7 July 2013




Well unfortunately real life has managed to get in the way of my drama watching this past week, and that means that although I am oh so close to posting up some nice long reviews, I am still one freaking episode away from actually finishing any series.....bummer.

So in the meantime I thought I would keep things moving on the blog by posting another random thing list, and this time my random things are a little more personal and a whole lot more 'Boys Over flowers' related.  I hope you enjoy them!

Random Thing Number One: 

 For my birthday my husband gave me a specially made Lee Min Ho mug which was obviously pretty exciting, (although it does earn me plenty of odd looks at the office from my extremely non Korean cultured workmates).
But the most interesting fact about this mug is that when my husband chose the picture he chose this:


 Now as you can probably see the above picture is possibly the most embarrassing photo of Lee Min Ho that has ever been taken and it is this picture that my husband specially chose to present to me emblazoned on a mug for my birthday.
Now I am not sure if this was intentionally done (a silly looking Lee Min Ho is certainly not a very jealousy inducing Lee Min Ho) or if it really was just a sweet innocent gesture.
Or maybe he just thought it was freaking hilarious.

Random Thing Number Two:

On the topic of weird Korean Drama gifts, I have only ever received two of these and both were from my husband, one being the aforementioned mug, and the other being a t-shirt with a (freaking enormous) fan drawn face of Kim Hyun-joong staring out from the entire front. 

Now, Mr Pops is no Kdrama fan but he was present enough during my first watching of 'Boys Over Flowers' to notice three things.....the awful paradise song, that there was lots of shouty Koreans on our TV suddenly and also that apparently Ji Hoo (or Sunbae as he will forever be known to my husband) was interminably cooler than Jun Pyo. 

Except that I hated Ji Hoo in that drama with a passion.   
A fact that didn't stop my husband from gifting me with a shirt covered by his massive face.


Now I am not trying to diss the fan that drew the above masterpiece because I sure as hell couldn't have done it, but it is still the craziest t-shirt I ever saw and I am way too embarrassed to ever try wearing it out of the house. 
But inside the house, well that's a different story.


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