27 October 2013



Oh man, I am still really enjoying this but the Korean highschool setting has truly changed the entire vibe of the show. Gone are the dreamy hazy romance scenes, replaced with a vicious and painfully cruel peep into a highschool that is utterly ruled by the class system and the rules and expectations that come along with it. 

This sort of stuff is just very difficult for me to watch as it turns out, probably why I gave up on both 'School 2013' and 'Monstar' just because I cannot handle this level of terrifyingly intense bullying. I hate the characters that do the bullying but possibly even more I hate those that just stand by and let it happen.
Like Tan.

Sure, we know he has made the decision himself to be a better guy than he used to be and he no longer hurts people himself.....but he totally didn't help the poor victim guy either in Episode 6 of this drama, making me feel.... pretty upset actually. 
Because I just like his character so so much but just standing by and letting someone else be pummeled, my gosh its just so uncool
I really hope he redeems himself soon because doing nothing is only the tiniest step up from doing the deed and I really want to be rooting for Tan.

I liked all the romantic stuff in episode 5 and I actually felt my heart go out to Tan as he tries his best to do the right thing and make those around him happy, including Eun-sang. Not an easy feat. 
The relationships between his family are just staggering in their pressured and stifling horribleness. The expectations of his mother, father, brother, everyone wants him to be and do something different, meaning he can never please everyone. And on top of this, none of these paths that are pushed onto him seem to be what Tan might choose for himself. In fact I get the impression that he really isn't all that ambitious at all and he would be satisfied with only their love and respect rather than leading the family company. 
Poor guy. I can understand now why he said it would take courage to return to Korea.

And with Eun-sang its even worse. Tan has this naive sweetness about him that when he approaches her again in Korea he tries so hard to impress by pulling out all the stops for his big romantic gesture entrance back into her life, complete with shiny car, sunglasses and screaming fangirls. It's utterly ridiculous of course, but what is even more ridiculous is that he thinks it will work. Like he has been watching waaay too many dramas and thinks this is how he is meant to go about wooing the woman of his dreams, by being too cool for school. Which is pretty funny because obviously this kind of stuff isn't really going to impress Eun-sang, and also, even more importantly, it really isn't Tan's true nature either. Because this boy is at his best when he is being sincere and sweet...... and staring at Eun-sang like she is the most astounding thing he has ever seen in his life. That is when Eun-sang can't ignore what she feels for him. Because that is when he is being genuinely himself.
Something I worry will be far and in-between now the show has moved back to Korea and the fake game-playing of the elite society has begun for real.

And around now in the show I feel like for the first time Eun-sang is able to admit to herself that she wished her time in America was more than just a dream, that she did like Tan and that's why she can't get him out of her mind. And that is why when he does finally reveal himself to be the second son of the house it absolutely breaks her heart.
She is so ashamed and horrified at this truth because it just hits home how truly unattainable Tan really is and it turns her dreams into a cruel reality that is just too hard to face. 

Part of me hates how ashamed Eun-sang is of her hardworking mother and hard living situation, though another part can understand that when you are that young age and only surrounded by rich idiots who treat you like crap then it could be difficult to remain strong and confident.  But nonetheless it makes me sad to see.

Now, back to the bullying. 
Young-do is such an obnoxious jerk that I am constantly wanting to punch him in his smarmy face. He just waltzes into Eun-sang's life, expecting her to immediately worship him (or at least cower before him) and I can't tell if he likes her or just wants to break her. He is a truly terrifying guy who seemingly has no understanding of that line and when he shouldn't cross it, probably because he truly is rich enough that he thinks he rules the world. Or at least the world he lives within. 
And yet, as I am sure everyone has noticed, this guy is charismatic and gorgeous and sexy as hell. Which pisses me off because I want to hate him. He is so confident of himself and his place in school that he just overflows with this menacing energy that would make me want to run in the opposite direction of him at all times.
And I really can't figure out what has caused this sudden interest he has in Eun-sang. He is as horrible and menacing to her as he is to his other victims and he tells her that she belongs to him, but definitely not in the romantic way. 
Does he want to be involved with her just because it is clear that Tan is in love with her? 
But he was already somewhat intrigued in her the very first time he met her right? He even mentioned his heart..... yet now he acts like he wants to bully her and hurt her, or is that just his twisted version of affection? 
And then to confuse things further, at the end of episode 6 he asks Eun-sang why she always falls asleep in public places.... he says it makes him want to protect her.

I cannot even imagine how freaked out Eun-sang must have felt upon hearing him say those words..... this guy's attention, either romantically or otherwise, seems to me to be a thing best avoided at all possible cost.
Yet Young-do is certainly intriguing, I will give him that.

Empire High is so hardcore with all the vicious student politics being introduced. It was actually a bit of a downer of an episode really, with practically no romance and just heaps of cruelty and bitchiness instead. And this really killed all the dreaminess of Tan and Eun-sang's budding friendship / romance because now Tan is just spending most of his time trying to protect Eun-sang from the scary people at school (by lying that she is 'new money' which I just know is going to come back and bite them in the arse) which she believes is just causing her more trouble. Which is sort of correct.....

Frankly its all pretty dark and depressing and I am not sure how I feel about it.


  1. "Like he has been watching waaay too many dramas and thinks this is how he is meant to go about wooing the woman of his dreams"--> SO TRUE! You hit the nail on the head. It was so derpy, I found it hysterical. That was his biggest misstep so far in this courtship. Eun Sang should have really rolled her eyes big time at him for that one, but she seemed more embarrassed rather than exasperated. But I do love their banter back and forth. That's the gold in this drama, so far. Which is why, I know that you mean about high school of hell. I'm conflicted about that i.e. on the one hand, I'm anticipating some explosive action and confrontation b/w the characters, but on the other, where's the dreaminess of Cali that I loved so much??

    1. I know, I just adored all the dreamyness of their initial meeting so much and miss it, but I do also understand that after all that the writer now needs to create some serious conflict at school. Its just so hardcore tbough! Though I must agree with you and I also am rather looking forward to what will happen next as I am sure this nasty school business is just the set up for aome growth and learning for these nasty characters which will certainly be very interesting to see!!
      Either way I am ultra excited to see what happens next!! :-)