22 April 2013




 This drama (2009) holds a very special place in my heart. The first episode is crazy enough to have turned off a lot of people from what I hear, but for people like me who stuck with it, this drama really evolves into something quite special.

A lovely story of a plucky young woman wanting something more from her hard life, who one day finds a shipwrecked foreign sailor on her island home. Thinking she has found a way out, and enjoying a puppy love crush, she does everything she can to help him not get discovered in a time when a foreigner could be put to death just for being in Joseon. She wants nothing more than to leave with him and travel to England but in a sweet reversal, what she really discovers is that there is of course, no place like home.

Throw in an evil merchant plot about opening Joseon's trading channels to the West, beautiful and affecting mother/daughter/ family moments and also (later on) a completely mental (and a bit menacing ) King, and there you have it, one of the best dramas I have ever seen.

Oh wait! did I forget to mention Park Kyu??!!! Silly me. Also there is Park Kyu.

 So.....as any drama fan knows, Korean drama's have their fair share of cliche characters and Tamra is no exception. Our leads here are the bumbling and naive commoner girl Beo-jin and the nasty rude noble, Park Kyu. This is a combo I have seen over and over again in dramas and yet in this one, no matter how clumsy and dense Beo-jin can be (and she can be really dense), I never once found her annoying, and although Park Kyu does start off as a (rather amusing) pain in everyone's arse, his character grows into something very different.  Basically, a swoon worthy leading man in a flowing white Hanbok of amazingness.

And what can I even say about William, the shipwrecked English sailor who can barely speak English (the actor is French....) who has the absolute hands down worst hair style that ever existed.

I refuse to even post a picture here of him because his hairstyle offends me so. 

I find most of my favourite Korean dramas are usually Sageuks and there is definitely something about the costumes of that era that really fascinates me. (Though I must admit when I first saw a Joseon set drama I had terrible trouble taking anything the lead man did seriously, due to what I thought to be the stupidest hat I had ever seen in my life. These days though I find the Hanbok to be very dashing and love to see characters dressed up in Joseon outfits.) I must admit however that I do enjoy the less serious sageuks a little more than the intense political plot ones, and this drama definitely falls into the less serious category.

My three favorite scenes in this drama are all romantic moments for the two leads (although I had to rewind and re watch so many favourite scenes I could never list them all) and are each sweet lovely moments of change in their relationship.

The first takes place one night on Tamra, Park Kyu watches Beo-jin from his room, concealed behind his half open door, as she sits in the courtyard and catches a firefly in her hand. There is a look of wonderment and happiness on her face when she opens her hands to let the firefly rise up into the night and we can see that Park Kyu is falling in love with her right then and there.

The music queue in this scene is also spot on, in fact all the music in Tamra is really perfect and the main themes running throughout the drama really complement the story, unlike some of the other drama's I have seen that manage to break the spell of every romantic moment with the appearance of an intense K-pop ballad. Perhaps its just me (I am not a huge K-pop fan though I don't hate it at all) but I feel that some dramas would really benefit from a little less K-pop ballading.

The second scene that I really love is the reappearance of Beo-jin (and Yan) into Park Kyu's life after he and William have left Tamra for the capital. After Kyu is wounded they end up spending a few days resting in a potters house in the woods and this is where Beo-jin finds them again. The scene that follows is small and quiet but I enjoyed seeing Beo-jin's heart wavering as she tends to Kyu's wound, not that she fully understands her own feelings at this point however.

The conversation they have is perfect: he says he thought he'd never see her again and then lets her know awkwardly that it isn't a bad thing, her being there. Beo-jin seems suitably flustered by the whole exchange, suddenly a little less sure of herself and her desire to leave the country with William. Not a huge flashy scene but a definite moment of change and bonding between the two.

And lastly, in the final episode after the showdown with the Merchants, Beo-jin dives into the ocean to save a wounded drowning Kyu, ignoring Williams cries that it's too dangerous. She drags Park Kyu's lifeless body onto a deserted beach in the darkness, and cries for the sea god to save his life as a strong wind buffets the surrounding grasses.

Its a heart wrenching and beautiful scene as she realises she might be about to lose the one person she has realised so late that she cannot be without. She cries at the sight of his blood on her hands and pounds his chest until Kyu suddenly wakes, choking up sea water.  She cries that he should never leave her side again and Kyu slowly and gingerly pulls Beo-jin into his arms, holding her against him with a look of almost relief on his face. And also of love.

At first I was a little sad that I wasn't rewarded with a kiss after all the heartbreak poor Kyu went through, but when I went back and re watched this drama again I was very satisfied with the above scene being the culmination of all those episodes of heartbreak and longing. In retrospect it was the perfect closure on their romance.


(Updated 14 April 2014)

Well I have been recently rewatching Tamra for the third time and wanted to add a few extra words to my review! I always had trouble pinpointing Beojin's emotional journey in this story, knowing that she loves William at the beginning and that without a doubt she is utterly in love with Park Kyu by the end, but never really fully understanding exactly how she got there. I think this time around I might have gained a little insight into how it happened and because it is buzzing around and around in my head with nowhere to go (I sadly have no drama buddies to talk to) I thought I might write it down and add it to my earlier, rather simple (bad), review, which you will see above.

So at the beginning of this (fantastical) story Beojin meets and falls into absolute adoration for William. He is quite a simple sweet boy just like herself, all unrealistic dreams and heart and hope. Together she feels like she could brave the outside world with him and leave behind her hard life diving and being the odd useless one out on Tamra. 
Meanwhile Park Kyu at the beginning of the story is still your typical snobby noble. He is a highborn Yangban who has been coddled and adored, yet is still smart and savvy and has even saved the king, but this just means he definitely believes he is so high above his current situation as a banished noble that he constantly looks down on everyone. 
Except they don't let him! 

Aside from his beautiful tentative burgeoning respect and understanding  with Beojin's mother, Park Kyu also cannot help but be fascinated by Beojin herself, if only because he has never ever in his life interacted with a girl this casual easy way. And of course I can totally see how he falls in love with her, that part is pretty straightforward and obvious. It's Beojin I always had more trouble with.

I think Beojin does care for Park Kyu whilst on Tamra, shown through her worry at his gambling, her annoyance at his visit to the brothel and her thanks and gratefulness when he helps her and her family time and time again. So their relationship is built slowly but steadily on friendship, the recognition from Beojin of Kyu's good and earnest heart, but most importantly Beojin begins to trust him. 
As in totally. 
This is shown when she and her beloved William are kidnapped on the island by the Preist and his men, Beojin knows that Kyu will come for them, she trusts that he will save them and when he does come she breaks down in his arms much to Williams unhappiness. (Side note: I think this is where poor William first starts to realise there may be a reason for concern here.)

