed to see his mother for the last time.
    As for Eun Sang, I really like her in these episodes and in general. She is strong and considerate without being over the top. I mean she is not perfect, it's normal for her to be scared but at the same time to want to live this love. I just wish things will get easier for her because she has found herself in the middle of a war when she shouldn't even be part of it. And I'm not talking about Tan and Young Do;s "war" but the one between Tan and his father. And for some reason I feel like she is the one that will loose more in the end if these get pretty nasty.
    And Won.. He cares for Tan, and they have so many things in common, but he just goes and makes the wrong choices for me. He, unlike Tan, chooses the company and ultimately does what his father expects him to be. Tan found courage. Hopefully Won does too, even as late as now.
    And one last thing.. The last scene of episode 12.. I just loved it so much. When they showed Tan's face. My heart fluttered. All this pain and that breath he took when he saw Eun Sang. When he saw the only person who could truly understand him.. Ahhh.. :)

  2. Thanks for your interesting long comment!! I love long comments!! :-)

    Oh you are spot on about Eun-sang being dragged right into Tan's war with his father! Obviously it isn't something that Tan wants but I can so see that his father is low enough to totally use her against his son to try and force Tan into doing what he wants. Just like he did with Won.
    And I so agree with you that Won is making all the wrong choices. He just seems so incredibly desperate to recieve his fathers approval and take his place at head of the company that he is willing to sacrifice all the things that matter most (namely Tan and the tutor girl). I hope he realises his mistake though and changes before it is too late, maybe taking note of how far Tan is willing to go to get the girl and taking inspiration from that.
    And I also agree that in Young-do and Tan's relationship, it is definitely Young-do that is losing, not in regards to their threats and sparring, but just because he seems to have more stakes in their fight than Tan does. As in when it is all over what is Young-do left with? No girl, hardly any real friends, no meaning in his life. Whilst Tan will have hopefully gained all these things he is fighting for.

    1. Yes exactly Won should take inspiration form Tan.
      Also I think Young Do should also do that too. I always say that Tan and Won have things in common but actually Tan and Young Do have too. Their fathers are despicable to say the least. And they try to manipulate their sons and force them to live an unhappy and lonely life. So Young Do should look at Tan and what he does to "rebel" against his father and do the same.. If he doesn't he will end up as you said. No girl, no friends, no meaning in his life..
      And I hadn't realised how long the comment was until after i posted it,, Haha.. I'm a person with a lot of words I guess.. :)

    2. Haha!! I think its a good thing if your comments are long because it means you have lots of thoughts, and that can never be a bad thing! :-)
      Yes Young-do should totally be trying to learn from Tan. Its quite interesting because Young-do is clearly not a happy guy, he doesn't really seem to enjoy his life all that much, hiding his loneliness beneath his bravado and cruelty, but even though I think he wants to change I don't think he knows how so he just gets frustrated and then cruel again as a result. Unlike Tan who has gone from mean school bully to introverted 'go with the flow' type all the way round to bravely going after what he wants.
      He is a pretty cool dude!