27 May 2013



Ok this drama totally sucked.  I couldn't even get through the first episode which for me is an absolute record of time in which to dismiss a drama.  Usually I hum and haw about a show for ages, forcing myself to watch episode after episode until it finally dawns on me that it is actually  slowly killing me. (Case in point: Warrier Baek Dong-soo). Even when I reach that point though, giving up on a drama is still usually really really hard....

Except in this case, where it was really really easy.  Seriously, if anyone happens to read this review and actually enjoyed this drama I would be very interested to hear from you. Perhaps it changes into something brilliant later on? Possible I suppose, but also highly unlikely....

I can see what the writer was trying to do here regarding the attempt at reversing the gender roles by having a woman as the Chaebol's Heir with the common guy working in a lowly position at her hotel.
 Unfortuntely, even with the gender roles reversed, its still not a terribly interesting concept for a drama to begin with and certainly not in the way it has been portrayed in this first episode.
 Here is the lowdown:

The male lead spends his time attempting to find his Chaebol father who has no idea he even exists, pouring all his energy into the search, in the vain hope that he will be welcomed with open arms and immediately given loads of money I guess.
The Chaebol Heiress spends her time being stingey, yelling at staff a lot and generally being an all round nasty bitch. She is basically the female version of the Male Lead Jerk type character.

The two leads clash when he is assigned room duty during her stay at the hotel she owns and, when she is falsely accuses him of stealing her stock investment ideas (?!), he ends up standing up to her by dragging her around the whole hotel by the wrist (seriously this starts in the penthouse suite which I can only presume is on the top floor and ends in the bellboy locker room in the basement. Can you even imagine how awkward that elevator ride was?) and yelling at her a lot.
This obviously doesn't go down well with the Heiress who then becomes quite petty in the following scenes, making the male lead clean the pool while she watches (sounds sexy but it isn't), even forcing him to feed her the cocktail that is sitting right next to her (again...not sexy) and finally even tells him to take his clothes off (which he doesn't by the way, just in case you were actually starting to want to watch this) and jump into the pool.
So far so totally utterly boring!

Characters: (And no, I really cannot be bothered learning their names....)

I only started watching this one because of  Ji Hyun-woo who plays the male lead. This obviously stemmed from his absolute awesomeness in the drama 'Queen In-hyuns Man' and my hope to see him being awesome again in another addictive drama, but alas this was not to be the case.

His character here is the total opposite of Boong Do from 'Queen In-Hyuns Man' and instead of using his charming honesty and smarts to turn any situation to his advantage (not to mention just being an all round swell guy) this male lead spends his entire life believing he is better than anyone else just because he happens to have a Chaebol dad and therefore deserves more than the average person.  He never bothers doing anything worthwhile with his life and instead just looks for his father, seeming to believe that once found, his father will somehow change his life, raising him to the lofty position he is sure he was born to inhabit.
Kind of disgusting really.
This male lead is also clearly meant to have a way with words, but to be honest he just came across smug and smarmy, and if I was the female lead I would have pushed him into the pool too!

And she is seriously no better as a character, being rude and snobby, and treating her staff appallingly. She is obviously in dire need of a wake up call, which I am presuming she would have received had I kept watching until the end.... but seriously, that is not going to happen.

The scene in which we are introduced to the female lead is pretty ridiculous. She somehow manages to turn a protest against her takeover of another company into a big corporate triumph by cutting her hair (?!) because it is the thing most precious to her (seriously? Her hair?!) and saying a bunch of really dumb stuff.  I think the scene was meant to be uplifting and powerful, showing what a good head for business she has, but it was frankly just pretty stupido.

Another standout scene for me was the mini-seminar that the male lead holds for his co-workers, the topic of which is 'how to get really rich'.   Again, I think it was supposed to display his incredible people skills but I was kind of unsure why anyone would listen to advice from a poor bellboy with no money whose only claim to riches is having an elusive Chaebol daddy.

Maybe it would have got awesome and cute later on, but I honestly cannot be arsed wading through the boringness to get there.
My verdict is to give it a miss.

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