30 July 2013




 Aaaaand I am back with some more pretty pictures to share!!  This series of posts have been enormously fun for me so I hope everyone else is enjoying them too.

Thanks for reading!  :)

(Please note that these photos have mainly been sourced from Couch Kimchi and also Dramabeans. There may be a few other random ones picked up from different blogs out there too, but I mean no offense by re-blogging and definitely do not claim ownership of any of the following pics.)


The lovely Park Shin-hye looking beautiful as always. I really do love her as an actress and her projects generally also really appeal to me, even though they tend to stay on the light romantic comedy side.

Check out the 'READ MORE' tag to see more lovely photos....

I am not totally crazy about  Lee Jong-suk although I definitely enjoy him in dramas and am always interested in what he picks next. He just always seems to be lumped in the same category as Kim Woobin these days since 'School 2013' came out and unfortunately for him, in that category I must admit it will always be Kim Woobin who is the clear winner....I do like this photo though.

Here is a lovely photo of Kim So-hyun, an up and coming actress who has acted in a hell of a lot of dramas considering her young age. I absolutely adored her in the sweetly charming mini drama 'Ma Boy' and can't wait to see what career choices she makes next.

And here is a great photo of Lee Jun-ki who is one of my absolute favourite actors ever. Sometimes I find it can be incredibly difficult to find good photos of him as quite a lot are from before he went away to Army when he was looking a lot younger, and also a lot more 'early 2000's styled', which in my opinion was a time period that had some truly horrific hair and clothes...ugh.  (Feathery haircuts and waaaay too much hair gel...yuck. and also dangly earrings!)
He looks pretty damn suave here though!

Jung So-min looks lovely here and she is an actress that I really do quite enjoy, but unfortunately she hasn't been in enough dramas that I find interesting enough to watch. I recently had a go at  'Can We Get Married' which was okay but a bit too shouty and whiny for me.  Maybe I will try and pick it up again in the future but I am not sure.

Here is another Im Ju Hwan photo for lucky last.
I cannot wait for him to star in another normal drama (not a daily) and preferably a Saguek would be awesome!

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