I think by this point in the story while the three still reside on Tamra, Beojin has learnt to trust Park Kyu unconditionally as a friend whom she can rely on, but I still don't think her head as caught up to the possibility of actually having feelings for him beyond that. I think her telling signs that there is something brewing there for her are more gut reactions, for example, the scene where she explodes at her mum for trying to pack away Kyu's stuff after he has left the island or her defensive posturing at the idea the old crazy king hermit brings forward that maybe there is another reason to go to the mainland besides only William. 
When Kyu is leaving her, her only thought is with William and what will happen to him. She knows Kyu isn't in danger but her beloved William is, so she spends every ounce of her energy on him in those last moments (whilst meanwhile poor Kyu is dying inside that she doesn't at all seem to care that he is leaving when his own experience here on Tamra with Beojin has literally changed his entire world). 
And yet once Kyu is gone we do see these moments of almost regret, like when Beojin sees her own name written inside one of Kyu's discarded books, the same books that were once all that mattered to him now left behind to even further signify this catastrophic change in his being that Tamra has caused.  

But for Beojin her brain still tells her that there is only William even though these little unconscious reactions to the memory of Kyu are telling her something else, that he is gone and she misses him, even if just a little, she still feels a loss from his absence.

I think it is only later when she manages to find the two again at the Potter's house on the mainland that things really do start to change for Beojin a little bit more. In her head there is still only William, she is still willing to leave the country with him and find her destiny elsewhere but now there is slightly more reservation to that idea, whereas before it was all she dreamed of.  Seeing Kyu hurt and wounded is also such a powerful moment for these two, and I wonder if this is the first time that Beojin begins to understand just how deep Kyu's feelings for her run. That scene where she helps him dress his wound is just so quietly beautiful and powerful in that he expresses a little bit of himself Beojin hasn't really seen before, this quiet hurting and restrained Kyu where its so awkward for him to tell her he is glad to see her, even though there was such a look of utter resignation on his face when he did come across her again so unexpectedly.  
This is because I think Kyu really did expect to get over her but meeting her again at the Potter's house makes him realise it's more complicated than that and his feelings won't be dissolved so easily. His reaction to her leaving with William is just heartrending, the silent breakdown behind the door, the absolute gutcrunching pain he is experiencing that has him doubled over on the floor as he can't face her himself.

And Beojin herself in this moment is having an unexplainable, and I imagine very unexpected, reaction to leaving Kyu behind. And later her spur of the moment decision to run back to Kyu instead of leaving also marks a huge change (if still not a conscious one), the fact she made that choice even with the knowledge of the possibility of never seeing William again is also very telling.
Yet I still think at this point she believes wholeheartedly she loves only William, even if now she is starting to be less sure about the idea of going overseas.

In the capital William is forced to take a backseat as Beojin moves in with Kyu, who is still restrained and holds himself back from her, knowing she loves someone else and yet still doing what he can to look after her.
This is where I believe the real change in Beojin's feelings begins to occur. Suddenly her lifeline in this stifling, controlling new existence is only Park Kyu. She is only happy when she is with him, when they can joke together or play in the markets and beside the lake. I imagine being with him in such a comfortable easy way reminds her of being at home and he brings her such relief in this unhappy new life. She comes to rely on him and his visits and depend on him.

And at first she is still thinking of only William but Kyu just sort of creeps in there without her even realising, until that particular night comes when Beojin, in my opinion, realises she hasn't thought about William enough, hasn't made enough efforts to locate him, hasn't loved him enough like she said she always would. So Beojin tries to run away, only to come face to face with Kyu on the bridge outside the house.  I think her face says it all and immediately Kyu knows where she was trying to go and he explodes in anger. I feel like over the last little while Kyu was starting to hope again that there was maybe a possibility of a future with Beojin here in the capital, in his house, maybe as a concubine or a wife, something,  anything. And yet seeing her leaving him for William again makes it all shatter down around him because its still William, only William. He yells at her that she never does what he tells her and some of what he says is reasonable (saying all three could be killed by the king if they step out of line) and some of its totally not.

And Beojin is suitably furious, her own outburst telling him she hates the capital, she hates his house and will never live her life that way, she doesn't want to be controlled by him or his family. All fair enough and something Kyu needed to hear, because there really is no future for them here in the Capital and he needs to understand that. 
But then Beojin adds that if it wasn't for Park Kyu she would have left with William. If it wasn't for Park Kyu she would be happy with William. And she begins to sob. Breaking down as a broken-hearted Kyu walks away. 
And then she tells him she hates him.

I never understood why she said these things in this scene but now I think I do. I think this is the moment that Beojin realises she is in love with Kyu, much more deeply than she was ever in love with William. I think her words are true. If it wasn't for the existence of Park Kyu she would have left with William and she would have been happy with him until the end, but now she could never be and she is so guilty and confused of what this feeling is. She was so sure of her love for William but Kyu has now caused her to doubt herself, to become unsure of her future and what she wants. And it is so emotionally overwhelming that she tells him she hates him, because in that moment I think she really does. 

This scene is so emotionally wrought,  just because both of them are saying the wrong things, the words most designed to either antagonise or hurt the other, but the emotions running below the surface are just so much more complicated than either is able convey. Especially Beojin who is unsure of exactly what is happening within herself anyway.

So after this awful fight, Park Kyu gives up. He tells his overbearing hysterical mother that he will marry that pointy-faced prime minister's daughter as she wants and asks for Beojin's family to be brought to her from Tamra. It just breaks my heart though when Kyu and Beojin's mum finally meet again and she tells him to go away because she knows he called her there to the capital so she could take Beojin off his hands, promising Kyu that none of them will ever bother him again. 
Poor Kyu. 
This is the last thing he thought of, everything he does is for Beojin, to make her happier, and to get misunderstood like that is almost too much to bear. The look of pain and resignation to the fact that this is what his existence now is, is so awful and hurts to watch.

So Beojin moves out of Park Kyu's house and eventually ends up working for evil miss Seorin herself whilst meanwhile William puts on the worst choice of play in all of history and gets himself beaten to a smithereen. Which sucks.  Kyu does his best to save him but in the end believes William to be dead, an awful misunderstanding that leaves Kyu so raw, guilty and broken. 
That scene where he drinks alone crying before smashing his table is just gut wrenching,  as is the following one where he finds Beojin in his drunk state and tries to tell her what has happened. But he can't do it. Instead he grabs her and kisses her as she tries to beat him off,  and afterwards in tears she tells him to stop playing with her. 

