11 September 2013



Okay..... mmmh, I am not too sure what to make of this Huge Twist, and I am a little worried I am not liking the direction this Huge Twist is heading......

Episode 13:
Sooooo.... back to the beginning of the episode, Gun Woo rushes off to save Shi On from where the gang are holding her hostage,  and he makes the swap with the SIM card to try and get her back. Shi On isn't very pleased because basically she is literally living to solve this case and to her the evidence is more important than her safety. But as if Gun Woo is just going to leave her there anyway so she shouldn't even bother trying to convince him, silly girl.
Obviously the main thug and his gang aren't going to play fair though and the thug dude utters that exact same line to his lackey's that he does every single time he goes near our two heroes ('Get them!') but once again his plans are foiled last minute and no one manages to 'Get them!'.

This time it is Hyung-joon though who saves them, popping all the lights in the warehouse (with his physic ghost powers!) and leading Shi On out through the darkness. But this seems to seriously take a toll on him and I am getting the distinct feeling that he is wearing out his own soul to be staying on earth like this and using his powers, meaning he may be slowly disappearing.... but as he says, 'What I am afraid of is leaving Shi On behind, alone in this world. Thats is the only thing.' So I can't see him going anywhere anytime soon....

Anyway, there is a fun fight scene against the thugs and this time Shi On throws herself over Gun Woo to save him, getting her back smashed as a result, leading our two leads to the hospital. And it is there that Shi On touches a Lost & Found item (brought in by the ridiculously sweet and hilarious interns) and she begins to see a ghost wearing a nurses uniform. 
And this ghost, although we don't know much about her yet, is actually the key to this week's Huge Twist, but more on that chestnut later.....

There is a nice quiet scene at the hospital where Gun Woo watches over Shi On as she sleeps (not in a creepy way!) and softly touches her face, smiling to himself. I like this scene because it makes it clear how Gun Woo feels for Shi On, and that his love is not just some puppy crush as I presume Shi On originally suspected, but in fact the real thing. I feel like he is in this for the long haul whether Shi On reciprocates his feelings or not.  
But of course this sweet moment is witnessed by Hyung-joon, looking worn and sick after his exertion
 at the warehouse. He remembers back to how he himself watched over Shi On for the six years of her coma, even taking care of her when Moon-shik turned up to try and keep her from waking up (wow he tried to kill her even back then...). 

When Shi On gets back to work she is armed with the devastating knowledge that the Police Chief Moon Hee Joo, her Sunbae and mentor, is in fact behind everything, and backed by some powerful people to boot (a senator for example). It hurts her in the same way that Moon-shik's betrayal hurt Gun Woo and it suddenly seems like it is the two of them against the world. 
Police Chief Moon calls Shi On to his office and it is clear that he is completely aware that she knows who he is. He threatens her to back off, but Shi On doesn't scare easily and refuses to be blind to what he has done. 
So now the game is quite interesting, because we have Gun Woo and Shi On trying to gather enough information to accuse the Police Chief, whilst trying not to be overly noticeable as it will probably lead to them being killed. I imagine the only reason the Police Chief is even letting them live so far is because he doesn't believe they can get any evidence on him at all, and two extra bodies within his own department may be hard to explain.

But what he does't know is that Shi On and Gun Woo have found an ally in the form of the lead investigator from the 3rd episode, the man whose fiancĂ© was murdered by his own mother and then chopped into little pieces (bummer!).  Apparently he is trustworthy and together with our leads he begins to help investigate the case, meaning that if Gun Woo and Shi On can gather enough evidence, they now have someone willing to go up against the powerful Police Chief.
And what do you know, Moon-shik left them another gift, a recording of a conversation between himself and the Police Chief outlining a few of his evil deeds. But its still not enough for the investigator to go ahead with the case.

That night Gun Woo drives Shi On home and she seems to be a little reluctant to get out of the car and leave him, possibly because last time she was home alone a bunch of thugs turned up and kidnapped her. But luckily Gun Woo came prepared and he storms his way into the house (which he cleaned up by the way... aww!) to stay with her despite her protests, though secretly she is rather glad I am sure.  This whole scene is so sweet and funny (except obviously that Hyung-joon is there watching which is a bit of a sad downer), as they mock fight and muck around in the house, practically wrestling as they argue about him staying or going, both of them clearly having heaps of fun.  They actually pretty much act like a couple already, lots of mock fighting skinship and easy compatibility, even ending with Shi On falling right onto Gun Woo in a pretty hilarious moment mainly made funny because of Gun woo's scoffing reaction and smug smile.  

