5 August 2013




Okay, so in the interest of being consistent with my reviews I thought I would write a few words about the last episode of Monstar. ... basically just so I can say I did finish watching it.
For the sake of full disclosure, I will admit I actually skipped episodes 10 and 11 and just went straight for the finale, as unfortunately this drama just wasn’t exciting me all that much lately. Even so I still really wanted to finish it.

All I can say is I wished I loved and enjoyed this drama as much as everyone else seems to have, but it just really didn't work for me. The characters frustrated me (with the exception of a few of course) and the story crawled along almost as slowly as those two snaily slugs that kept appearing as a deep metaphor for locking lips.
And yes I do sound a bit grouchy I suppose....so probably don't read this if you were a massive fan of the show as I cannot guarantee everything I say will be very nice. 


Firstly... Seon-woo is such a freaking sore loser! The way he kept trying to get between Se-yi and Seol Chan (and I do mean literally get between them) even after Se-yi had admitted who she liked was damn petty ….. and also kind of humiliating.
For him.

 If someone isn't into you, yeah it hurts like hell but there is no point whatsoever in drawing out the pain by acting like you are still fighting for her, especially if she has told you that she doesn’t want you to.  But maybe Seon-woo had been watching too much ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and thought that if he was a petty and consistent tool who didn’t take no for an answer he could still actually win the girl.  Unfortunately for him though Seol Chan already had that angle covered, having acted like a petty and consistent tool since much earlier in the drama and so thus already having secured Se-yi’s love for himself.
Aww, young romance.

My other issue would be Nana. She is just as bad as Seon-woo in that it was pretty obvious that the guy she likes is totally not into her but damned if she thinks that is a good enough reason to stop chasing after him 24/7 or trying to make him feel guilty for not liking her back! Pffft!

Anyway.... on a much nicer note, I actually quite liked the simplicity of the ending and thought it rather fitting and appropriate.  Sure, I can see why fans might have hoped for a flash forward to see the groups future, or a little more closure in regards to each couples relationship,  but I do think that ending made it pretty obvious that Seol Chan and Se-yi stay together and continue to work on forging a relationship together.  They care a lot for each other and have shared their secrets and personal fears, so I definitely feel like they will work on staying together.
Also, even though I found Seon-woo and Nana to be big douches, I did like that after Seon-woo shut Nana down via song, she still sent him the jacket she made for him and as he tries it on he smiles and remarks that he didn't think it would fit.
This to me is without a doubt a metaphor for Nana herself. He didn’t think she was right for him but maybe he is starting to second guess it now, so I do get the impression that he will slowly start reciprocating her feelings.
Or maybe he is just looking for a rebound romance to make him feel better. I dunno. 

A bit of a rant it is true, but there were also things I did like about this series which I should mention too; moments of quiet sweetness between Seol Chan and Se-yi (her teaching him guitar was a standout for me as was his bedroom serenade), moments where Se-yi came across as an awesome strong heroine (her hilarious 'just kidding' jokes were pretty amusing) and the other scenes that I have already mentioned before in my other reviews (and yes I am referring to the 'almost' kiss which I totally loved). And of course there was the ridiculously pretty face of the actor who plays Seon-woo. I may have hated his character but his face sure was pretty!


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