I am not a massive fan of the whole forced kiss thing but I read a description of the reasoning behind this one that made sense to me (maybe in Ockoala's incredible Tamra review?). This writer thought this scene stemmed from Kyu having done everything he could, all the time for Beojin, always for her, letting her hate him if that's better for her, letting her leave with William if that is what she wants. But this time he acts selfishly only for himself. Once he tells her about William everything is ended and he cannot bear it. So he takes what he wants.

And I think this kiss very deeply affects Beojin even though it is unwanted. She knows he loves her if she didn't already, and she is angry and lost and so confused. What a scene!

When Beojin is finally reunited with her beloved William, she just can't help that he isn't quite so beloved anymore. But this realisation just kills her, because she still cares for him so much but has come to know that she can no longer leave with him, she can no longer see only him. So there is so much guilt in her eyes and tears during their following interactions it is clear that she is pulling away, but still doesn't even know how to. And silly William makes things worse by thinking he can hold onto this girl he adores just by holding on tighter, and repeating the promises they made earlier on when things were better.

Lots of wonderful things happen in the drama during this time but the two scenes that I think are the most important, and in many ways the most beautiful (especially the second one), are when firstly Park Kyu discovers William is still alive.
I love this scene. It is another of Kyu's seldom moments where his control breaks and he falls apart a little, this time being because Beojin kept the truth from him. This makes him feel that she must truly hate him, to let him go through such pain whilst the answer to relief was so close by, or even maybe that she really does think so little of him that it didn't even occur to her that he might be in pain at all. 
Both reasons are unbearable and I loved Kyu's heartrending reaction to this betrayal, the furious anger he feels at Beojin for her choice and it is maybe the first time he has ever truly felt this angry and betrayed by her, even though there has been so many times that she has chosen William over him in the past, none have ever hurt him quite like this does.  Because this isn't even about her making a choice, it's just about how she even thinks of him at all, which now in his opinion is really clearly not at all. 
It's fucking awful is what it is. Those tears running down Park Kyu's face whilst his eyes remain wide open in horrified disbelief, it is just too much. And then of course William gets in the middle of something that, although is completely about him, still has nothing to do with him, telling Park Kyu that he must be angry that William isn't dead. The fool.
I can't even imagine how Park Kyu feels in that moment. So incredibly destroyed by these people he has done so much for and yet they really think so little of him. It is so horrible.

And then the second scene I think is amazing and integral to Beojin finally expressing herself, is the quiet confession to her mother back home later that night. I don't know what it is about this scene but it actually kills me, it is so powerful and filled with such heartbreak and anguish, with no understanding of how to fix it.
Beojin's mum feeds her drinks and finally tells her that feelings are important and if they mean something to you those feelings should be treasured not thrown away and ignored.  It's a lovely way for her to let Beojin know that she understands her daughter is going through a change and she will stand behind her if she follows her heart.
But then Beojin smiles through her tears, calling herself an idiot.  She says that William is the first person she ever fell for. And now, because of her, he has been in so much danger and nearly died so many times. Beojin says with a laugh that she even promised him she would look after him. And yet....if she keeps that promise...
Beojin can't even continue, the conclusion to that sentence too much to bear. She throws her hands over her mouth and rocks back and forth like she is breaking up inside. 
Because if she keeps her promise to William it means she lives without Park Kyu.

Once she has recovered her composure, Beojin continues to speak, this time about Park Kyu,  and again she can't finish her sentence because she still is unable to say those words out loud that describe what she is feeling. And then she doubles over again in pain at the thought of what she has done to him by not telling Kyu the truth that William wasn't dead. She understands completely what she has caused him to feel.
Arrgh! How do scenes like this even exist in dramas? So much pain and horrifying crushing emotions! And yet so satisfying!

And that is how Beojin falls in love with Park Kyu!

Poor Park Kyu!! Seriously,  he is not only dealing with the biggest heart crises he will ever experience ever, he is also still the only one standing in evil merchant queen Seorin's way when it comes to the invasion of Tamra. But everything seriously goes to shit when he does finally invade Seorin's compound, with William telling the king they were both part of a conspiracy to dethrone him. Both men end up in prison and this is where we get a nice moment of bonding between the two.

I would also like to quickly add in a word about Yann, who for some reason despite popping in and out of the story and remaining utterly on the outskirts of everything, remains a completely likable character whom I find myself enjoying more and more each time I watch this show. Actually I must admit it would make for a fun spinoff if we could follow him across the ocean for a journey of self discovery and his own little love story somewhere else! I would totally watch that! "The Adventures of Yann!"

Anyway I can't explain enough how much I ADORE the scene where Beojin manages to save Kyu and William from execution. It's so utterly silly and yet so suitable because the King afterall is a total crazy capable of changing his kind every two seconds anyway, so I don't find it so terribly unbelievable that a cute girl and an even cuter puppy managed to sway his opinion in this instance.  And besides the whole situation is really just so Beojin, she just bumbles in there and the tells the truth and saves the day. Maybe not very epic but very fitting for the sweetness that is instilled throughout all of Tamra. 

I also love love that this is the first time her and Park Kyu have seen the other since their awful showdown over her lying to him. In the face of such a life and death situation of course it all washes away but I particularly love that as she talks she only has eyes for Kyu (though of course she is completely worried about William's safety too). And at the end of the scene when she has managed to save them there is this extraordinary moment where Kyu stands up looking at Beojin with such pride and raised eyebrows to which she replies with her own "hell yeah, how'd you like that?" face before the two break into the sweetest most genuine smiles and just stare at each other, only having eyes for eachother and soaking up this beautiful moment together. 
I even wonder if in that moment Kyu can see how much Beojin does care for him? She isn't running off and ignoring him to help William, she is just staring at him nonstop, so her feelings are all out on display,  and as Kyu is pretty smart I wouldn't be surprised if he did figure it out right there.

