20 May 2013



Well I decided I should do another "list" post and the most obvious list to do would be to name my top dramas, though to be honest i fear those are pretty obvious from all the previous posts I have done.  So even though this may be a little redundant, lists are always heaps of fun so i will go ahead and give this a go anyway!

I don't know if anyone is actually reading all these crazy posts I am putting up but if so please feel free to leave some comments regarding your own favourite dramas or movies.  I'd love to hear from you as it is always so interesting how peoples opinions can differ so much on the same subject.

So, as anyone who has read any of the previous entries on this blog has figured out  i get a real kick out of romance. When it is done right that is. Therefore usually the dramas that really engage and pull me in are the ones with a really thoughtful romantic storyline at their centre. I mean it certainly helps when the other aspects of the plot are cohesive and well done too, but sometimes i admit that I find myself completely willing to overlook a plot hole or two the long as the lead couple have chemistry with thoughtful relationship development.
These kind if love stories have got to be the main reason I became so completely obsessive with Korean dramas in the first place, as it is an element that I usually find quite lacking in my own mainstream Western TV.
Not to say Western TV is bad however, because obviously that is not the case at all, though I do feel  they sometimes are not quite as competent at slowly developing believable romantic relationships, an area I am sure we can all agree that Kdramas excel in.
The relationships that Korean dramas create seem to really slow burn, not rushed or hurried in any way, showing the characters as they noticeably change and grow, taking us on a journey that seems natural  and not at all forced. When done right, these love stories can be so utterly romantic and believable that they becomes the living breathing core of the drama, rendering all other plot elements secondary to the overwhelming lovely-ness of the OTP. (I am definitely thinking of 'Queen In-hyun's Man' right now)

I am a huge romantic at heart and so in finding the existence of Korean dramas i found a country that produces shows on a regular basis that finally (finally) quenched my thirst for true romantic stories, stories that revolve around complex characters that feel deep emotional connections and who I can actually imagine continuing their relationships after the show has ended.

This is the reason that my deep love for Korean dramas is not just a passing (really weird) phase as so many of my friends originally thought, but in fact an obsession that will most probably last my lifetime (much to my husbands horror... hehe!).

Well all the above does sound unbelievably soppy but as i am writing these sentiments on a Kdrama blog I am hoping I won't get laughed at in the same way i would if I shared this opinion with my non drama loving friends, because i can only imagine that anyone bothering to read this through hopefully feels the exact same way!

And now i will actually get on with my list because that is reason why i started writing all this.

I am not sure why but it seems my favourite things all come in lots of six, so below i have written up about my six favourite dramas, in no particular order whatsoever:

One of my latest drama pleasures was the absolutely lovely ‘Flower Boy Next Door’.
This drama dealt with a pretty damn serious topic (a girl so severely bullied at highschool that she can no longer function properly in social situations and therefore hardly ever leaves her house) in a really thoughtful and respectful way, but somehow still managed to wrap the angst in enough cuteness and comedy to give this drama a really sweet light tone throughout.  I thought it was an incredibly clever way to approach a pretty sensitive issue, and it led to a really well put together story and an awesomely fun ride, populated with some wonderfully rich characters.
As most people have already said, this drama does indeed lose a little steam towards the end which is such a huge shame as until the last few episodes aired I really think it was edging as close to perfection as a drama can manage.   
Although the last few episodes did pull the fantastico average down, this is still a wonderful drama, with an unbelievably sweet love story at its centre covered over by loads of cute!!
Pretty bloody close to perfection!

‘Queen In-hyun’s Man’ for me was such a warm and emotionally stirring journey. It’s romance was real, deep and believable, the characters fresh and oh so likeable (outgoing sassy heroine not afraid to use the time-travelling hero’s lack of knowledge to her advantage ( cue kiss scene…. )and also a hero who is clever, capable and sweet, a perfect man right from the beginning).
For me at least, the storyline made sense in a way that made the couple’s inevitable separation incredibly heartbreaking, their pain and grief at losing eachother palpable and raw, making their final reunion so much sweeter.
Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful throughout from start to finish.

‘Tamra the Island’ will always be one of my favourites due to its lovely well timed soundtrack, the beautiful and sweeping Jeju Island scenery and also the charming memorable  characters that populate it’s story. The family moments in this drama are so touching and sweet, and Park Kyu’s blind devotion to Beo-jin will always be swoon worthy. 
What else can I say? I love it!

‘Arang and the Magistrate’ will always hold a special place in my heart even though I do admit it lost a little steam towards the end, mainly due to the most awesome kick-arse heroine ever falling back towards damsel in distress / noble sacrifice mode.  
 In saying that though, she was going through some serious shit so I can’t be too harsh on her and, let’s be honest here, if I had a man as fantastical as Eun Oh telling me he wanted to save and protect me, I might actually revert into damsel mode too.
Overall a complex story, sometimes creepy, quite often beautifully romantic and engaging, an exciting twist to an old Korean Folk tale and Myth.


This drama for me is so very special, being the first one I ever watched. It introduced me to the fantastico world of the wrist grab and the love triangle. It made me laugh and cry and feel. It gave me everything I could ever have hoped for from a drama and when it ended I actually thought I would die from the thought of not being able to watch it anymore. 
That is until my endless googling of the words ‘Dream High’ took me to Dramabeans and from that wonderful site I discovered there was endless more Korean dramas for me to watch and discover!
And thank freaking god for that!

Lovely costumes, fun magic and a hammy villain. Constant life and death situations as well as Time Travel, not to mention a certain silent, strong but emotionally damaged man. Who wears awesome armour and has Sageuk hair.
No seriously, there is a great love story at the centre of this drama and, despite everyone’s constant criticism, the plot is also pretty engaging, creating a really interesting world with a bunch of characters you can really care about.  

 That's all folks!



  1. POPS, try "Kimchi Family" -- lots of great food shots, a little slow at starting but the wrap is pretty decent. I love winter scenes in Korea -- the snow looks so lovely somehow. We are finally watching "Secret Garden" and its been pretty fun so far -- the hair styles are TERRIBLE -- though right now I think the writers have gotten caught in a loop & can't figure out how to end the thing. I have not read any spoilers; will do that after we finish it up tonight.

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the tip about Kimchi family!! How many episodes is that? I think it is a weekend drama? I have never tried one of those before actually! ! :-)
      What did you think of Secret Garden? I really enjoyed the start but ended up not loving the hero which was a bit if a downer!!

  2. If I remember correctly its 22 or 24, came out in 2011.

    Secret Garden -- It got a bit wishywashy at the end, like the writers couldnt think of anything else...don't get me wrong, I like happy endings but this was almost too contrived. Once Oskar's hair settled down I like the reparte between him & his cousin. I'd give a B-

    1. Hi Anna!! :-) to be honest I never even managed to finish Secret Garden and agree it started going a bit all over the place towards the end. I did watch a fair bit of it though and just felt like Hyun Bin's character never seemed to grow or learn much and the process of him turning into an actual human being took too long for me to sit through. Hehe. And Oskar!! I mustn't have seen the part where his hair settled down..... hehehe. :-)