14 July 2013



 I have always enjoyed spending time poring over celebrity photoshoots, Hollywood stars or Korean ones, it really doesn't matter to me, though I am definitely partial to shoots that come across a little less fashion orientated and instead keep their emphasis firmly on the human subject of the shoot.  Clothes are interesting too I guess, but I prefer them to enhance the atmosphere of a beautiful photograph rather then be the main focus of a picture.

I just love the diversity of the human face and find it a fascinating thing to visually study, which is why I probably find myself more drawn to close up images of actors and actresses where you can clearly see the subject, rather then the kind where they are lost in their background.
In saying that though I also much prefer photographs that are in themselves beautiful to look at (almost like lovely art in a way) rather then just a plain portrait of a person which can somtimes be a bit boring.

There are so many absolutely beautiful photos of Korean Actresses and Actors floating around out there on the net, and it has been rather fun for me to collect a few of my favorite pictures over time.  I have decided to re-blog these photos just because it is fun and also for the visual eye candy.

(Please note that these photos have mainly been sourced from Couch Kimchi and also Dramabeans. There may be a few other random ones picked up from different blogs out there too, but I mean no offense by re-blogging and definitely do not claim ownership of any of the following pics.)


The hilarious but also incredibly gorgeous Kim Seul-gi, best known for her role as the webtoon editor in 'Flower Boys Next Door'.

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The always interesting Lee Min-ki wearing incredibly flowery pants....not a look I would usually go for. 
I really enjoy him as an actor as he is very versatile and can appear goofy and adorkable just as easily as cold and truly scary.

Yoo Inna looking quite the bombshell! She has such a cute and likable persona as an actress meaning I sometimes forget that she is actually quite sexy.

So Ji-sub. I really like the way this photograph has been taken with the reflection over his face. I am not sure if I am a fan of him as an actor yet though, as I have never seen any of his projects before, but I am definitely looking forward to checking out his new drama, 'Master's Sun'.

The rather beautiful Kim Yoo-jung known for her role as the child version of the female lead in 'Sun that Embraces the Moon'. I can't wait for her to become a leading actress and star in her own drama.

One of my favourite actors, Kang Dong-won.  Some of his photoshoots are just so terrible (flowery pants, weird singlets and rollerskates for example) that I am quite pleased when I find normal pictures of him.  I think it is because he used to be a model and therefore is involved in a lot of horrific 'High Fashion' magazine shoots. I truly do not understand the concept behind High Fashion and never will. If you can't wear it down the street for fear that you will incite a riot, then don't wear it at all......

And lastly, here is Choi Jin-hyuk wearing some normal clothes and being rather normal, which is a little unusual for Korean fashion shoots. But he looks rather good doing it so I am sure no one is complaining!  After 'Gu Family Book' and the massive success and exposure he has received because of his role there, I am expecting his career to go from strength to strength in the future, beginning with his supporting role in the upcoming drama, 'Heirs'.

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