And then we get back to the Huge Twist, which basically boils down to that nurse ghost from the hospital.... (dum dum dum) not really being dead!
I honesty don't know how I feel about this twist that Shi On is seeing a coma victim, or the subsequent idea that possibly Hyung-joon isn't dead after all and there has been some sort of cover up (presumably done by Moon-shik to save his life) from the case 6 years ago.

Do you think this is some sort of decision made to please all the fans who are shipping Hyung-joon with Shi On just because those fans quite possibly make up the majority of this dramas viewing audience? 
Is this whole plot a last minute tacked on fan-service? Is that what this is? 

If so, and it is some last minute crazy decision to change the male lead I just feel a little let down by it. Because if that is really where we are going to go then what was the point of the whole Gun Woo storyline? Isn't this drama about moving on and letting go and learning to live again? Isn't this meant to be a story about how Gun Woo helps Shi On find a reason to live again?
What about Gun Woo?

I am probably one of the few viewers who is definitely shipping Shi On with Gun Woo, as he is a lovely sweet guy who cares for our heroine, however one of the major reasons why I am shipping her with him is because the man is still alive. (I know, I don't ask for much right?)
But if Shi On's lovely heartbroken boyfriend comes back from the dead...... then how can I possibly not ship her being with the man she has been in love with since her childhood and has been so cruelly separated from?  
This whole thing confuses and upsets me!

And that is all just gripes with the emotional consequences of this decision to possibly bring Hyung-joon back, and not even touching on the actual logistics of how on earth it will even work!  I mean, has Hyung-joon also been in a coma for these past 6 years? Really, three comas? (Counting the nurse ghost in the hospital as well.)  Is that not two comas too many, Drama?  Isn't it?

Episode 14:
Well it always takes  a tragedy and the possibility of losing someone to make you realise just how much they really mean to you, and Shi On is no different as we see in this episode.
In some ways this episode was just legwork for what's to come as we move towards the finale and the culmination of our story. Not that it was boring, but it dealt more with moving the pieces where they needed to go rather than any major action, with the main focus definitely being on establishing this lovely little lopsided love triangle.

So this episode Shi On spends some time solving the little mystery of the nurse coma ghost and although this story was rather simple and small, I did find it to be quite touching in its inevitability and am glad that it did have a conclusion, even if it was a bittersweet one. I was rather worried that this ghost's presence, obviously needed to establish the fact that ghosts can exist for coma victims, would not be treated as a full story arc and just sort of peeter out once the Hyung-joon Big Reveal was dealt with, but it was actually handled pretty well.
Basically this young woman is already in death's doorway and the only reason why she hasn't let go and is still sleeping on is because she needs to get closure on an aspect of her life which has been haunting her since childhood, her lost sibling. It is such a sad little story, as the moment her sister does come to see her, led to her bedside by Shi On, the girl passes away, her last wish fulfilled, leaving her sister sobbing into her mothers arms. Perhaps, on top of ensuring her sister could keep her promise and not spend the rest of her life feeling guilty, she has also done this to give her mother someone to lean on, someone she can share her grieving with.

Meanwhile, Gun Woo is investigating his own case, the case of one missing Hyung-joon, and he follows his clues right to the doorstep of a hospice where Moon-shik has been sending money for years (6 years to be exact) and right to the comatose body of our melancholy ghost. But unluckily for poor old Hyung-joon, Gun woo has also been busy making Shi On care about him, living in her house, keeping her amused and driving her around the place. And I think she is becoming quite unconsciously reliant on his presence, made obvious by the scene where Gun Woo comes home to find Shi On crying over Hyung-joon's engagement ring.
Seeing her tears, Gun woo cannot help but feel the jealously overwhelm him, caused by this enigma of a past love whom he knows is still hanging around unseen by everyone else. He tears back outside, with a muttered comment about 'Bad timing', which I thought was pretty funny as it could have referred to the fact that he walked in on her crying or the much larger problem of him being in love with a woman who is still in deep mourning for her lost boyfriend.
But the funny thing is, that the very second that Gun woo storms out the door (to sit alone and lament the depressing fact that he is jealous of a dead guy!) Shi On gets all antsy, hovering over her CCTV screen and awaiting his return. As in she basically does nothing the whole time he is gone other than pace around her house, keep checking the road outside and thinking about Gun Woo. But hilariously, when he does return she straight away snaps goodnight to him and tries to make a run for her room, unable to quite deal with him or her growing need to have him around.
But Gun Woo is sick of dancing around the topic and grabs Shi On into an embrace, asking her to look at him, to please look at him from now on. And for a moment, it actually looks like Shi On is going to to return his hug, that she is going to hold onto him too, but in the end her heart is just too confused and she lets her hands fall down to her sides, unable to reciprocate or give Gun Woo what he wants.

