13 May 2013



As I compile this list I have just now realised that I  have not always seen the actresses I like in more than one project which is quite interesting and also a little sad. I mean, how can I be sure they truly are my favourites if I have only ever seen them play one character? What if the character they played is the part I liked rather than the actress herself? A true dilemma.

Normally when I really like an actress or actor I will then go and source their other dramas or movies, though it seems with a few of the below I either never got around to watching their other projects, or I just wasn't very interested in the plotline or character.

For instance, I couldn't watch Nice Guy even though it had Moon Chae-won starring in it (not to mention Song Joong-ki) because it was a melodrama, and melodramas are just not my cup of tea. I cannot deal with the horror of feeling awful and upset, so therefore I avoided it and thus have only ever seen Moon Chae-won in 'Princess Man'.

Oh well, I shall proceed in my list anyway, though perhaps it will change in the future as I see more dramas starring these actresses.

Also, please note this is in no particular order whatsoever (because that would just be way too hard).

But here are my top 6:
Moon Chae-won: 
As I said above, I have seen Moon Chae-won in only one drama to date, Princess Man, which I enjoyed immensely. I read on (the fantastical) Dramabeans that her Sageuk speak wasn't all that good in that drama to begin with (though apparently she improved later on), but as a non-Korean speaker this wasn't something I could notice at all so wasn't an issue.  I thought she was absolutely stunning in her Hanbok, as well as a pleasure to watch as an actress.
I heard a rumor that she actually stars as the female lead in a very (very very) early Lee Min-ho drama which I might find interesting to check out, though I cannot find much on the net about whether the drama itself was any good or not.

Shin Mina:
Now on the other hand I have seen a lot of Shin Mina movies and dramas and for some reason it wasn't until the second watching of 'Arang and the Magistrate' really recently that I actually came to count her as one of my favourite actresses. I have no idea why it took so long for her to grow on me, she is beautiful and charming, her roles are diverse and interesting and I think she is a good actress. Weird.
I asked a Korean friend recently whether she liked Shin Mina and she answered that Shin Mina is 'too beautiful' therefore my friend didn't like her at all.
Mmmh.... jealousy. Perhaps that was my issue too.

Park Shin-hye:
I have watched a few of Park Shin Hye's dramas so far and I particularly loved her performance as Go Dok-mi in 'Flower Boy Next Door'.  I was really impressed by her ability to bring that damaged character to life for the viewer, quiet and timid on the outside but with a tumult of emotion and raw hurt seething just underneath the surface.
I am really looking forward to her next project 'Heirs' starring alongside Lee Min-ho though I must admit I am a little turned off by the high school setting. They all just seem a little too old for that sort of thing.
Not that it will actually stop me watching mind you.
Seo Woo:
Oh Seo Woo, how I love you! Another actress who I have only seen in one drama (Tamra) but who made such an impression that she made my top list anyway.  Seo Woo, I think, is a really great actress, able to keep her character in Tamra likeable throughout, even when saddled with the ofttimes annoying burden of being a clumsy dim and slightly useless heroine. She showed such a range in that drama from comedy to down right heartbreaking, able to fully convey her characters emotions and thoughts without saying a word.
Unfortunately her other dramas and movies are not of particular interest to me. They all seem to be great career choices, really showing off her abilities as an actress but unfortunately for me revenge dramas of over 100 episodes and femme-fatale sexual awakening movie characters are just not my thing.
Maybe I should try and be a bit more open minded, but what can I do, I am just so fixed in my ways.

Well I just adore Suzy. She may even be the favourite of my favourites.
I know people say she isn't a good actress but there is just something so charming about her that makes me want to watch her, and I would probably even watch an uninteresting drama just for her (if she is the lead that is).
And to change the topic (because it is not an uninteresting drama) I have been watching 'The Gu Family Book' as it airs (until my internet died..sob) and am having so much fun with it. Her character is so awesome and kick-arse which is quite exciting for me to watch!

