5 June 2013





Mmmh, so I have struggled to decide what my next post should be as, due to some unfortunate delays regarding my internet connection at my new house (which just got connected today! I love you internet!), I have not managed to finish any new dramas in their entirety, and find myself halfway through or just beginning them all......meaning its a little difficult to do any proper reviews.

I thought maybe I would try another list in the meantime to keep me going as a good list is always heaps of fun to write.

There are so many drama characters I love so it was a little hard for me to sift through them all and try to choose only a bare few who touched my heart the most. There are also a lot of couples that I love but maybe I will leave that for a future post and just focus on the awesome individuals here!

In no particular order....

My most memorable female characters:

Being a girl myself,  I obviously get huge pleasure out of watching kick-arse strong female characters in my dramas, and the personality of a female lead can absolutely make or break a show for me, probably even more so than the characterisation of the male lead.  All of my favourite female characters are therefore very strong and tough in their own ways, sometimes in a physical sense but mostly not. Obviously it is heaps of fun to watch a female lead literally kicking arse in a fighting type role, but I also identify strongly with the type of women characters who are more averagely normal and thus more accessible.  

Basically what I am saying is that a female lead doesn’t need to necessarily be a skilled martial artist to keep me interested (although that is always welcome) however she does need to have some sort of basis in strength, whether it is emotional inner strength, self-confidence or independence, the long as it is there I am a very happy viewer.

Lee Se-ryung (Princess Man):

I loved this character. Se-ryung has a backbone of steel and is so kick-arse in regards to her morality, loyalty and strength, essentially being a modern woman far beyond her times. She knows exactly what is right or wrong, and is willing to stand up for her beliefs and her true love, even when this means abandoning everything that ever mattered to her; her family, her noble position and if necessary even her life.
I love the idea that a woman doesn't have to be physically strong to have true strength, Se-ryung may not be a warrior or ninja but this doesn't mean she can't save her lover from death multiple times or in fact change the course of her entire destiny.


Go Hye-mi (Dream High):

Not only was Hye-mi the first Korean drama heroine I ever came across but I realised later through my 2 years of drama watching that she is actually a bit of an anomaly of a female lead.  This is no downtrodden candy type, working hard and constantly taking everyone else’s shit, in fact Hye-mi was rude, opinionated and self-confident to a fault.
Her endearing journey towards understanding herself and the people around her was one of the main reasons I became so addicted to Dream High, and it was just so transfixing to watch Hye-mi slowly transform from an emotionless robot to a compassionate person with real friends, not to mention her slowly blossoming romance with the absolutely adorable Song Sam-dong.


Nam-soon (Duelist – Korean Movie):

Yes I know Nam-soon isn’t a drama character but she is still one of my absolute favourite female lead creations ever. Tough, aggressive and emotionally raw, Nam-soon is an intelligent woman who is highly skilled in martial arts and criminal investigations. Her personality was a revelation for me, her intensity and also her lack of care for her physical appearance and the opinions of others was refreshing, her one priority being to get the job done and to get it done right.
Her charged fights and fiery chemistry with her love-interest Sad Eyes is something to see and you can feel the intensity of their scenes together, the raw physical way she expresses her emotions around him; from furious grief and aggressiveness to shy curiosity, is beautiful to watch.
Nam-soon is a female character so utterly powerful, engaging and complete that she pretty much manages to steal the whole movie.  


Kim Da-hyun (1% of anything):

I may totally regret adding this one to my list considering I am not even halfway through this drama yet. An awesome character though she may be, Da-hyun still has plenty of time left to make a downward spiral before the end (something I find to be very common amongst female leads who begin a drama being strong) and I can only hope that she retains her present independence and unaffected nature.
This character is probably the most normal girl on the list, kind of ‘girl next door’ type but in a good non-boring kind of way.  For a romantic comedy female lead I find her absolutely charming, she is cheerful and kind without turning into a downtrodden candy type and basically is just a really nice woman who you would be happy to have as a friend in real life.  
 Da-hyun gets on this list simply because I find her light hearted personality and capable attitude refreshing in a dramaland filled with either too sweet unrealistic candy’s or too serious emotionally crippled train wrecks.
Yay for the nice girl!


Arang (Arang and the Magistrate):

I almost wasn’t going to add Arang to this list just only because her awesomeness did diminish somewhat towards the conclusion of her story, but for the first three-quarters of this wonderful drama Arang seriously owned it!  
As a fiery ghost with attitude, she spent her time searching for her own identity whilst displaying a fierce independence, tough pride and also an overwhelming thirst for the truth, even if that truth meant risking her life (or facing things worse than death) over and over.
Perhaps it was her love for the Magistrate and also the fear of her unstoppable oncoming death that finally wears her down towards the end of the drama (I can’t really blame her for either of those reasons…), but even though she is no longer quite as compelling as she started off, Arang is still a female lead that mattered and a character that I truly cherish.


Special mentions also go to Choi Hee-jin from ‘Queen In-hyuns Man’ for her courageousness in the face of losing her one true love, as well as Go Dok-mi from ‘Flower Boy Next Door for her huge emotional efforts in healing from her severe depression and agoraphobia (she may have had a little help….) .

And that’s it for today, though I will do up a male lead list when I have the time.


  1. Kim Nana from "City Hunter" was a nice composite of tough career woman / sweet pajama girl at home / martial arts artist / don't bully me because I like your son girlfriend. She had me rooting for her.

    1. Oh yeah, I really liked Kim Nana too!! You're very right that she was a rather nice mix of sweet and badass!!
      And actually this list is probably a little old now and could use some updating, if I ever get around to it!! :-)