After this there isn't much time for romance as our three leads fall back into their little weird triangle friendship and head back to save Tamra. And this is if course when Kyu gets slashed across the chest (again) and falls into the ocean to drown. William screams at her not to go but Beojin has no choice. This scene where she saves him is so beautiful with all the underwater shots, dreamy and gorgeous. I also love the fact that bumbling Beojin does get this opportunity to save Kyu's life.
That scene on the beach is one of the most beautiful breathtaking moments in a drama all about emotionally wringing moments. It just floors me and I always watch it at least three times in a row because it makes my heart ache.
Beojin's absolute terror when faced with losing Kyu is enough for him (and William) to know what she wants. I love Park Kyu's initial surprise to see her crying there, utterly distraught, when he first wakes, and then his quiet understated expression as he comforts her and pulls her into his arms. Even having nearly died he is still the one looking after her. I love how she cries and tells him he is not allowed to ever leave her again and there is this ghost of a smile on his face and relief in his eyes as he pulls her closer and just holds her. 
It is so perfect. So utterly perfect.

And then we get the ending which is quite a small sweet one and not epic at all, and to be honest when I first watched this drama I wasn't completely satisfied due to the lack of hot kisses and wedded bliss fan-service scenes. But now watching it for the third time I just adore it. It has such simple sweetness to it and is such a suitable ending to the story!
I always wondered exactly why Beojin and Park Kyu end the story staring at each other in that way but I realised that this whole scene is when Beojin finally realises Kyu is staying on Tamra with her and not going back to the capital.  
We know he has been living there for a month already but it is clear now that he has totally kept Beojin in limbo all month (maybe punishment for how long it took her to realise she loved him?) And it is only upon realising he is the new Chief Magistrate that Beojin now knows for sure he is staying, that he wants to be with her forever and has listened to what she said on the beach when he almost died about him never leaving her again.

Their smiles are so filled with utter fulfilling happiness it is actually beyond heart warming to see and this is a couple you know will truly enjoy their new lives together,  a feeling I don't always get at the end of a drama when a OTP has gone through hell to be together. But Beojin and Park Kyu's love is real and lasting and genuine.

I never really expected to write about this drama again but watching it now I was just so compelled to gush about my thoughts and feelings as well as my take on Beojin's role in the greatest love story ever. Every time I finish watching this drama I have a huge silly grin on my face and it will always remain one of my most perfect favourite dramas ever!



  1. love this drama, i watch it again and again, even in new year's eve, :)

  2. I love it too!! It is so worth watching again and again!! It's so beautiful! ! :-) happy new year!! :-)

  3. Same here, I love this drama so much that I'm like crazy watching it again and again. Apart from the comedy and romance, I enjoy watching the scenes about Park Kyu and Beojin's Mom conversations. I could say lots more but then all's been excellently said above...

  4. Thanks for reading Maria!! :-) I honestly think its one of the best dramas out there and I love it more and more every time I watch it!!! I am so glad you think so too. And I am totally the same and love all of Park Kyu's and Beojin's mums conversations too, they are always so touching and lovely! !!! :-)

  5. I'm late to the Tamra & Team Park Kyu fandom since I never got past episode 1 when I first tried to watch this back then. Perhaps as Mama Beo Jin famously once said, timing has to be right to harvest a clam.
    So here I am, half a decade later with this lovely little gem firmly entrenched in my top ten drama list, and no one to spazz with. Imagine my delight when I found your lovely thoughts and how you only recently re-watched this (last year) :-), and just had to say so.
    I'm seldom motivated to de-lurk (I've only done it one other time) but could not help myself with Tamra.
    I love all her characters and although there were several times I wanted to shake William, he needed to be around so that our plucky heroine could realise who was really in her heart. Poor boy never stood a chance against our stoic, handsome and smart Park Kyu! I haven't watched that many sageuks, but he's displaced Kim Bong Doo (QIHM) as my favourite saguek hero simply because Im Joo Hwan played him to perfection. He tugged and pulled at my heart, my gut and my tear ducts all at the same time. When Park Kyu smiled, I smiled along. When he laughed, I stifled a giggle and when he cried...sigh
    So, thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and giving me an outlet to mini spazz. This is by no means my farewell to Tamra for I shall begin my immediate re-watch tonight after work :-)

  6. Haha!! Rewatching already SOSsy? He! I totally cannot blame you, I think this drama is such an utter gem and although like you I completely adore Kim Boong Do as well I do agree that Park Kyu is just possibly the best male drama lead ever! The romance in this drama is just so touching and I still get all happy just thinking about it! I am so glad there are other people out there still discovering it or rewatching it because it won't be long before I am too!! :-) I am so glad you commented and visited me! How nice! Thank you :-)
    It is so fun to share in the Tamra love as I too had no one to spazz with (hence the blog) and also watched this one for the first time long after it first aired!

    1. Aahem
      In my ‘defence’, this is a full re-watch unlike the other countless replays of favourite scenes. Plus I wanted to watch the Director’s cut version, to see where the differences were and so far, it’s way better! Episode 18 where Park Kyu gets to nurse a feverish Beo Jin is just wonderful!

      I forgot to mention in my first post that I really enjoyed your thoughts about the ending! I wanted more fan service and was disappointed with what I initially thought was such a flat conclusion. You shed a new perspective when you said that Park Kyu becoming Governor meant he was staying for Beo Jin, that she didn’t need to leave her beloved Tamna, essentially fulfilling her plea on the beach - and that was just romantic! Although…it would have been great if they had thrown in a swoony kiss since we never got a proper one between the OTP.

      So anyway, thank you for letting me spazz here :-)

  7. Although after a lot of thought I have become satisfied with what was a ather sweet simple ending, I still TOTALLY agree that a proper kiss would have just been the icing on the cake!! I would have liked that sooo much. I just think that Park Kyu goes through an enormous amount of hell and heartbreak before Beojin finally realises she loves him and I would have liked him to get a real kiss at the end of it all, one where Beojin actually kisses him back instead of pushing him away. I think it would have been amazingly romantic!!
    But oh well, I am sure he did get heaps of kisses anyway considering they got married and all, but just not fun fanservicey romantic onscreen ones.
    I have never watched the shorter version an I can't imagine that cutting out any of the beautiful scenes in this drama would be a good idea!!
    And yay!! Come drama spaz with me anytime!! :-)

