21 August 2013

WHO ARE YOU: Episode 7 & 8


Episode 7 was a little slower than normal as we break away from the procedural set up and ditch the whole ‘Ghost of the Week’ plotline.  Instead Shi On begins her own personal mission to discover the truth about herself and her past, and really who can blame her?  Now she has met with Kim Jae-wook’s lovely and melancholy ghost boy Hyung-joon she has realised they clearly have some sort of connection and involvement, and she is determined to find out the truth about him and herself. 
For some reason this disaster of a case has been labelled so secretive that not even Shi On herself is allowed to look at the file, and even worse than that is the fact that no one has told her a single thing about it or her own involvement.  Seriously, how do they expect her to ever regain her memories if no one will even give her any hints?
Although maybe that is exactly the point and no one wants her to remember, because I am beginning to get the impression that this plot stretches up much further into the higherup officers at the police, perhaps even having something to do with that ridiculously nice Police Chief who seems to be taking a particular interest in becoming Shi On’s mentor.  Keeping tabs on her perhaps?

Another important development is we see that the shaman can actually speak with Hyun-joon, even though Shi On cannot hear his voice at all. This is quite an interesting turn of events, as I am kind of liking the whole mournful silent thing, but obviously being able to actually have some sort of dialogue would be good too and definitely helps things propel forward, as I am sure Hyun-joon has plenty of insights to provide Shi On. If he can get the damn Shaman to actually help him to tell her that is. This girl is waaay too self-obsessed to understand that he is sad and mournful for a very real reason, and most probably a dangerous one too. I really liked their conversation, where the Shaman asks him how he knows Shi On anyway, to which Hyung-joon answers simply and with no fan-fare that she is the woman he loves. (All together now…. Awwww! And also…. so freaking sad.)

The shaman answers; ‘Even if you love that woman, you are already dead.’ 
She seems to be implying that he should just give up and go home (or you know, wherever), and for one split second Hyung-joon looks utterly heartbroken at her words, but then he just kind of scoffs at her in disdain.
‘Do you think I came all this way just to have forbidden love?’

He tries to pass along the number plate he memorised from Shi On’s attacker in the woods, but the shaman doesn’t seem to understand how dire the situation is and for some reason isn't being upfront to Shi On about who and where the number has come from.

Meanwhile Shi On has begun to investigate her own case with a vengeance, following her leads to try and find the first police officer on the scene of the crime 6 years ago. Unfortunately she is told by his friend that he has disappeared and will be very hard to get in contact with, which turns out to be a huge fat lie because he is just hiding behind some curtains. This ex-police officer is really rather sick and it seems to me a very guilty conscience may have something to do with that.

Gun Woo has been feeling a little lonely this episode with Shi On running around alone on her solo mission, and so he asks her if anything is going on, obviously in reference to her ghost-seeing-case-solving abilities. But Shi On lies to him and brushes him off.   I understand she is an independent woman and wants to do things on her own but surely the company of a capable man who actually is aware of her ability would only be a plus to her investigation? But I guess for her this is personal and that is why she hasn’t even told  Gun Woo about seeing the dead Hyung-joon yet, keeping his presence a secret.
Poor Gun Woo is clearly already crushing hardcore on Shi On (like a little puppy dog! Heh!) but unfortunately for him she is a little too busy to notice him much at all.

Shi On has hit a bit of a dead end in her investigation when she suddenly gets a call from the ex-police officer to meet with him, and of course Gun Woo tears out of the office after her when she leaves, unable to bear not being involved (and also, she doesn't have a car).  Things go pretty terribly though and the baddies come along in a car and totally run over the ex-police officer who was clearly about to whistle blow on the entire plot. Bummer.
Gun Woo does an amazing jump and saves Shi On (but not the ex-police officer even though they were standing right next to each other) and the officer is rushed to hospital.  When he first arrives he is apparently in a stable condition but someone arrives very quickly to finish the job.
Shi On freaks out when she hears the ex-police officer has died because she knows that she is the only reason this man has come out of hiding, a decision he has clearly been killed for. My guess is that he found evidence on the scene 6 years before, and was paid off to disappear and never speak up about it.  But in the end his guilt has caused him to come forward and do the right thing, which is kind of sad when you think about it as he has spent the last 6 years in a guilt induced agony.
Living like that is hardly worth it at all.

Gun Woo watches Shi On cry and berate herself over her informants death, unable to do anything. He almost reaches out his hand to comfort her but their relationship is still a formal work one despite the secrets they have shared, and in the end it is too awkward and he lets his hand drop back to his side. When he drops Shi On off at her place later he walks her to the door and she notices he has blood on his forehead from when he saved her on the road. Its pretty funny because he is being all manly and concerned but the second he realises he is slightly hurt he turns into such a massive baby and though I am not sure exactly why this is at all endearing, it kind of is. Shi On brings him inside her apartment to look after him and Gun Woo has a massive cry about the pain. He quietens down after a  moment though,  clearly very affected by Shi On’s proximity (cute!) whilst she tends to his tiny tiny tiny cut. But it is kind of sad for him because I am pretty sure he is the only one in the room affected by their closeness and Shi On is unaware that anything is happening at all.  She definitely likes Gun Woo in a friend/colleague kind of way and is really coming to trust in him, but she is not yet dependent on him and doesn't seem to have any interest in a relationship of the kind he is clearly contemplating. And fair enough. This girl is busy!
And there is also this lovely sad ghost hanging around her and looking at her with loving tears in his eyes….

