14 September 2013



I enjoy this drama, I really do, but I am going to come right out and say that I don't feel much of an emotional connection to it. I really enjoy all the cute fluffy stuff within it but I don't really find it very swoony or overly romantic, and I don't really feel hugely invested in what is happening to all the characters, only because to be honest not a hell of a lot really happens to anyone at all.....

Its still fun of course but I kind of wish I wasn't writing these weekly reviews as when I start picking it apart and analysing this show, it doesn't really stand up to my scrutiny and maybe I am enjoying it less now because I am reviewing it than I would be if I was just watching it without having to think to in-depth about each episode afterwards..... which is of course a huge shame.

Episode 11:
The ghost of the week kind of upset me this episode, mainly because I can't understand a family man who would rather his wife of 30+ years (and his grown son) keep believing that he was a cheating bastard and had a mistress, rather than know the truth that he was a cross-dresser. Sure I get that he is ashamed of what he is, but that is sad he could never tell anyone when he was alive for that shame, but seriously I would 100% rather find out that my husband liked to dress up in women's clothing over thinking he never loved me at all and kept a mistress throughout our entire marriage, basically making our lives together into a lie. 
And although in the end the CEO did decide to tell his son so that his child could understand him and not hate him forever, but what the hell about his wife? Are they going to 'protect' her from the truth by leaving her to believe she was never loved by her husband and that her entire marriage was a lie and she was cheated on? Are they going to ruin her memory of him forever and turn her into a bitter angry woman? 
Probably I guess.

Anyway, maybe  I am just reading to much into this, but I find the 'ghost of the week' story lines are definitely created to stir the emotions and the problem for me is that I don't always find them to be very well thought out or touching.... I dunno, maybe I am just being too picky and reading too deeply into everything.

The other thing about this show that drives me crazy is the romance. Some weeks I love it because it is filled with fun banter and it is clear what great chemistry our two lead's have, but other weeks the endless and pointless push and pull that occurs between Gong-shil and Joong-won for no apparent reason at all drives me crazy. Sometimes I just want to yell at hem, telling them to just get it together and be honest abut their feelings so they can get on with it. 
Because really when you think about it, what is this couple's conflict? What exactly is keeping them apart?
Yep, that is right.... nothing.

I think maybe that is my main problem with Gong-shil and Joong-won's romance, the fact that really the only thing keeping them apart at this stage is themselves, which makes for some boring pointless drama (like the marriage thing for instance and now Yi Ryung's newspaper scandal). 
At first it was heaps of fun for me because Joong-won quite rightfully thought Gong-shil was crazy, leading him to fight his growing feelings for all he was worth. But then when Joong-won started embracing these feelings, he was still spending most of the narrative just messing with Gong-shil's head instead of being honest, and we have now reached the relationship level of this episode;  finally Joong-won confesses, but now Gong-shil (quite understandably) can't trust in him and doesn't believe him!
Arrrgh! Get it together guys!

So I have been thinking about why I haven't been swooning as much as everyone else whilst watching this drama, and particularly when the big kiss left me cold at the end of this episode I have come up with the following realisation; 
A drama romance has to have real conflict for me to fall in love with it, it has to create a real reason why the characters can't be together and a real issue which they need to overcome to find happiness. A love story cannot only rely on empty drama and nonsensical reasons to keep a couple apart for endless episodes because eventually the viewer will smell the bullshit and start losing faith in the story. Because if a couple can't even sort themselves out when there is no conflict or real reason to stay apart, then how on earth can I believe their love is true and lasting, or could survive an actual problem in their future. 

The last thing I will gripe about before I finish for this episode is the ending. I am just so confused as to what even happened here, so maybe I am just being a little bit dumb and not following the dialogue properly, I don't know. But I just couldn't understand the reason why Gong-shil got so upset when she overheard Joong-won's conversation with his aunt, because I actually didn't think he had said anything too hurtful at that point. When he sees her though, he does then say that she has no self esteem which was pretty uncool (Way to go, Joong-won!) but again I can't even understand why he said that when he could clearly see her in front of him and see she was upset (for whatever reason.)
And then when Joong-won follows her home to comfort her, Gong-shil actually has to pretend to be a ghost just so she can yell at him, call him names and admit that he hurt her which I found to be totally weird....... And then Joong-won kisses her to prove he does love her but it was.... less exciting for me than a kiss should be (and seriously, I love kisses!) and unfortunately didn't really set me swooning.

And this folks, is why I shouldn't be reviewing this series, because instead of just enjoying it, I am instead having a big bitch about the stupidest little pointless details that I would probably just totally overlook otherwise...... And yes, obviously I could just stop, but I am soooo close to the end now and I will feel like I am leaving a job half-done if I just give up!! 
So I am afraid you will have to suffer through my reviews until this series is finished and I promise I will try and stay open minded and open hearted as much as possible! And obviously it is not all bad, I love Secretary Kim, I love Yi Ryung (even if she is being used as another nonsensical reason why our main couple cannot be together) and Kang Woo, and I love the sweetness between our leads and the quite often laugh inducing comedy (particularly Joong-won's uncle and aunt whom I find totally hilarious and harmless!)