  8. I finished my rewatch and can only say that any future rewatching has to be the full 21-epsiode version! Aahem cough, I spent my lunch hour googling to purchase the Director’s cut set. Methinks I’m in deep - It doesn’t feel like I’m ready to say goodbye to Park Kyu and Beo Jin yet :-P
    Haha you’re right about the kissy heaps he must have gotten but I wanna see (stomps foot)!! I’m not a fan of the forced kiss either and the kiss-to-shut-her up doesn’t count. As you pointed out, his heart was broken so many times, starting almost as soon as he realised he liked her on Tamna. His romantic journey was a terribly difficult one and it would have been great to witness this expression of her loving him back.
    The broadcast version left out many scenes, which although not integral to the story, I felt, made a difference. When Park Kyu left her quarters after going to check on her when they were caught sneaking out to the lake, she had said out loud to herself, “Are you ok? I’m ok”. Short version never showed him responding. This to me was key! It demonstrated their emotional connection. And the largest chunk that was cut was the scene where Mama sent him to look after the feverish Beo Jin, including their breakfast interaction the next morning. The whole bit was darn sweet and also showed Mama’s trust in him. I mean, this was ancient Josen where it wasn’t even proper for a ‘lady’ to be caught in public together without a chaperon. Of course, Mama probably couldn't care less about those standards but still!
    Oops, I’m sorry to be spazzing again, promise I’ll stop…soon…

  9. Haha! No need to stop spazzing!
    That is really interesting tht scenes as important as those ones were chosen to be cut out! I find that very strange because both were moments of development for Beojin and Park Kyu which is obviously integral to telling the story of their romance.
    Don't you just think it's so utterly sad that this drama wasn't super popular? I guess it's a bit wacky at the start or whatever but it's such a beautiful heartfelt story and it saddens me that they even cut it down for tv because I guess maybe no one was watching it! Heartbreaking!
    It's even worse because it probably means they won't make similar kind of styled dramas which is a shame because I think my favourites are these fusion saguek type stories. They are so much fun, all epic and interesting and usually also very romantic.
    Oh, amd I am also a proud owner of the full length Tamra boxset :-)

  10. Happy to see your prompt reply! I thought we might be different time zones.
    Ya right? How could they leave those scenes out. There are of course many more but these two I felt were the most significant.
    I do think it’s sad that this drama wasn’t popular. Just one of those things, I guess. Broadcast time, competing dramas and a very weak start probably all played a part. I feel really bad for the cast and crew that it got shortened. They filmed for over a year and the drama didn’t get the full play.
    Come to think of it, I’m not sure what made me pick this drama up again. Any which way, I’m very very glad I did, my lucky stars must have aligned last week!
    I’ll be joining your rank as proud owner soon! My boxset’s on its way but I am unsure of quality. Fingers crossed that it’ll be crystal clear so I can keep staring at Park Kyu’s every expression!

  11. Aaah, yes Tamra is so wonderful in so many ways but I must admit the casting is so perfect and spot on, especially Im Ju Hwan and Seo Woo, and I just can't imagine this drama working as well without them in it. They were just so perfect as thess characters!
    Aaah!! You are making me want to rewatch it again now, but there are so many good current dramas I don't know if I even have time..... but gosh I will definitely have to rewatch it soon!
    I also think it must have been so devastating for the cast and crew after so much time. And although it seems to have a bit of a cult following now, it didn't really catapult either of the leads into stardom either, and they were both so good and I would love to see them in other stuff but the dramas they star I seem to always be reeeally looong weekend dramas or something that just doesn't appeal to me. So sad.....

  12. Totally agree! Those two were casted perfectly!
    Seo Woo played the 16 year-old Beo Jin very well. From her wide-eyed wonder to all other expressions on her face. And boy, can that girl cry.
    Im Ju Hwan had a tougher job – his eyes, oh his eyes! From the slow, tired blinks to the slight crinkles, he. Just. Naied. It (and my heart)
    Let me play devil’s advocate here. Go watch again! I’m going to take a temporary break until my boxset arrives then zoom into my favourite parts again. I could only find it on Viki since Hulu and Dramafever aren’t available where I’m at. And the ads just keep popping up at the most importune times, irritating me to no end, making me curse at the darn laptop. To which, hubby asks why I raise my own blood pressure like that?
    Funnily enough, this time round, I’m not all that inspired to check out their other works, especially Im Ju Hwan’s. I’m not sure if it’s because I only see Park Kyu when I look at him or I’m afraid he will disappoint? Go figure, the complicated mindset of an ahjumma fangerl.
    I was kind of in a k-drama rut before this, only waiting for Fated to Love You and Joesen Gunman to complete. So while waiting for my boxset, I’ll probably check out either some k movies or maybe something in Japanese.
    Thanks again for giving me an outlet to rave. Have a good drama weekend!

    1. Oh cool, I have never tried a Japanese drama, (though I've watched heaps of Japanese movies), though there is a Chinese drama I am hoping will get released soon, which will be my first Asian non-Korean drama experience (Ballad of the sun and the moon I think its called, based on an amazing book called Da Mo Yao which I read on Koalas Playground). I am quite excited for it!
      Are you watching Joseon Gunman or waiting to marathon after its aired? Man, I am loving it so much! I think its been ages since a new drama has made me quite so obsessed!! Lee Jun Ki is just one of the best actors ever I think, and I really adore Nam Sang Mi too. Also, I started Nightwatchmen which I think is pretty fun!
      I am glad beautiful Tamra got you out of your drama rut, I think I was going through that earlier this year but then suddenly from June onwards there have been so many good dramas I have been discovering, old and new. I actually feel like I am drowning in good dramas at the moment.
      It is such a nice feeling :)

  13. If you’re ever in the mood to watch a JDrama, you could try ‘Nobuta wo Produce’ (sweet high school drama) or ‘Rich Man Poor Woman’ (for a swoony romance). JDramas are very different in tone and style. Many of the dramas based on mangas go overboard with antics but they’re good fun. Watch with a different pair of ‘glasses’?
    I have a serious aversion to China-made dramas. The dubbed voices grate on my nerves and I’ve never had the desire to check anything out, including the time when practically the whole blogverse went crazy with ‘Bu Bu Jing Xin’. I did read Da Mo Yao though but had a serious case of 2nd lead shipping :-)
    I’m waiting for Josen Gunman to finish before I start! Only watching it for Lee Jun Ki *squee*. You’re right, he’s a great actor and always very hard working; ambivalent towards Nam Sang Mi but I’ve only watcher her in TBDW.
    It’s a very different experience between watching ‘live’ shows and marathoning a completed serial. The waiting kills me and I don’t get as rabid about the drama and characters. Since I can’t watch dramas full time, waiting also lets me be more selective with what I watch keke. Let me know how Nightwatchmen turns out ya?
    Tamra, oh Tamra…such a wonderful drama..can’t wait for my boxset to come! It should arrive this week!

