24 July 2013




 It amuses me to no end the truly mental stuff you find on the internet when you are searching for Korean Drama pics and I really appreciate the level fans will go to for their favorite actors/dramas etc.
I have collected a few of the best and also the just plain weird that I have come across lately, and some are actually pretty brilliant!

Please note I have added website sources for the pics where I can, as I definitely don't want to be stealing anything and again, I obviously own nothing.
Also, I am not trying to diss the creators of some of the more amusing art, in fact I really love it, no matter how truly crazy it may be. (And it is pretty crazy...)

Sigh...I love the internet!

Number 1:
First of all a fantastic bit of fan-art to start us off:
Who remembers this scene at the beginning of Monstar?
Cute and hilarious!

Click below for some weird and wonderful pics!

Number 2:
Now the below photo is a personal favorite and also possibly one of the funniest things I have ever seen!
I think it is both absolutely insane and hilarious.
But you know...why not? Rain might actually make a pretty good Legolas!
Heh heh...Rainolas!

Number 3:
 Below is a pretty fantastic fan interpretation for a drama poster for 'Flower Boy Next Door'.
I particularly love it because Park Shin-hye is riding a magic broom!!?


Number 4:
This one is a little more serious. Here is a very impressive drawing of Lee Jun Ki whilst in character during Arang and the Magistrate. Gorgeous!   I wish I could draw like that.

Number 5:
This is a pretty interesting re-interpretation of the recent American movie 'Warm Bodies' about a romantic Zombie.  I actually really enjoyed that movie but must say it would have been much more exciting if it had starred Lee Min Ho, something this particular fan has obviously thought quite a lot about.

Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out where I got this photo from...sorry!! Eeek!!

Number 6:
And lastly, another weird one.....I am not sure where I got this from either unfortunately, but I am pretty sure it features Moon Chae-won walking Moon Geun-young......which is pretty damn strange.
Also it looks like they are in character for their drama 'Painter of the wind'?
Yep, that's pretty weird.


  1. RAINOLAS. OMG. LMAO. Rain definitely has magical powers in my book :D

  2. I know right? They should totally just remake all those movies with Rainolas instead... I would totally go and see that!