20 May 2013

GU FAMILY BOOK: Episode 12 Review Update


Ok, well technically this isn't exactly a review, it could perhaps be more accurately described as a big grumpy rant.  But seriously Gu Family Book, what are you trying to do to me?
Kill me obviously.

Holy shit. I know I am a little behind the times on this drama (now one episode behind to be exact as episode 13 aired last night) but I just finished watching up to episode 12 of Gu Family Book and I now feel absolutely sick. I need to do a big rant on this one or I might actually explode!

 I thought this was meant to be a fun  fantasy fusion Sageuk and I am just so so shocked that this drama went where it did regarding  the Chung Jo storyline and the uber completely disturbing Jo Gwan-woong.
I mean WFT drama? No one saves her and she got raped?
I am so utterly disturbed.

Seriously the whole of episode 12 was so emotionally draining for me that I now feel overwhelmingly exhausted just from the experience of sitting on my couch and watching it. It went so hardcore beyond my expectations, seriously pushing over the line, and I am just not sure at all how I feel about that. (Other than completely disturbed obviously…)

I just don’t understand what the plan is regarding the  character of Chung Jo and to be honest I was still expecting her to be saved even until the last minute before the awful scene in the evil Jo Gwan-woong’s bedroom.  Character wise are the writers planning to turn Chung Jo into some sort of vindictive horrible person now? Because unless they do I just don’t understand how Kang Chi can ever forgive himself for what just happened to her. Or Tae Soo either for that matter, seeing his sister the morning after she is forced to sleep with Jo Gwan-woong and actually acting like she had choice in the matter whatsoever, like he was disgusted with her!

In regards to Kang Chi, I mean I get that Chung Jo betrayed him when she found out his secret so he feels rejected and abandoned, but I also feel that the circumstance this time was different to that of his parents, as in Wol Ryung never once hurt Seo Hwa’s family, whilst Chung Jo did witness Kang Chi slice into Tae Soo’s chest.  
Again, totally not Kang Chi's fault, he was completely provoked into that action by Tae Soo, but still it is hard for Chung Jo to see anything like reason when she has just watched a member of her family being hurt in front of her eyes. I don’t agree that Chung Jo immediately condemns Kang Chi (especially later in the cave when it is clear that Kang Chi is hurting and still the same inside) but again, worry for your brother can make you blind.

Therefore I also don’t agree with the fact that Chung Jo is now classed as a betraying betrayer when I feel like she still might change her mind if Tae Soo and Kang Chi could explain the situation more clearly to her. And I also really hate that Kang Chi has not even wondered what happened to her after she fled into the woods.  If he really truly loved her (which I suppose he doesn’t which is sort of the point) he would be worried about the fact that she was left out in the woods alone when he knew there were soldiers and Gwan-woong’s men out there.  I understand he wasn't exactly in a situation to do anything about it until he got his bracelet back but you know, maybe the next day he could have wondered where and how she was.

The idea that after that horrible experience with the evil Gwan-woong that Chung Jo now has nowhere to go and must return to become a Gisaeng is kind of shit. I know Gisaeng’s maybe get more freedoms then noble woman of that time but they are still slaves forced to sell their bodies against their will and I don’t feel like that is an awesome option for Chung Jo.  Also why did her brother not look for her after finding out what Gwan-woong had done?  Why did Tae Soo return to the academy alone?
Answer: he feels disgust and not compassion.
So from all of the above you might believe I am shipping Kang Chi and Chung Jo which is totally not at all the case. I really love how capable and independent Yeo Wool is and love that a strong heroine like her is the lead love interest and not the usual beautiful damsel in distress such as Chung Jo.  

However if Chung Jo is going to now become a vindictive bitter second lead trying to mess things up and betraying the good guys (because if she doesn’t become evil how can the viewer feel anything but pity for her that Kang Chi will now fall in love with someone else) I just wish that the root of her change could have been a different reason other than the fact that she was abandoned and then raped by her parent’s murderer on top of seeing Kang Chi’s true side at the worst possible moment for her to make an informed decision on whether he is a monster or not.
These plot developments make me feel nothing but pity and sadness for her.

Ok whoah,  what a bloody huge rant.  I don’t know when I will get a chance to see the next episode (episode 13) but I really really hope that the show sorts this shit out! I am still sort of hoping it was a mislead and he didn’t really rape her and we will find out it was all a dream…….
Unlikely. L

Also….I wish the awesome Yeo Wool would get some more screen time but I guess she isn’t angsty enough.....


  1. A very good rant, indeed! I agree with it for the most part. Especially that Chung-jo did NOT betray Kang-chi. For the reasons you said. And I'll point out that even Yeo-wool had a moment of freakout when she ran from him because he was a monster. Only he didn't see it and she had time to think about it. (Also, he was killing enemies -- not a beloved brother.)

    I didn't read Tae-seo as being disgusted by his sister -- disgusted at what happened to her, but not at her herself. I'm hoping he returned to Kang-chi to get help. And I'm hoping he'll continue to care about her and help her. Really, there's a lot I'm hoping for. Not sure I'll get it. But I'll continue to hope.

  2. Well I must admit I haven't yet watched any further episodes after number 12, so I am definitely hoping that Tae Seo will prove me wrong, because I actually was really liking him up until that point. He is quite an intriguing character and if it turns out I read that expression of disgust on his face wrong I will be more than happy to change my mind!! :)

    I really really hope that he and Chung Jo can find some semblance of happiness before the end of this drama and they don't just end in complete tragedy... I don't think I could handle it!

    Also....thanks for making the very first comment on my blog!! :)