  14. Oh no, I think Da Mo Yao wouls not have been half as magical if reading as a second lead shipper!! That would have totally turned me off too but luckily I liked the right guy (as in the guy who doesn't end up alone and sad and worse at the end.)
    Thanks also for the recommendations! Though I must admit I am slightly nergous to open the floodgate that leads to other Asian dramas. I am worried that once I start exploring other country's offerings I will actually drown in dramas and never go outside again. It's already hard enough with just Korean ones, though I was going to make an exception for the Da Mo Yao ones just cos I loved the book so much. But dubs.... eugh. I also don't like that at all! Mmmh perhaps I will give it a go but not get my hopes up too high!
    I also much orefer to marathon a drama but I also have absolutely no patience at all so usually crack and end up watching dramas week by week if they are truly exciting. I wish I was a stronger person!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. It isn’t that I didn’t like Huo Qu Bing, I just preferred Jiu Ye is all. Well, the heart wants what the heart wants.
    Haha, perfectly understand your nervousness about opening another drama box. Whenever you’re ready my friend :-)
    Don’t mind what I say about CDramas though, as you can see online, there are plenty of CDrama fans so it’s just my thing with the dubbing.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, I’ve also succumbed to live watching…er many times. Let’s see…Arang, QIHM, 49, Master’s Sun, Lie to Me, Scent of a Woman etc etc etc etc
    oops, obviously more than I thought
    *Aahem* (gives a Park Kyu embarrassed cough and walks away)

    1. Haha! A Park Kyu cough!! He! Too funny!
      Yeah last night I just went on too far, I have heen a bit under the weather this week and because I felt sorry for myself I allowed myself to watch whatever episodes were out of any drama I wanted (normally I try and live watch only two and I have to wait to marathon the rest) but now I am live watching four dramas. Which is stupid. I have absolutely no self control apparently!!

  17. Feel better soon! But wow, four live dramas? You’re supposed to be resting!
    I don’t think I could manage four. All that waiting – for the episodes to be broadcast, for the subs, trying to remember the details, I’d be very antsy hah!
    These days, I usually marathon a drama at a time. With dramas I love, I’ll go bat shit crazy. Immediate re-watching and constant replaying of favourite scenes until I decide it’s time to move on (I think you realise this about me already haha).
    But *Aahem* I’m still waiting for my Tamna boxset to come, so I started on the fluffly Fated to Love you two nights ago. I’m just full of it aren’t I?

  18. Oh, tell me if Fated to Love you is good!! I have been avoiding it because I really like Choi Jin Hyuk and would prefer to see him in a lead role (that isn't hospital related) and although I really like Jang Nara I am not super made about Jang Hyuk. Though apparently he is great in this? I reckon I will definitely watch it at some point!!
    And yes I know I am totally crazy trying to watch so many!!! I have never done it before but I think this might be the first time there have been so many airing that I am interested in!!!
    Also, I think it is really hard to watch a good Kdrama and not go batshit crazy!!! Absolutely no judgment from me!!! :-)

  19. I am by nature very down to earth. So it baffles me, why I go nutty over these fictional love stories, relate to hapless heroines and fall madly in love with these stoic, bastardy-type heroes - Haha!
    I loved the first half of the Taiwan FTLY version and the leads’ chemistry; and so far I’m liking the K version but not deeply loving it (yet, at least). I have a soft spot for Jang Hyuk and he is doing a great job (the drama’s hair stylist ought to be shot though), but some of the hero’s antics are slightly OTT for me. This is my introduction to Choi Jin Hyuk and gosh, his voice! Jang Nara is doing a fantastic job but I prefer the T-version’s post time-jump heroine who had more sass and spunk. Jang Nara’s Mi Young is undoubtedly more successful and she exudes quiet confidence but lacks the spunk ( a la Eliza Bennet) that I prefer in my heroines. But I'm still enjoying the drama and yes, waiting for subs to last night’s episode…
    And guess what? I hear Nightwatchmen, Discovery of Romance and Secret Hotel ALL premiered great. How like that?
    By the way, does you watching so many live dramas mean I’m going to have to wait some time for the next chapter of ‘The Things that were Lost’? Oh noes! Pali, pali! :-)

  20. Ha ha! Well hopefully you won't have to wait! :-)
    No actually I'm going to post my chapter early this week but from tomorrow I am going away on holiday so I think won't have any access to internet until I come back so there may be a two week wait until the next one. (Yay holidays!.. But also, boo,.no dramas for a whole week...)

    Yes I think watching so many dramas at the same time is making me crazy but they are really so good!! I think so far My Secret Hotel is really wonderful but all the others are great too (Joseon Gunman is still my favourite though!). I really am very partial to Yoo Inna so that may also be a reason why I like Secret Hotel so much so far.
    I really liked what you said about being down to earth and yet going crazy over fictional romance and ditzy heroines and bastardy dudes!! Ha! I am the same. I honesty have never been this weirdly obsessive about anything but I just love them so much, especially that feeling when you realise you are watching something truly special, like the first time I watched Tamra! It is such a magical feeling!! :-)
    Oh and I hope you got our box set okay!! :-)
    Also SOSsy, because I will he away I might not be able to answer you for a week but it's definitely not because I am ignoring you!!! I will be back soon, have a lovely week!! :-)

  21. Hey Pops, hope you enjoy your break! Imma envious! I won't get a break till November.
    I'm really enjoying Things if I haven't already told you. Can I say that I already felt something for Lee Yoon the first time he was introduced and I'm excited to see where this is going...can't wait
    It's nice to have someone understand how I'm usually rational but liable to go crazy over characters and their stories that aren't even real. I'm way way past being a young giddy teen but not beyond doing crazy teen fangerling things. I'll only share this with you shhh - I once dragged the hubby on a trip to Taiwan all to catch a Japanese rock band that one of my actor bias is in. Crazy huh?
    My boxset hasn't come :-( so I'm hoping I'll get it next week. All that waiting hasn't dimmed my love for Tamna though. :-) I'm still excited and absolutely cannot wait to zoom in on my favourite scenes again. Tamna might just be my ALL TIME FAVOURITEST drama!
    Catch up when you get back

