1 October 2013



Episode 14:
I am not too sure that episode 14 isn't just a bit of a filler episode as we follow Joong Won around on his quest to discover what went missing after his accident. And it turns out that even though he has now reverted back to snobby cold Joong Won (wait, was he ever not like that?) he can still recognise that during the time he doesn't remember, he changed.... for the better.
Well hooray for Joong Won admitting that! He has also figured out that the changes have to do with Gong Shil herself and is constantly drawn back to her side no matter how much he fights it.
Or she fights it.

Sooooo I don't get the whole memory thing, like why it had to be taken from Joong Won in the first place if Gong Shil was allowed to just give it back whenever she wanted? I mean what sort of a heavy terrible price is that?
I kind of expected Madame Go to be like Ursula the Sea Witch and be collecting peoples stuff, as in their voices or memories or something.  That would have been creepier and possibly even made a little more sense. But no..... she just gave Gong Shil the memories which she has been wearing around her neck.

I really can't stand the Noble Sacrifice thing in this instance when it is all about some fabricated idea in Gong Shil's head of how she thinks their relationship should be. The Noble Sacrifice can work fine as a major plot point when there are real stakes but I mean, doesn't Joong Won himself get a choice to remember her or not, or to be with her or not?  
If someone was withholding my memories from me for no other reason then that is what they decided was better for me I would be hella pissed off.

Because seriously Gong Shil, sure maybe Joong Won will get stabbed in the back with a screwdriver again because he is hanging out near you, but he might also slip on the shiny marble floor of his office and crack his pretty head open on his goldon telescope......anything can happen!
But you don't see Joong Won bubble-wrapping his golden telescope juat on the odd chance it could hurt him, do you?

So frankly guys, life is just waaaay to short not to be with the one you love because of a reason as flimsy as this!

I think instead of this noble sacrifice stuff I would juat prefer to see our couple actually get together in a serious relationship,  because there would be plenty of drama to be had in that, with Gong Shil moving in and meeting Joong Won's family as his girlfriend..... it would be so much more fun!

Episode 15:
So we finally get our answers regarding dead Hee joo and smug elegent HaNa and what exactly happened all those years ago. And you know what?
It made me feel really sad.

I know I am probably latching onto the wrong thing in this story but I actually found myself feeling incredibly sorry for the bad twin Hee Joo, left behind in korea at an orphanage to live alone and unloved.  I mean who knows what horrible things happened to her there to make her so 'dark' as the drama puts it.
Because people don't usually just go 'dark' for no reason....

I actually found myself feeling a hell of a lot of pity for this girl (and yes of course I know I was not meant to because she is totally beyond screwed up and manipulated her sister and then left her to die) but can you imagine pouring all the longing and love you never received into some unattainable rich boy, only to have your perfect twin turn up who has not only grown up wealthy, cared for and coveted, but she also falls in love with the one person you care about.
And not only that, but he loves her back.
He loves her back because she is so sweet, innocent and undamaged.... all the things you are not.

Now the ending is, I am guessing, making way for the obligatory time skip..... and yes I can see why Gong Shil thinks she needs to leave Joong Won and go traipsing tbe world with a man who understands her and her affliction (I think it's totally stupid but I understand it) but why the hell does Joong Won let her go?

He is in love with her, and has just said he wants her to stay at his side, that he will take responsibility, and Gong Shil has made it perfectly clear that her reasons for leaving are dumb reasons, made on her own about a relationship that should be about equality and sharing. So why does he let her go even though he says he will be annihilated without her?

Dude! Go get her! Stick to her until she changes her mind just like she did to you when you first met!

P.S:  I am loving Yi-ryung and Kang Woo!!


  1. Oh my dear Popsies, I totally agree with you on everything!! Yes, it totally would be SO MUCH FUN if Gong Shil met the family as his girlfriend, or even at work in the mall, I mean so many possibilities! But noooo, instead we get amnesia and noble idiocy--this is not the pay off I wanted from all that angst and misery! And your point about getting his memories back too easy was so true, which really makes me feel all that mess was for nothing. But I have to say you must be the most compassionate drama watcher ever to feel sorry for Hee Joo! I was quite the opposite, but now that you've fleshed it out a little, I think it would've been so good to see more of that in the drama. Because as is, I felt the Hee Joo/Hanna reappearance was so anticlimactic, and rather bleargh. So thank goodness for KW and YR, who I love and wish I could see more of too. They're like the one bright spark at the moment!

  2. Haha yeah, I am always told I am too sensitive when it comes to tv and I always end up feeling stupidly upset over the smallest things or sorry for the wrong people. Silly me! :-)
    Yes I would love more kang woo and yi ryung and my main hope for the time skip (if that does happen) is that they will have a proper romance when she returns from America and he is over gongshil!!
    Thanks so much for reading Ddee!!! :-)