18 July 2013




Check out the below for some more beautiful photos of beautiful people.

I know I have doubled up on some of the celebrities that already appeared in my last Lovely Photos Post, but I didn't want to be exclusive and not post a photo that I love just because I have showed that actor or actress before, as really this series is just for fun anyway.

I hope you enjoy them!

(Please note that these photos have mainly been sourced from Couch Kimchi and also Dramabeans. There may be a few other random ones picked up from different blogs out there too, but I mean no offense by re-blogging and definitely do not claim ownership of any of the following pics.)


Choi Jin-hyuk again. I am really liking him at the moment and am looking forward to his next drama. This photo is particularly nice because he doesn't look completely insane and fashion crazy like he does in quite a few of his other pictures....ugh.

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Yoon Eun-hye has never exactly been one of my favourite actresses, though I am not really sure why she doesn't appeal to me considering that she is so widely loved by most other drama watchers.....but either way I just cannot deny how gorgeous she looks in this photo! Just stunning.

And here is a recent shot of her co-star from 'Goong' Joo Ji-hoon. I have never seen him in any other dramas and he is not really a favourite of mine either, but again I do like this photograph.

Shina Mina looking effortlessly sexy. She is so natural looking and beautiful here. I find I generally like all her photo shoots, as I think she has very natural poses and always comes across as very relaxed and likeable, whether she is all glammed up or otherwise.

My favourite photo of Jung Il-woo. He is another actor who really knows how to look natural whilst modelling. Some celebrities can come across a bit posed, but never Jung Il-woo...he totally knows what he is doing.

Sung Joon. I can't decide if he looks a little feminine or not here, which is weird because he also comes across looking a bit fierce as well.  He is actually rather good at looking fierce in his photos come to think of it, a look that quite suits him. Half pretty / half fierce.....well, whatever works I guess.

Park Min-young looking pretty damn classy! I do like her and have really enjoyed quite a few of her dramas, but she has never incited much beyond a lukewarm 'she's pretty and nice' kind of reaction in me. I am not sure why exactly because I feel that I should like her a lot more then I do....

And lastly, Im Ju Hwan rolling around in a meadow....
He starred in 'Tamra the Island' and also 'What's Up' and is currently starring in a daily drama which I haven't checked out yet.    (and also...Team Park Kyu forever!)

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