Moon Geun Young:
I am one of the very few who actually enjoyed 'Mary Stayed Out All Night' and it was that drama that first introduced me to Moon Geun Young.   I thought she was sweet and fresh, and was so excited about 'Alice in Cheongdam-dong' because of her (big mistake...couldn't even finish it).
Actually, it is very interesting that even just in those two rom-com dramas, she is so incredibly different playing each character, going to show that even when her drama choices are a bit off, she is still a fantastic actress.
I am quite looking forward to her next project which will be a Saguek. Please let it be awesome!


Well it is unfortunate that out of my 6 favorite actors, only three of them have so far completed their mandatory military service (Kang Dong-won, Im Ju Hwan and  Lee Jun Ki) which means I have some sad times ahead.
I really think when Lee Min-ho goes away for two years I may shed a little tear. Sob.

Interestingly enough I believe I have seen all my favourite actors in multiple dramas or movies, even those classed as newbies such as Kim Woobin. I wonder if they are all just in more dramas overall (that surely  can't be right?) or if they pick projects that interest me more (less revenge and melodrama?) or if the reason is a little less above board.... 

Lee Min-ho:
Lee Min-ho is so great! I even have his face on a coffee cup at work.
And other than 'Personal Taste' which for some reason didn't float my boat (lead actress I am totally looking at you!), I have thoroughly enjoyed all his dramas. I think he is a wonderful actor with so much charm and screen presence.

Im Ju Hwan:
I have seen Im Ju Hwan in two dramas, the fantastical 'Tamra the Island' and the slightly more average 'Whats Up'. I enjoyed him in 'Whats Up' but he didn't completely blow me away (though I wasn't mad about the drama itself), which makes me wonder if I am truly a Im Ju Hwan fan, or perhaps just a Park Kyu fan. I do think it is the former but I may need to watch another one of his dramas to be sure.
Unfortunately though, his next drama after returning from Army is a daily which is not very exciting for me. I was actually hoping it would be a saguek (possibly even Moon Geun Young's upcoming Saguek for instance) but alas it was not meant to be.

Kang Dong-won:
I first came across Kang Dong-won when I randomly picked up the movie 'Jeon Woochi' which I totally loved. This then led me to 'Duelist' which I loved even more and then on to 'Sworn Brothers' which I loved considerably less.
Either way, Kang Dong-won for me has become someone to watch. He has amazing presence in his films, chooses interesting projects and is never typecast, making following his film career quite a fascinating ride. I think I would count myself as a big fan now and I am definitely looking forward to his first post-army project, which is a Joseon set movie.

Kim Woobin:
I first saw Kim Woobin in 'White Christmas' and took enough notice to check out his other dramas (School 2013 & Vampire Idol). I think with Kim Woobin it is about the potential he has to be a good leading man (in my opinion anyway) and I am just waiting for him to hopefully get a lead role some time in the future. Whether or not he can carry a whole drama himself is left to be seen, but I will be cheering for him (and also for his amazing eyebrows of amazingness).

Lee Jun Ki:
I think I will have to class all of Lee Jun Ki's projects into Pre-Army and Post-Army categories. Post-Army being where he looks like a man and Pre-Army where he...doesn't.
That's a bit harsh really (forgive me Lee Jun Ki!) but I do think he can look a little feminine in his pre-army projects sometimes. In saying that though, my next drama will be his 'Time between Dog and Wolf' which I have heard very good things about, so perhaps it will change my opinion on Pre-Army Lee Jun Ki.
To be honest though, Pre-Army, Post-Army, either way it doesn't really matter because I get to watch Lee Jun Ki.
(Ok, a quick note: I have now started 'Time between Dog and Wolf' in which he is totally awesome so I take it all back!)

Kim Soo-hyun:
Well I have seen Kim Soo-hyun in Dream High (which I adored), Moon that Embraces the Sun (which I did not adore) and also the movie 'The Thieves' which was pretty great fun, so I have seen him in enough different projects to know he is a really good actor with a lot of onscreen charm to boot. He is not my absolute favourite out of all the above but he is still someone whose new projects I always keep an eye out for.

Also.... if anyone feels like it please write down your favourites actors and actress lists as well in the comments as I always love to hear peoples opinions whether they differ from mine or are the same!!


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