Gun Woo later oversteps his boundaries and installs some CCTV in Shi On's house, which is a caring gesture really but Shi On has decided to go on this journey alone and she tells him so. She has absolutely no intention of being responsible for his death in the process of her investigation and she pretty much tells him to mind his own business. I think she does feel grateful to him though just for caring about her welfare but again, she doesn't really have any time for him right now.

Later at work, Shi On receives a package which contains Hyung-joon's ID card and finally she has a name for the ghost, and also a profession. He is a detective just like her and she finally catches up to the fact that her and Hyun-joon were the two officers at the scene, resulting in Hyung-joon's death. Shi On heads into a filing room at the office, not realising that Gun Woo's shady mate Moon-shik is already sneaking around in there, sabotaging a case file to erase his name from being partnered up next to Hyung-joon.
Suddenly Hyung-joon himself turns up and begins to walk slowly towards Shi On, which in turn causes her to back slowly away from him (he is totally herding her like a sheep dog!) and they disappear into the stacks right as Moon-shik walks past. This scene is kind of sexy as Hyung-joon gets steadily closer and closer to Shi On, almost right up against her as he tries to hide her body with his own (hey, you're dead mate, that won't work!). There is some serious chemistry between these two and I think Shi On is going to freak out when she realises that he is in love with her, as surely any day now she will regain that memory of them kissing before the police raid.

Speaking of Kissing (!), Gun Woo spends most of episode 8 following Shi On around like the little lost puppy he is, trying to get her to open up about whatever it is that she is trying to investigate. He has also decided to become her personal bodyguard and arrives to drive her to work in the mornings and walks her to her door in the evenings, getting frustrated and worried if she doesn't return his calls or he can't get in contact with her. Pretty much he couldn't be more obvious about how he is feeling, though I am not sure he has totally realised how into her he is himself.
After work Gun Woo invites Shi On out for a meal with Moon-shik but it is here that Gun-woo's Sunbae makes a mistake which leads Shi On to suspect him.  When she asks Moon-shik whether he knew Hyung-joon at all, Moon-shik straight out lies and says he never met him but he acts incredibly weird about the whole thing, clearly starting to get a bit nervous that Shi On is onto him.

Shi On has meanwhile tracked down Hyung-joon's address and she realises that she is pretty familiar with the area, even knowing exactly where he hides his spare key. The whole scene with Shi On looking through the windows into this familiar place and walking through the summer garden with the cicadas humming so loudly is almost like a dream,  these half memories beginning to stir in her mind and make her question who Hyung-joon really is and what he meant to her.

At the office Gun Woo is showing off to his interns (seriously it feels like the character of Gun Woo is in a whole separate drama which is much lighter and sillier, his storylines always feel much more like a romantic comedy than a ghost melodrama, but it is a switch in tone that I quite enjoy with his boyish attitude and petty humour breaking up the 'heavy' very effectively) and he brings up a photo of him holding a shooting competition trophy. Shi On immediately recognises the trophy from Hyung-joon's house and when she googles it she finds a photograph of Hyung-joon smiling into the camera standing right next to an equally cheery Moon-shik. The liar!

Now that Shi On knows Moon-shik lied she begins to follow him (I am so not going to analyse why Kdrama's feel that people won't notice if you follow them from literally two steps behind them in full view...) when he leaves work and heads to a church. She confronts him about her evidence and Moon-shik makes up some more crap lies to mislead her, saying that Hyung-joon was in on the criminal deal which was happening on the ship and that he shot Moon-shik in the leg to get him out of the way. He also says he didn't even know that Shi On was also there that night. He even flat out acts confused when she says that the case file has been tampered with and I am just so glad that Shi On isn't taking him for his word and believing him. Nope, this girl is a smart cookie and she acts like she trusts him, but in fact is pretty unconvinced.

Of course none of this goes down too well with Gun Woo who, through the powers of his sleuthing abilities, turns up in time to hear their conversation. As he and Shi On sit together on a bench later that night he tells her that Moon-shik is the most honest cop he knows and that he has been like a father to Gun Woo, getting angry at Shi On when she is unable to accept Moon-shik's innocence without suspicion.  This is going to be pretty awkward and very heartbreaking for Gun Woo because Moon-shik seems to be even more involved then I had originally thought, with the watch-dropping assassin guy who tried to bury Shi On apparently working for him! I thought Moon-shik would at least not be fully responsible for the attempts on Shi On's life and maybe involved against his will, which could of course still be the case though now that is a looking a little less likely.
Interesting...... and also totally uncool and evil!

