30 May 2013



Well I finished watching Episode 14 last night and I rather started getting back into this drama which is a relief.  Things seem to be picking up a bit more now and I am starting to feel a little more invested in the Kang Chi / Yeo Wool romance though I still stand by the opinion that this drama shouldn’t have written two such likeable and strong female characters if one of them is only going to end up alone and sad.  3
And yes, Chung Jo I am looking at you.

Man was Chung Jo not a total bad-arse in this episode?  She is so strong in such a different way to Yeo Wool, much more contained and restrained but still strong nonetheless, having a spine of steel to back up her clever words and strong spirit.  I was almost fist pumping for her constant awesomeness in this episode and some of the things she said (like telling Mr Evil that she will kill him) made me want to high five someone (but there was no one around for me to high five sadly… )

Right from when she told off the 'mysterious' guest after the concert to the conversation she has with Kang Chi outside the Gisaeng house, she was just so so compelling, true leading lady material right there. 
My favourite part was after Kang Chi tells her that no matter where she lives or what she does she will always be Park Chung Jo to him, so don’t act like she is someone she is not.
And Chung Jo answers with:

Are you telling a gisaeng to live her life pretending she is not a gisaeng? Like a monster who pretends he’s not one, and lives amongst others as a human?  I wonder which one’s harder?  Accepting your fate and living with it or living in denial the rest of your life?’

And also, she has a point. Kang Chi is hurt by the fact that she was not supportive of the changes he was going through, but at the same time he is not being very supportive of her changes either. Him telling her to ‘not act like a Gisaeng’ is pretty dumb advice, considering she is a Gisaeng and on top of that Chung Jo also has a point about just accepting what you are and getting on with life. After all, what merit is there in denial?

For instance, I know the story is heading in the direction of making Kang Chi human, but why? I mean if he could learn to control his fierce beasty side then what exactly is the big deal about not being fully human? He has super strength so can protect the people he loves (except for Chung Jo apparently) and has healing blood which would come in pretty damn handy when living in medieval times. Also, I loved what Lee Soon Shin said to Kang Chi a few episodes ago about how being human is a decision.  You can be a Gumiho and still have more humanity then many humans.
Your actions decide who you are and there is always a choice.

This is probably also one of the first episodes where I started to fully feel the gravity of Kang Chi’s connection with Yeo Wool and why his new feelings are so easily cancelling out his old love for Chung Jo.  Because of this, I am starting to understand why they need to be together at the end of this story, the idea that she is the only one who trusts him fully and unconditionally which is the only reason he hasn’t descended into full Gumiho-ness, is both lovely and romantic so I am starting to care about them a little more. Which is nice considering they are the two leads.

Also, how completely criminally underused is Gon in this drama? I cannot for the life of me even understand why Sung Joon even decided to take this role, I mean not only is he totally not suited to mane-of-glory hair, but he is also hardly in the drama at all,  a total shame considering the whole ‘bodyguard loving his charge’ is quite a fun storyline.  Though of course that storyline will also end in total tragedy which my sensitive self just can’t handle.
So maybe it is just as well that Gon doesn’t get much screen time…..

I am actually starting to look forward to watching some more episodes……though I probably won’t be updating my thoughts on this drama for a few weeks due to my stupid net connection…

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