I am in two minds about this gesture from Gun woo, and in some ways I guess his expectations are a bit insensitive, because really what he needs to give Shi On right now is time. But on the other hand I must admit that I kind of liked that he is being honest, that he is expressing what he wants from Shi On so there can be no misunderstandings, and I also think that maybe he is afraid that if he doesn't express his true feelings, his and Shi On's relationship will just continue on in this easy camaraderie forever, never growing into what he really wants it to be.

The next morning is awkward as Shi On and Gun Woo share the drive into work, but hilariously the tension is broken by a song on the radio (turned on to cut the silence) which ends up cracking them both up and sending them giggling and stealing glances at each other (I am not sure if the lyrics were funny or what, but even though I couldn't fully understand the in-joke, I still really enjoyed this scene). And finally Shi On is able to say easily that Gun woo will need to wait to have that conversation
 until after this case is solved, and Gun Woo accepts (in his usual endearing complainy way).

The investigation of the case hits a wall however as their new mate, the prosecutor who is helping them, is actually warned off the case by his scary boss. He seems to back down but passes along all the information they have collected so far to Shi On and tells her that if they can get that main Thug Dude to turn against Police Chief Moon they might still have a case. And luckily for them (or unluckily, whatever) that very Thug Dude is still skulking around, having been told to get underground by the Police Chief who will soon be running for Commissioner and therefore doesn't want any dirty laundry hanging around. This Thug Dude follows Shi On to her house and I must say that I find Kdrama following scenes very hilarious though at least in this case Shi On does realise she is being followed by someone walking two metres behind her! She confronts Thug Dude and provokes him (instead of negotiating with him which might have been a better idea) and Thug Dude stabs her...... except Gun Woo has rushed in to save the day by getting stabbed instead, and it is pretty bad.

Shi On freaks out, screaming and crying and telling Gun Woo that he can't die, absolutely hysterical so that when Hyung-joon appears all she can do is scream at him too, telling him to save Gun Woo's life, though obviously the poor guy can do nothing but stand and watch. The ambulance arrive in time though, and Gun Woo is taken in for surgery though the doctors are still unsure he will survive the night. Shi On sits at his bedside and tells him that he can't leave her alone, clearly extremely distressed at the prospect of losing him. Although this is obviously a pretty shit time for Shi On, I kind of knew something like this would need to happen in order to propel her relationship with Gun Woo forward. Right now she is so lost, sitting on the fence between letting go of Hyung-joon and ignoring the possibility of opening her heart to someone new, and it was going to take a catalyst of some sort to make her understand exactly what Gun woo means to her.
When he does wake up, the first thing the lovely honest Gun Woo does is try and inform Shi On about finding Hyung-joon, only to start sort of dying as he does so, leaving Shi On screaming and crying again, terrified that she is losing him.

Like I said earlier, I am really not excited about this plot twist, because basically we are now going to have Shi On choosing between her lasting love for Hyung-joon, basically back from the dead, and her growing feelings for Gun Woo, which just so doesn't excite me at all, because basically someone I like is going to lose out in that game.
If Hyung-joon remains a ghost, sure he still loses out, but at least he understands why and its because he is dead and not because Shi On doesn't love him.
But if Gun Woo loses out to alive Hyung-joon then what was this whole show even about? I mean, we all know that Hyung-joon is clearly the second lead if only because he is barely on the screen, so if we really did spend this whole show getting to know and like Gun Woo only to watch him end up miserable and alone I will absolutely just freak out.

So tune in next week to find out if I freak out!  :)

And below are some fun Behind The Scenes shots of the pretty cast for your enjoyment!

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