The pop-star Intern whose name is Sung-chan, has meanwhile been having some girl issues with the Shaman and when he is rejected he invites Gun Woo out for a drink on the weekend, having a bitch about older cold women, a topic on which Gun Woo also has plenty to say. This scene is pretty amusing and ends with the Sung-chan telling Gun Woo he must like Shi On a lot, to which Gun Woo loudly protests though when the intern isn't looking he lets his mask drop to reveal that he is taking this very seriously. It seems that hearing Sung-chan voice Gun Woo's own heart is what finally makes Gun Woo accept what he has obviously been feeling for quite a while now, and it is clear from his expression that he is going to start doing something about it.

On the weekend Shi On finds herself back at Hyung-joon’s empty house again, unsure exactly why she has gone there. This time she doesn't go inside and just sits at the front gate for a long time and unbeknownst to her, Hyung-joon stands just inside the garden watching her. I cannot imagine how awful this must be for him. He loves her but the cold hard truth is that it is over for them, he is dead and there is no coming back from that. He needs to be there to help her and he wants her to remember him so that she can protect herself properly and understand why people are trying to kill her, but in a way maybe he would think it is better for her never to remember him at all. Because as soon as she does, she will just be in the awful position of being in love with someone who is not even there anymore, thrown into a state of intense grieving with nothing either of them can do about it. It actually reminds me a lot of  Boong-do’s awful choice in the drama ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man’ and how he couldn't bear the thought that his love would spend her lifetime grieving for him.   
So of course Hyung-joon wants Shi On to remember him but it is maybe a selfish gesture in a way, because I am not sure she is exactly going to feel happier once she does know. Though I am a big advocator of the truth so still think she does need to know no matter the consequences. And it seems the truth is coming out anyway as we begin to see flashbacks of the two of them in happier times, kissing and laughing, Shi On like a different person, acting so carefree and seeming so light and luminous.  

Right when Shi On is about to go back home Gun Woo turns up having decided to figure out for himself what is going on with this dead police officer Hyung-joon now that he also knows Moon-shik lied about it. He apologises for getting angry at her the night before when he lashed out about his Sunbae being innocent,  but Shi On brushes his words aside saying she understands and he shouldn't worry. When she leaves his car to go home Gun Woo is clearly ready to try just about anything in order to spend the day with her and they end up at the cinema.

It’s quite nice because when these two are together Shi on seems so much happier, acting like she is having fun and enjoying his company, reminding me of the way she acts around Hyung-joon in the flashbacks of their romance. Gun Woo and her tease each other and play-fight, with Shi On seeming to be pretty aware that Gun Woo is into her in a flirty way, but still finding it extremely amusing to tease him. Hyung-joon watches as the new couple head into the movie with a sad look on his face, and Gun Woo spends the whole film fidgeting as he tries to put his arm around his date. Huh, he is really trying to make a move but is so awkward and useless.

When they get home Shi On heads straight inside with a quick farewell, but Gun Woo is having trouble letting go of their date time and whilst he drives away he finds her cellphone on the seat, the perfect excuse to return. He grins like a little boy.
To draw out this second encounter Gun Woo takes as long as he possibly can giving the phone back, clearly struggling in his own head about what he really wants to do in this situation and how far he is willing to go to express his feelings. They play-fight like flirty teenagers at highschool which is actually pretty sweet. Finally though Shi On gets all up in his face asking Gun Woo if she gives him payment in the form of a kiss will he hand back her phone?  She looks so relaxed while she does this, grinning widely and clearly adoring to tease him which I cant blame her for because his flustered reactions and blushing is hilarious to see.
But it’s like she planted a seed in his mind with her words of kissing because as soon as Gun Woo relinquishes the phone to her and she turns away laughing at her victory, he just grabs her and leans straight in to kiss her, both his hands on her face.  

Shocked, Shi On pushes him away to break contact but Gun Woo’s hands remain on either side of her face and in her hair,  and he stands staring down at her with a very sweet and unsure look of nervous questioning on his face. Like he is waiting with baited breath to see if she is going to slap him or maybe let him do it again. Well, she doesn't slap him away and instead just stares up at him looking a little taken aback, and taking that as permission Gun Woo leans in slowly to kiss her again, much more gently this time with his hands moving into her hair. Shi On’s eyes are closed during this kiss (but not the final freezeframe for some reason) and she seems to be into it, kissing Gun Woo back.
And Hyung-joon stands alone nearby, unable to continue watching them but also unable to leave either, tears in his eyes.

I like this kiss a whole heap (and may or may not have rewinded it at least three times to re-watch) and I don't think Shi On is the kind of woman who would let someone continue to kiss her if she didn't want them to as she is pretty damn assertive, which is what makes me think (and hope) that she was into it too. I still think this has come as a big shock to her, and she may not be totally sure of her feelings as a result, even though I am pretty sure she was already aware of Gun Woo crushing on her by noticing his ridiculous awkwardness whenever she teases him. But I also doubt she ever thought their silly flirting would actually eventuate in him making a bold move like this one!

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