    1. Hello hello SOSsy!! I had such a nice time away!! And a drama actually came for me in the post, Dream High!! I don't know if you like that one or not but it was the very first one I ever watched so it does hold a very special place in my heart. I have stowed it away carefully next to my other special box sets (including Tamra!) and am so excited to rewatch.
      I hope your boxset has turned up by now and you have been happily watching it this week!! :-)
      Thanks for what you said about my Things story. It's my first time posting my writing ever so it can be very nerve wracking and it is really exciting to me that anyone at all is actually following it let alone enjoying it! And I am really glad you noticed Lee Yoon early on too, he might have had a late entry but he is still just as important as the others :-)
      Haha I kind of really love the idea that we can be so normal about real life stuff and then go crazy over drama/actors. It is a real crazy level of obsession I haven't really felt for anything else before I discovered kdrama! I am not sure exactly what it is that makes me so crazy but gosh I love it! And all my friends think I am really weird but I absolutely do not care, I reckon I will be obsessed forever! Haha so definitely no judging!! :-)

  22. Welcome back Pops! Glad to hear you had a good time and enjoyed your break!
    Yes, I did like Dream High. Besides being a school drama, it introduced me to that too-cute Kim Soo Hyun! And boy, don’t I know it - the first drama is always special! My very first was this weepfest drama starring Song Seung Hoon called Popcorn, followed by Autumn in My Heart. I remember them fondly but I don’t think they could withstand any rewatches. I shudder now when I think of the incesty and terminal illness threads.
    I steer clear of long weekend and makjang dramas now. Life is short and I just want me some rainbows, unicorns and swoony romances!
    And yes! my boxset arrived and even though I said I’d zoom in on favourites scenes, I ended up watching everything again :-) I’m now at episode 19 and it’s still magical and beautiful! Only this time round, I wanted to knock Beojin on the head so bad! I know she was in love with 'illiam' but couldn't she at least thank poor Kyu for saving her life and telling him to take care before he left Tamra? It’s basic manners! Aarrgh!
    Besides Park Kyu and Im Ju Hwan being Park Kyu, I think my next most favourite part of the story are the interactions between him and Mam Beojin – too precious!
    I squeezed in a rewatch of Arang before my set arrived and I think I’ve had my fill of sageuks for now. JG’s going to have to wait a bit haha
    I can’t wait to read your next Things chapter and already I’m rooting for Lee Yoon. Oops, should I have said that? Haha :-) Do you picture any K actor as you write about him? In my head, he’s all Kim Woo Bin hahaha and I haven’t even seen him in anything. He just channels that bad boy with the gruff, broody exterior and sentimental inside vibe!
    Like you, I have no one to spazz with. I know many people who watch K dramas but these are acquaintances and the connection’s not there. My mother only watches long family dramas and sageuks and my sister's not really a fan, only catching whatever happens to be airing on local tele or cable. And so here I am, comparing notes and fangerl squeals with you, my online buddy :-)
    This Kdrama thingy bites hard I tell you. Some years back, even though I had crazy work demands and little people constantly demanding attention, I volunteered to write for this now-defunct local K-wave magazine. Unfortunately, because of real life commitments, I missed opportunities to attend World we Live In & Bae Yong Joon press cons. Just imagine that, Binnie in the flesh!! Just as well, I bet I would’ve been too star struck to remember anything but his dimples!

    1. Wow, that sounds amazing but crazy too, I can't even imagine what I would do if I actually met any of these actors I squeal over, it would be so distracting and I think I would become very very silly! When my husband and I went to New Zealand on our holiday we visited this really remote town in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and found that it is constantly used tor filming sets for the whole world. (Which is kind of weird) and we saw this team filming and tor a moment I was thinking it might be a cf for Korea or something (because I know that Lee Min Ho and Lee Soo Hyun and Suzy have all done clothing shoots in NZ) and I got so excited and stalkerish thinking I might finally come across a Kactor in real life, but in the end it was just a Japanese car commercial starring no one at all, only a car. It was a bit sad.....
      It's probably good though because I might have gotten super weird and stalkerish if it had been something better and forgotten I was meant to be on holiday with my husband!! Ha!!
      Haha actually I am also rewatching Arang at the moment before I start Dream High, and am going to force myself to drop some of those live dramas at least until Joseon Gunman finishes this week! After that, who knows!!
      I am really glad your boxset arrived and you are enjoying your rewatch of Tamra! I also absolutely adore the relationship between Kyu and Beojin's mum, that actress who plays her is so good (and seems to pop up in so many dramas!) And also I can totally agree that it can be a little painful to watch Beojin's one of track mind and Kyu's crushed heart over and over again. I am not sure if I have ever reached the end of a drama and felt that a hero deserved his girl more that Kyu after all that extreme emotional pain and suffering in silence! Gosh it makes me get all sentimental just thinking of it!!!
      Somtimes in my head I think that Lee Yoon is Choi Jin Hyuk, he is kind of good at bratty huffy and true anger (not to mention is a little bit quite handsome) but yeah I've spent a lot of time thinking about who I imagine the leads to look like, which is actually loads of fun! Oooh and I love Kim Woo Bin! I think I've nearly finished the next chapter but probably won't get it out until the weekend.
      I totally cannot handle the whole incest storyline, it is so weird and horrifying. I watched Damo and there are these breathtakingly romantic bits, except that they are related and that made me feel squicky! And terminal illness is completely not my thing, though I do find myself partial to a little amnesia every now and then :-)

  23. Ooo, I’d have done the same stalkery things if I went somewhere and saw that they were filming. Ditch the hubs and what kids?! :-)
    But a car, what a letdown! I was actually semi holding my breath to read about who you might have chanced upon haha
    Seriously though, I dunno if I would really ‘chase’ down the stars or squeeze my way through hordes of fangerls just to get a photo or an autograph?
    Funny that you’re also rewatching Arang :-) I watched it live and enjoyed it, but I wasn’t very rabid about it. It’s much better upon rewatch. And I agree with your review! I didn’t start out liking Eun Oh very much since he was just plain selfish. But I started to care, when he started to care haha. Between the OTP, he realised his feelings first, and more importantly, was man enough to confess. And even though he admitted to wanting to force those feelings on her, he did not. He accepted her answer like a gentleman, choosing to wait it out till she was ready, even though that day might not have come.
    Oh Beojin – I love her caring nature and her loyalty. But her single mindedness about William and forgetting to be grateful in the early episodes was super frustrating upon my re-watches. She did learn though. She remembered to thank Yan for saving her even though he refused to step in to save Kyu and William from the palace :-) Agree that Mama Beojin’s a fantastic actress. The more matured actors and actresses are all very good at their craft; even Mama Kyu haha. I am glad for Kyu that even though he had a witch of a mother, at least his father was as good as dads come! Not much screen time but always supportive, always making sense. Kind of like Eun Oh’s father.
    And you’re right (again)! No other lead deserved the girl in the end more than Kyu! His quiet relief (without the drama) at her confession on the beach was very touching to watch. And as much as I wanted a swoony dramatic kiss, I’ve accepted that this was more in line with his character.
    Ooo, Choi Jin Hyuk, the voice! He isn’t bratty nor huffy in Fated, only smilely or broody. Maybe I should watch Emergency Couple to catch the vibe. But until then, it’s still Kim Woo Bin for me :-)
    Gosh, I just realised how long my previous post was! But I’m only half sorry about flooding your page keke

