24 May 2013

1% OF ANYTHING (Epsiodes 1 & 2)


Ok, so the other day I watched episode 12 of 'Gu Family Book' and was so utterly distraught (please see rant) that I desperately needed a light and fluffy romcom to act as a pick me up. In short I needed a drama  with a lot less trauma and a lot more brainless fun.

And that is exactly what I found from the drama '1% of Anything'.

Now I am not sure I could actually recommend this drama as being good exactly....the production values are laughably low and the whole thing looks like some low cost budget sitcom with weird quiet pauses between the dialogue in which you can hear the actors footsteps as they creak around the set.
Not to mention an awkwardly hilarious cameo from some random Western dude (not an actor surely) who has a massive head and likes to correct some of the drama's characters on their completely fine English language skills, being a general all round douche.
Totally weird.....but also kind of hilarious!

 This drama also pulls out every cliche in the book (and I have only watched 2 episodes so far!) starting off with a Chaebol's son who is cold and judgmental (but has deep seated family issues so its all good) and a heroine who is honest, kind, and from a working class background. And I am pretty sure the plot is going in the direction of a marriage contract, leading to a petty bickering couple who possibly have to share confined places.

Also her family is much nicer and more understanding than his. Of course. And I am presuming at some point he will have dinner (or a Kimchi making session) with them and through that experience he will realise what a loving family truly is and thus learn that money doesn't equal love......
All together now  -   awww!!

And yes....this drama does star Kang Dong-won. Because yes i have been googling everything he ever stared in ever because i have a problem.

So despite my teasing, this is still a sweet story and the characters are likeable and interesting enough to make me want to keep watching despite the rather cliched plot.
The heroine for instance is (so far) no pushover, and when she meets the Chaebol son lead, she is as thoroughly unimpressed by him as he is of her.

This of course makes for some cute bickering scenes, for example a scene at the end of episode 2 that I particularly enjoyed, which has Jae-In, the male lead, finally giving in to his Grandfathers demand that he try and win over and marry the female lead (in order to receive his inheritance).
Jae-In turns up at her work and tries his best attempt at a genuine smile, which turns out is basically just an awkward and completely fake looking grimace (giggles).
The next scene cuts to the couple having coffee nearby with Jae-In yelling at Da-Hyun (the female lead) in front of all the shocked customers in the shop that she should marry him (his fake nice act lasting approximately 2 seconds), whilst she basically tells him he is insane and she hates him.
Nothing new here certainly, but still pretty funny in a brainless and cute romantic comedy kind of way.

So there you go, my first impressions of '1 % of Anything', my conclusion from the first two episodes being that this is exactly the kind of drama that I need to be watching right now. 

I can only hope it remains as fun as it currently is and doesn't descend into Blurg Drama territory!

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