20 September 2013



Only one episode this week but it was actually a fun one, which is awesome because this drama was really starting to get bogged down by its own lack of forward motion and the convoluted plotting that was spending all its time just going back and forth between our OTP.

I felt like this episode kind of brought stuff back to basics, which was refreshing and ... fun
Just what the doctor ordered!

Episode 13:
So I was already pretty positive the whole 'dying' thing was just going to be a bit of a feint in the case of Joong-won and I am glad that we just breezed straight through that at the beginning of the episode and didn't get too caught up in it. It was all a bit unnecessary really, except as a plot point to lead us to the next stage in the drama; Joong-won forgetting that Gong-shil ever meant anything to him at all.

Now this storyline is giving me serious 'Boys Over Flowers' vibes (there is even a malicious female using his amnesia to her advantage!) but I also really feel like it gave this show an excuse to slow things down, stop the pointless and exhausting dancing around each other plot lines, and just have some fun with these awesome characters!  I mean I am not normally massively into the whole 'amnesia' thing, but seriously this show needed something, and the amnesia storyline worked a treat this episode making me come to the conclusion that it is when this show tries for 'angsty' that it starts boring me. When it stays fun and goes more for the comedic angle however ...... well then it is gold and has me laughing out loud every two seconds!

My only gripe is that I felt like every scene with Gong-shil was just more of the same, angsty and sad (and yes I know she is sad for a reason but that doesn't make her moping any less boring to watch) and just like the show, Gong-shil is at her best when she is being totally hilarious. 
I felt like her (boring) Noble Sacrifice decision was actually kind of stupid (aren't they always?) because she has basically spent all this time breaking down Joong-won's walls, getting is guard down, making him heal and fall in love and then she just decides to leave him for his own good? Sure, I get she wants to keep him safe from her world, but he could just as easily die in a random car crash as from another ghost related situation anyway, so this kind of logic drives me crazy. Who in this world would ever really believe that someone who is in love would be better off without that person they truly care for, especially in the case of Gong-shil and Joong-won where she literally makes him into a better person just by being around him? How is he better off without her? It is stupid.

But luckily, even though Gong-shil was a bit of a downer this episode, every single other character was being totally awesome, including a refreshingly mind-game free Joong-won.  
Joong-won was so enjoyable to watch this episode, his scenes light and funny to the point that I was reminded why I had even liked him in the first place. The point when I first realised things were getting awesome was when Joong-won was trying to figure out exactly why he was in hospital and he says;

'When I was acting like an ass, telling them to hit me with lightening..... did I really get hit?'

Ha! Now I don't know if the (lovely) people who wrote the subs were taking some liberties with that line but man did it make me laugh. Because Joong-won really has been such an ass, to the point where I was starting to get a bit sick of him, but I love that he actually admitted it because somehow it makes him more likeable if he at least knows he is being an ass.

Also, I loved when Joong-won is still in the hospital, having only just woken up to his whole family crowded around him, and suddenly he yells out about HaNa (who is standing behind the family) asking who she is in a pissy voice. 
My thoughts exactly! Who on earth invited her to the trauma ward of the hospital to meet Joong-won for the first time whilst he is recovering from a  knife wound? In a ball gown no less! 
Grrr, HaNa seriously annoys me and when she started wearing a necklace to match Gong-shil's as an attempt to win over Joong-won.... Grrrr..... I am pretty sure I hate her (though I must say the actress is gorgeous!).

Yi-rung though, the other slightly malicious evil female in this drama, I am totally loving. Her and Kang Woo (who was also rather more interesting this episode) always have such fun scenes and I really want to see them get their act together. 
Kang Woo is back in my good books this episode with his sensitive supporting of sad Gong-shil and Yi-ryung may be conniving but she is also so upfront and honest about her shallowness that I can't help but be charmed by her..... and hopefully Kang Woo will also start feeling that soon as well!

The last couple I enjoyed this episode was the Evil Auntie/Doddering Uncle duo, who are always a reliable source for hilarity, his silliness doing a good job of cancelling out any of her actions that try to be too mean or controlling. 
I kind of love them.

Plot wise I wasn't too fussed this episode, clearly HaNa was feeling neglected so she became really evil. The end. 
Or is there more to it? We will have to wait and see! 

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