30 May 2013



Ok, so none of this information is new at all and I definitely don’t claim to have sourced it myself because I have absolutely no idea how I would even do that. Everything I am writing about below is news I found out from reading the fantastical ‘Dramabeans’ and these are just my thoughts on the casting rumours and upcoming projects that they have already written about.
So now that little disclaimer is out of the way I shall begin:

Two Weeks:
I am ultra excited for this drama, an action starring Lee Jun Ki, in what will be a nice return to the type of terse thriller he so excelled at in 'Time Between Dog and Wolf'. The plot is basically the exact same as the currently airing 'Mandate of Heaven' though will be set in modern times, Lee Jun Ki playing a man who is falsely accused and on the run, racing against time to clear his name and save his sick daughter. He will be hunted by a professional killer as well as a hard nosed Prosecutor out to find the truth. Sounds tense and intriguing and I am hugely looking forward to Lee Jun Ki's return to dramaland after last years 'Arang and the Magistrate'.  He is one of my absolute favourite actors and is always so compelling in his roles. I also tend to find his project choices quite appealing so really I can't wait for this!

Verdict:  Sounds freaking awesome, bring it on!


Green Scalpel:
No. Just no.
That is all I can feel about a drama starring a grown man (Joo Won) who has the intellect of a ten year old child but who works in a hospital doing genius surgery because that’s a good idea to let a ten year old operate on you!  On top of not being a fan of medical dramas, this just sounds like an incredibly unappealing premise to me and one I will definitely avoid.  Joo Won is great but I don’t even like the man-child character type in dramaland let alone a freaking completely literal Man Child.   I mean, who exactly let this man work in their hospital?  If he has the intellect of ten year old then I don’t feel he would be able to take any of the life and death situations or the pressure he would have to face every day very seriously….
And the possibility of beautiful Moon Chae-won signing on to this one just makes me sadder.  I love her and so badly want her to  choose a drama next that I will actually watch....

Verdict: Nope. Just nope.

Sword and Flower Korean Drama:
The first rumour I heard about this Romeo and Juliet style historical Goryeo set drama was that the lead role of the princess (a woman who falls in love with the assassin who murders her father…juicy stuff!)  was possibly to be played by the always lovely Park Shin-hye.  
Obviously this was not to eventuate and she has since signed on to play the female lead in the drama ‘Heirs’ but oh my gosh the idea of her playing a character like that was so momentarily exciting for me, making me think of a ‘Princess man’ type concept with lots of romance, betrayal and intrigue.
But then instead of Park Shin-hye we got Um Tae-woong who is signed on as the male lead. And although I hate to be thoroughly shallow and say that the casting of this one actor that I don’t really like has turned me off a drama I was previously very excited for, it is unfortunately a true fact as I just can’t handle watching someone I am not into for hundreds of hours.
It is really just so sad though, and I am still spending time imagining how brilliant it would be if Park Shin-hye was really doing it and then someone say like Im Ju Hwan (who happens to look mighty nice in historical costumes…just saying) signed on as the male lead!  (You know, if he wasn’t already completely busy with his very own daily family drama, I mean....)

Verdict: Might give it a go due to the appealing storyline but am not as excited about it as I previously was. Sigh.
So whilst we are on the topic of Park Shin-hye, here is the drama she really has signed onto, in which she will be romancing the interminably lovely Lee Min-ho, as well as Kim Woobin.  All very very exciting casting for me, every single one of them appearing on my favourite actors list (no really, I actually do have a list) but unfortunately in the case of this drama, it is the premise this time that is slightly ruining it for me.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I will definitely be watching this one for the actors alone, but I am really unexcited by the idea of any of them heading back to a highschool set drama.  I mean, Kim Woobin has done it before (multiple times) so I would prefer to see something different from him, and whilst I guess Park Shin-hye might pull it off I would still really prefer that she didn’t try. And when you look at Lee Min-ho’s past two dramas, both playing pretty awesome grown up roles (and in my opinion really believably), it does seem a bit of a weird choice to now send him back to highschool for what is basically a reboot of ‘Boys Over Flowers’.
Also unfortunately for me I was not one of the legions of fans who adored the drama ‘Secret Garden’ so therefore the fact that ‘Heirs’ will also be scripted by that same writer is not a drawcard at all.  In fact it’s actually a bit of  worry because I really really want to love this one.

Verdict: Jury is still out on this one but with a cast this good I will be trying my bestest to love it.

Fire goddess:
Ok this has serious potential.  The idea of the lovely Moon Geun Young in a serious Saguek has me quite fascinated and I am quite looking forward to it.  Kim Bum is ok and pretty, but I have only seen him in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which isn’t really a great advertisement for acting skills, but I have read apparently he is really good.  And he will have to be to keep up with Moon Geun Young.  I usually prefer a Saguek with a bit more focus on romance to be honest and I understand this drama will be honing in more on the art and history of pottery, so I will try and approach this one with an open mind and see what happens.

Verdict:  I will definitely be watching but not sure yet whether I will get invested or not.

Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade – Inrang:
Now this is a casting rumour I can get behind.  The always compelling and fantastical Kang Dong-won is being courted to play the lead in a Korean live-action remake of the original Japanese anime movie Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade, and although nothing has been confirmed yet, I have all my fingers crossed and have been squealing with happiness for days.  I am not sure I have ever been this excited about an upcoming movie and if this casting doesn’t happen it is entirely possible I might actually have a breakdown and die (dramatic, eh? But seriously its Kang dong-won!).
I haven’t seen the original but the concept and plot sounds dark and engaging, a violent action and character film with a lot of depth from what I have read.  The main character is a traumatized member of an elite para-military police force in an alternate 1960, where Japan and Germany won the second world war followed by the subsequent German takeover of Asia as well.  After a suicide bombing happens right in front of him, the main lead ends up falling in love with the dead protesters sister, a member of a violent anti-totalitarian government group.
Ooooh, sounds ultra intriguing and is definitely the kind of meaty character role (with hopefully some bad-arse action thrown in too) that Kang Dong-won excels in.

Verdict:   Please let this rumour be true! Please let me be able to see this film! 

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