31 July 2013

WHO ARE YOU: Episode 1 & 2

KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: First Impressions

Because I have been quite excited about all the upcoming dramas on their way over the next few weeks, I wanted to write a quick update on the first of the crop, the Ghost-seeing drama 'Who are you' which aired this week. 

I am going to be honest here and say that my very first thought, taking place about two minutes into the drama running time, was   'Who the fuck gave Kim Jae-wook that clearly faulty and screechy walky-talky when he is obviously being sent on an incredibly dangerous undercover mission? They deserve to be fired!'.

And then my next thought was ...this is actually filmed really well.... and it has great music...also, I really like the heroine so far, she is kind of strong and steely, but still quite vulnerable and lovely at the same time.

And then the below scene came along and I was about ready to profess my undying love for this drama from the rooftops:

As she speaks, Shi On keeps glancing behind her at the intern sitting and listening. He is a young man, handsome, but he keeps clicking the lid of his pen, open and shut, open and shut, and it is distracting her from the conversation with the doctor.
Doctor: 'What do you see?'
Shi On: 'People. They are human but I am sure they are not...human.'
Doctor: 'What do you mean by that?'
Shi On: 'Well...they have the appearance of people but....they don't say anything... and don't have focus in their eyes, and don't have any expressions on their faces.  And also....I think only I can see them...'

With those words, the intern behind her begins to laugh loudly and derisively which pisses Shi On off. She stands to confront him but he begins to click the pen lid over and over again until its too fast, until its clear there is something wrong.
She starts backing away as he walks past her and now she can see there is something dripping down the side of his head, blood.
The intern slowly backs up to the open window, still smiling at her, always smiling, and then he just flips out of the building into the sky as she screams....  Shi On is shaking but she forces herself to look down to see his body on the hard pavement all those stories below, but there is nothing there, just people walking around far below like nothing ever happened.
Only a pen still rolling precariously on the window ledge ....hanging there for one last moment before it too falls and disappears.
 End scene:

Thia scene was soooo well done and so perfectly creepy that I wanted to hug this drama and tell it I loved it! And things only got better when they established the bickering vibe and brighter office scenes between Shi-on and her new cop underling, Taecyeon's character, Gun Woo.

Now I know the following scene actually takes place later in the second episode, but I think it is the perfect scene with which to introduce the character of Gun Woo as it just sums up his personality so perfectly.

Now, Gun Woo is totally unimpressed by Shi On, he is pissed off that she has been assigned above him in the Lost & Found Department where they work considering he has actually been in the forces longer, and he is doubly pissed off that he has to deal with the rumored crazy coma lady, whom he suspects is totally not  recovered from her ordeal.
 He is sort of the loud masculine brash type of male lead, boyish and definitely not the mature type but still somewhat charming in his loud posturing and over the top reactions, and in my opinion, very likeable.
 He may not be excited to have crazy coma lady as his new boss and he may also be pretty vocal about that fact, but his words and his bad attitude towards Shi On is more baseless blustering than anything truly malicious.
This is shown very clearly in the scene where one of Shi On's new colleagues starts to make fun of her lack of memory during a work lunch with the whole team. Shi On just takes it quietly, but Gun Woo isn't having any of it, highlighting the fact that although he is not sure he actually likes Shi On himself,  he is still always going to stand up for her if that is the right thing to do, a character trait that I really like.  And although I kind of expected he would try and hit the guy or something, Gun Woo actually uses brains over brawn, calling across the table to their boss that the nasty bully guy has just said he will he be paying for the large groups lunch.  He smiles his over-the-top manic grin before proceeding to order everything on the entire menu in a very impressive quickfire accuracy, before declaring that the nasty bully guy should just chew his food instead of chewing other people.

Another moment that made me quite like Gun Woo's character was in the first episode when Shi On goes into the bathroom of the restaurant where she has been sharing drinks with her new underling (as she asserts her authority quietly and firmly cos she is awesome). The lights begin to flicker and she hears sobbing in one of the stalls. When she finally plucks up the courage to look though the stall is empty, but as soon as Shi On turns to leave a girl in a school uniform appears, grabbing her arms which begin to soak in blood....

Shi On screams and Gun Woo comes tearing in ready to save the day, he pulls out his gun and begins to check out the room.
I like this scene because it again highlights exactly what type of guy Gun Woo is. For example I really liked the fact that even though he already thinks Shi On is annoying and crazy, when she is in trouble he still takes her seriously and believes her words when she tells him there was someone else in the room, something I can imagine a lot of the other cops just wouldn't do. As in, he gives her the benefit of the doubt and does not judge her straight away.
Of course though he may not be so quick to take her seriously next time considering there was actually nothing there..... so that's a bummer for Shi On.

 With the introduction of the second ghost (school girl ghost) things do sadly begin to go a little downhill. Not enough to make me want to give up entirely or anything that bad, but enough for me to realise this show is not going to be absolutely perfect,  there are going to be weird plotholes that make no sense and silly coincidental storylines (such as Shi On just happening to have the evil uncle as her doctor out of all the millions of doctors she could have been seeing) and these small issues will definitely pull the drama back from absolute perfection to just plain heaps-of- fun- don't- think- too- hard fare.
And you know what? That is all fine for me.

Sure I would love it to be perfect, but honestly if I can find a fun drama with an interesting premise peppered with likeable characters and some truly creepy atmospheric moments... well whats not to like about that?


  1. Totally agree with you :). I wasn't really sold on keeping up with this until the second episode, to be honest, where it got a chance to establish the characters more. I like the fact that our heroine is capable of vengeance and anger, so unexpected!

  2. Yeah that is such a good way to put it! I also thought her reaction was quite unexpected. Especially when she says that she would do the attempted shooting exactly the same way if she had to do it over!
    I am guessing she is going to be pretty pissed when she finally remembers that someone murdered her boyfriend and I reckon she will be out for some extreme sleuthing followed by some extreme revenge!

    1. Yeah, that's probably gonna be the biggest case they have to solve, plus the fact she doesn't have any memories of him will make for some great internal conflicts. Many interesting possibilities, I just hope the show follows through!