6 October 2013



I feel like this show fizzled out with more of a whimper than a bang, though it was rather expected on my part considering that basically nothing has happened at all since Joong-won got stabbed in the back with a screwdriver. 

The whole plot of the latter part of this drama was practically non-existent as we watched our two leads dance around each other and not get together for some really silly reasons that never made sense and were all just brushed aside at the end anyway. 

And the other downer about these last two episodes? There was not nearly enough Kang Woo/ Yi Ryung kissing or romance!! Don't the writers know that when the lead's story turned into a boring merry-go-round everyone basically started shipping Kang Woo and Yi Ryung instead? (or at least, I did!)

Boo! Not nearly enough payoff there!

Episode 16:
This is where that one episode extension comes into play because if you look at this episode closely it ends at the exact place that it started, with Gong-shil leaving for really ambiguous reasons and Joong-won letting her go for even more ambiguous reasons.
Which is absolutely, exactly, completely and utterly where episode 15 ended as well.

Which means that technically this entire episode could have been cleanly cut away and we would never have noticed, as all that happened was a one episode delay on Gong-shil leaving and the inevitable time skip for no reason.

The main point of this episode was..... what?

That Gong-shil insisted that she wasn't leaving for the 'Candy-ish' reasons she told Joong-won about last episode? That really it wasn't because she was protecting him but because she just totally wanted to leave for a bit to discover herself and why she sees ghosts? (with some other hot dude who may or may not currently be in love with her, which Joong-won is totally okay about!?).

It is still painful, Gong-shil is still crying because she is leaving the man she loves, and Joong-won still goes through that same emotional cycle from last episode (again) except this time he takes longer to get from 'okay you can go', over to 'no I want you beside me forever, don't leave' back to 'yes, I am breaking up with you for your own good, I no longer need you (but I don't really mean it)'.


Episode 17:
And then we get the time skip which reunites our two leads so incredibly fast that I hardly noticed that they had been apart. 

And then the merry-go-round begins again as Gong-shil returns playing some dumb game to make herself more worthy of him (oh, so that was what leaving was all about? She needed to go and make some money and become a cooler person so she would deserve him? What kind of dumb message was that? He already loved her, and besides its not like Joong-won is without his own flaws which she needs to accept. Stupid).

So when Gong-shil returns she pretends she can't see ghosts because she thinks Joong-won will find that more desirable (he doesn't care either way) and spends the whole episode trying to buy her apartment block because Joong-won once commented that he would look at her if she owned it. He actually owns it now but he sells it to her eventually to make her feel better and then Gong-shil has her apartment block and feels worthy of Joong-won (even though he doesn't care about it). 

And then, finally......... finally they get together.
They do some lip pressing an then its all over.


Meanwhile the one advantage of the time skip is that we get to see that Kang Woo and Yi Ryung have been dating for a while but what I wanted to see was them actually getting together! Or at least more kissing! I wanted to see Kang Woo slowly starting to fall in love!

So final thoughts, this was not exactly my cup of tea and its possible I would have even dropped it if I hadn't desperately wanted to finish what I started with these reviews. I tried to approach it with an open mind as much as possible (seriously I really did!) and I definitely found things to like in this drama, but the main problem for me was the absolute lack of plot and merry-go-round romancing that never went anywhere or made me care.
This seriously could have been So. Much. Better with a little added plot.

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