8 July 2013




Once again, I haven't sourced any of the below info myself and have in fact learned about all these upcoming dramas through reading other blogs.....namely the ones in my Blogs Roll at the bottom of this page.
Check them out for more information!

Now I love a good horror comedy or horror romance, a theme in Korean Dramas which I still find to be relatively fresh (I am not sure if it really is fresh or if I just haven't seen this genre much beyond the movie Chilling Romance so the idea is still fresh for me?) and so the below dramas are two upcoming projects that I find myself quite interested in checking out.

In these two dramas, both set to air relatively soon, we have a multitude of similarities in regards to their plot and also their characters to some extent, and therefore I am guessing they will be heavily compared against each other by every internet drama reviewer that ever lived ever.  However, I am not sure if these dramas similarities are necessarily a bad thing, as I am pretty confident both productions will come out with a different end product despite their shared themes and besides, each seem to have a few different drawcards going for them.

Anyway, I thought I might jump on this bandwagon before it even begins and post my thoughts on this Ghost Drama topic too!

Master's Sun:

I am not really familiar with either of the two main leads in this drama, So Ji-sub or Gong Hyo Jin (other than seeing So Ji-sub in photo shoots all over the internet all the time), and I am also not particularly biased towards Hong Sisters dramas in general, feeling like my enjoyment could really swing either way.

As I mentioned above I do rather like the ghost theme though and the idea of a romantic comedy with a bit of scary thrown in for good measure is rather appealing.
This plot revolves around a woman who suffers an accident, resulting in her ability to see ghosts, all of whom appear before her still in the state they died in (making me think of creepy blood and gore and sadness).

These ghosts ask her to help them with their unfinished business, refusing to leave her alone until she agrees. But this results in many sleepless nights for our heroine who works during the day as a personal assistant (or secretary maybe?) to our male lead, a nasty and cold shopping mall manager who doesn't have time for her crazyness.

It turns out though (and this is my favourite part), that the only way she can make the ghosts disappear and therefore get a proper nights rest is when she is touching her boss!
Which.....sounds totally awesome!

I feel a bout of squealyness coming on!  This sounds like it will lead to heaps of fun skin-ship, physical comedy and misunderstandings, not too mention romance!

Who Are You?:

Now this drama on the other hand sounds like it will be a bit lighter on the comedy and maybe also have some rather serious and more melodramatic overtones. I am not really sure how I feel about melodrama in general although I suppose it is okay the long as I get promised a happy ending.....

I am not getting an overly dark and depressing vibe from this drama though despite the horror / melodrama tagline, and feel it will revolve more around the main character learning to let go of her first love and live again, probably the sadness being more of a hopeful and new beginning kind of bitter sweetness than just being downright upsetting.

This one stars Taecyeon (he of the lovely 'Dream High' fantasticness) and also So Yi Hyun (only known to me as the most interesting element of the truly horrible and depressing 'Alice in Cheongdam-dong') and lastly Kim Jae Wook who will be playing the second male lead and Yi Hyun's first love. And he is also dead....

Which is where the ghosts come in.  In a similar vein to the above 'Master's Sun' our leading lady here also suffers an accident, except in this drama it sounds decidedly more deadly, leaving her in a coma for six years and killing her boyfriend. Sadness....

When she wakes up she realises she can see dead people and so along with her new (hugely skeptic) partner in the Police, Taecyeon, she begins to investigate ......lost property cases.... Huh?

I am hoping they mean like Cold Murder Cases based on remaining lost evidence or something along those lines, because actual Lost Property Cases sounds a little silly. Anyway, sparks fly and romance is in the air, although I can imagine the new couple's prgress will be hampered somewhat by the apearence of our heroine's dead love.
I expect tears .....


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