27 June 2013




Please find below a list of three random odd things related to Korean dramas.

Random Thing Number One:

A very random thing I have noticed about myself from watching many Saguek dramas is just how much of a weird difference it can make towards my viewing pleasure if the main male characters actually have long enough hair to pull up under the back of their headband thing and black Gat (nobleman style hat).   

Now I know this is really odd thing to notice, but it totally drives me crazy when you have a male lead with shorter modern style hair poking out of the back of his head, instead of him being able to pull it all up properly into his topknot like a real Joseon man. So frustrating!
Of course this is working under the presumption that we are dealing with a nobleman male lead and not a warrior with a mane-of-glory type hairdo because those hairstyles I have absolutely no problem with at all (unless of course they are sported by one Sung Joon in which case they should be banned).   

GOOD!    But also Shin Mina looks kind of sad....  : ( 
  The nobleman topknot on the other hand must be realistic looking because although it is very odd thing for me to notice or even care about, it actually really pulls me out of a drama by constantly reminding me that I am watching actors in costumes.  

Some good (or bad) examples of the short hair poking out the back of the headband would be Eun Oh the Magistrate at the beginning of ‘Arang’ (Lee Jun Ki  grew his hair out though so thankfully it didn’t last the whole drama) and also Park Shi-hoo in Iljimae (the Lee Jun Ki version) among many many others.
An example of the good kind of hair would be Park Kyu in the drama ‘Tamra The Island’ as well as Tae Soo in ‘Gu Family Book’.

So there you go... I really have no idea why this tiny little detail makes such a big difference for me but I am always ultra pleased when I see that an actor has grown his hair out to suit his nobleman character. It just  looks better!

Random Thing Number Two:

My blog is still very new and not very established so it’s not like I get millions of views or anything, but still it is very interesting to note that out of the views I have received, my most popular post by far (really really far) is in fact my review of the drama ‘Faith’.   


Now I am not sure if this is because I actually really loved that drama and so my review is possibly one of the only positive or favourable ones floating around out there on the net? 

Or maybe it is just the much simpler and more likely reason of Lee Min Ho’s undeniable loveliness? 
Mmmmh…..I am thinking it's probably the power of Lee Min Ho.


Random Thing Number Three:

Whilst watching the first episode of ‘Monstar’ recently I saw an amazing multitude of Korean celebrities endorsing products in the Add breaks which was quite a fascinating experience. 
Maybe it’s just me but I quite enjoy watching Korean adds!   

 Seriously though, within the space of one episode I had seen not one or two, but six Korean celebrities, and that is only counting the ones I could actually recognise!

The list for your information is:  PSY, Suzy, Kim Woobin, Uee (I think that’s who it was? Wearing pink tights and talking about being skinny?), Jang Geun Suk and I believe the last one was Taecyeon.  

You just can’t get away with that in most Western countries because it is almost seen as a sellout for celebrities to endorse stuff in our pop culture (especially as a musician) and about the only acceptable ones are for watches (men) and makeup (women) because apparently endorsing those particular products is totally okay and not embarrassing at all ….or something.

 I have some more random things on the way, probably next week!


  1. Gosh yes, I was thinking the same thing about the topknot & the actor's actual hair length! Wonder if they put in extensions? That and some of the wigs the Joseon women are wearing -- how do you keep the thing from tipping from side to side when you're running away from the bad guys?? Must be perfect posture

    1. I am so glad someone else noticed the hair!! It still bothers me so much and I always prefer it when the guys grow their hair out longer. It looks soooo much better! And you are so right about the girls, their hair must be so heavy too!! :-)