Episode 12:
Okay so I guess we do get some real conflict at the end of this episode, which is either a Huge Twist or a massive misdirection, after all, if 'Who Are You' has taught us anything it is that coma victims have ghosts too, so there is obviously the very likely possibility that Joong-won is not quite as dead as the final scene of this episode would have us believe.

The ghost of the week is a hit and run accident this episode, which has resulted in a dead kid, a mother who believes her child is alive and just missing, and a mechanic who is unravelling and becoming more and more psychotic because of his terrible mistake.

Buuut, back to the beginning and the aftermath of last episode's kiss, we see that basically our couple are still dancing around each other, because even though Joong-won has now been honest and expressed himself fully to Gong-shil, he has also told her to deal with it herself and not let him get too close (Wait, why is that her responsibility?).  Its almost as if he himself has given up denying his true feelings, but because of his fear of a real commitment and his terror of opening up his heart all the way, he is still trying to find ways to keep Gong-shil distant from him, this time basically telling her to be the strong one and not let him seduce her.
And because Gong-shil understands how terribly scared Joong-won is of the way he is feeling, she does what he says and denies herself the pleasure of throwing him against a wall and making out with him. Even though obviously she would probably quite like to do that.
And personally, I think it might do our Joong-won some good to be less in control of this relationship for once, because it is always him who dictates the terms between them and decides how intimate or how distant they need to be to suit him. I feel like it might be time for Gong-shil to take the reins because Joong-won is really just so messed up that he can't decide what he wants, even though it is damn obvious how he feels, he just isn't quite brave enough to take the plunge.  And frankly, if Gong-shil leaves it up to Joong-won forever nothing much might ever happen.
Or at least it might take another year or two.
Which is boring....

This episode had some truly sweet moments and I am also glad to report I spied a little wavering on Kang Woo's side in regards to the rediculous but thoroughly entertaining Yi-ryung. They had a hilarious converation about his 'aquarium' which I adored, which begins with her telling him she is a whale (!) so is much too big for someone like him to handle.
Now this is already hilarious in itself, but when Kang Woo agrees that a whale is too much for his aquarium, Yi-ryung relents and asks in such a hopeful way if he might be able to handle a dolphin then? Ha!
Of course Kang Woo just blows her off in his cool and uncaring way like always,yet this time, when he later sees on his security camera that Yi-ryung is looking very hurt and upset, he actually looks a little bit thoughtful and uncomfortable, like it is bothering him to see her like that, a change I am very much liking.

Yet another adorable scene is of course the three men, Joong-won, Kang Woo and Secretary Kim all having their singalong to the ghost boy!! Arrrgh! Too cute!

And the last one was a surprisingly lovely and romantic moment between our main couple, when Gong-shil quietly tells Joong-won that he can relax and not worry because she is never going to hurt him, she is going to always protect him (just like that wolf from the story).
The way Joong-won looks at her as she walks away makes me think it is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him, so for me it was a lovely heartfelt and honest moment between them. A nice change from all their back and forth bickering and nonsensical conversations.

The other thing we get from this episode is the realisation that Secretary Kim is more involved then we were led to believe in the evil plot (Noooo! Not Secretary Kim!) as he seems to already be aware of the existence of Hee-joo's totally evil twin sister, who I might add seems to be a thoroughly horrible girl! She seems to have used her sister just for the ransom, a necklace which she hasn't even sold for money and just kept all these years, so I don't even get what it was all for? And even worse, she didn't seem upset at all when her sister Hee Joo was blown up in that car....

Also all this Goat and Wolf stuff is obviously hinting at something pretty bad, as we found out this episode that whoever loves the other more will have to die and the two can't live happily together because they are too different yada yada yada..... And in the case of the story it is the wolf who dies, which is of course Gong-shil.
Is that a portent for later in the show? And also, what a freaking horrible story to give to Joong-won for his first ever book? Shouldn't Gong-shil have told him to read a slightly less traumatising one?
Boo! :(

And then lastly, we come to the ending. Basically Gong-shil does the opposite of what Joong-won tells her ('Don't do anything dangerous, if you find the murderer call the police and don't go in alone!' Sigh.) and walks straight into the lion's den, sending a text message to Joong-won for help (even though she knows he can't read! ) and nearly getting stabbed in the face with a screwdriver.
Except of course Joong-won finds her just in time and gets himself stabbed instead, leading to the ending scene of Gong-shil waiting in the hospital during his surgery, only to have his ghost come out to say hi, I love you, and then disappear.

Personally, I have a feeling it is a misdirection or a feint, as I can't see it being very useful to this show to have Joong-won actually dead...... but we will just have to wait and see I guess as I could be wrong.

Thats all folks! :)

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