    1. Haha, long ones are good!! :-) It us well fun to drama chat!!! :-)
      Oh yeah Arang and the Magistrate just gets under your skin slowly I think, it's one of my favourites now (basically particularly for those Eun Oh confession scenes, what a swoony understanding man) but I didn't really get that into it the first time I watched, but then later I just couldn't stop thinking about it!!
      I think one of my favourite scenes is where Eun Oh is listening to Arang talk about how she remembers her old love for that other young master, amd the whole time he listens he looks so upset! And then he tries to tell her he loves her but she runs away. Gosh the way he stares at her in that scene is so amazing!! Lee Jun Ki has the most lovely expressive eyes ever and I think that was what made me start loving him originally. ... sigh. Those eyes. ... :-)
      Do you have favourite actors and actresses SOSsy? Mine have changed a bit recently I think with Lee Jun Ki coming out on top, and Yoon Si Yoon has joined my favourites list. And I still think Lee Min Ho is so great!.There's heaps of others too obviously but maybe they are my top ones....? I think.
      For the ladies I really love Nam Sang Mi these days and Yoo Inna too! And Park Shin Hye I love too amd for some reason I really like Suzy too... hehe. And heaps of others too of course!
      Even just reading about Kyu's quiet relief at Beojin's confession just transports me back to that lovely scene. It was so disappointing the first time I saw it even though I still did love it, but it just grows on me more and more. Like you said, no drama (except for Kyu nearly dying of course) but just such a solid ending to their romance. There is no way anyone could doubt Beojin's feelings after that scene, including poor William, though he would have already guessed it anyway.
      Aaah, the memories!! :-)

  24. I like Lee Jun Ki too! In real life, he comes across earnest and hardworking. Those Arang scenes you talk evoked wonderful feelings of longing and love and just about broke my heart too. They’re really great but still come in (almost distant) second to Kyu scenes :-)
    Oh boy, actor bias? Korean alone, I have plenty! And that’s not counting the HKG, Taiwan, Japanese ones! Yes, I know, I have a very BIG heart! The list evolves, rankings change but once they get there, I’ll always have a soft spot unless they do something in real life that I feel strongly about. Like the recent Kim Hyun Joong abuse case. I was neutral about him but that all went south when I found out he was very likely guilty.
    You sure you want me to get started about my faves? Keke. I have no fixed criteria. Sometimes, it’s cause they’re good at their craft. Other times, it stems from love of the characters they play, sentimental reasons, their real-life personas (public at least) or simply because they’re handsome or beautiful. Yes, I’m shallow that way…
    My top top bias has probably got to be Binnie! He, I think was my first real K-crush. And when he opted to enter the Marine Corp when doing his military service – So man! That sealed the deal!! keke
    Lee Jun Ki’s in the top ranks along with Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Hyuk, Kim Gab Soo, Choi Siwon (so handsome!), Song Seung Heon and the list goes on. Im Ju Hwan’s also currently in the top 10 (as if you couldn't guess) and all he needs is to nail me with another solid performance and he’ll likely be in the top 5 permanently methinks.
    I haven’t watched Flower Boy Next Door so I don’t know about Yoon Si Yoon –yes, I’m one of the rare few, but hear me out. My beloved Kim Ji Hoon’s in it and I didn’t want to end up pointlessly 2nd lead shipping. I know, it’s irrational. As for the ladies, I absolutely adore the lovely Ha Ji Won and Song Kye Kyo. I also like Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye, Yoo In Na, Shin Min Ah and Jung Eun Ji.
    I’m about done with Tamra (for now) and it will always have a place in my heart. Park Kyu is my absolute favourite leading man and even Mr Darcy is no competition (oh the sacrilege!) :-) I have a feeling, I will revisit the island very frequently!

  25. Oh my god, avoiding second lead shipping the absolute least irrational thing ever!!! I sooooo totally get that!! It is very rare that a second lead steals my heart away (I am usually lucky and just pick the right guy) but when it has happened it absolutely destroys me and makes me feel so sad. Crazy of course, but there you go. :-) That is another reason I haven't jumped in to watch Fated to Love you, because Choi Jin Hyuk is definitely on my list of lovely loves and I really don't want to watch him get heartbroken and not end up with the girl (also I have avoided 'My Girl' because the idea of Lee Jun Ki being heartbroken is just horrible! !! He is so expressive and lovely that I think watching it might kill me.
    Sigh. I love him so much. (crazy fangirling moment!)
    And you are probably right to he wary of Flower Boy Next Door as much as I adore that drama because Kim Ji Hoon is really great in it and has this weird messy/sexy/goofy/hapless vibe going on and really gave Yoon Si Yoon a run for his money! And I'm saying that when I adore Yoon Si Yoon too! (Though Kim Ji Hoon gets heaps of screen time too whifh is a little unusual for a second lead and he is well charming. ...but yes it might break your heart).
    Oh gosh it is fun squeeing about all my K-loves!!! Yay!!
    I think we have different tastes in some of the dudes though because for some reason I never warmed to Hyun Bin but I do agree that the marine thing is a bit great!! (Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Yoon Si Yoon also is in the marines now which is crazy cos he doesn't look quite like the type...).
    Oh and I agree about the Hyung Joong thing and how that personal stuff can so hardcore turn you off an actor. Like Park Shi Hoo for example. All that stuff really grossed me out and now I haven't been able to deal with a rewatch the princess Man even though I would like to. But it just colours my opinion of the actor and I don't like staring at them or thinking they are attractive. That's why Lee Jun Ki is nice because he does seem like a nice guy and down to earth which is good!
    Really like Jung Eun Ji too! And Shin Mina, they are so lovely.
    And yes Darcy is the ultimate swoony man to beat isn't he? (Although Richard Armitage in that mini series North and South already pipped him for me.... swoon) but I totally agree that Park Kyu is absolutely up on that same level! Hehe, after we have finished squeeing about all the actors I will have to ask you about your favourite characters! ! :-)

  26. Haiz, I don't usually fall for 2nd leads either. Problem only arises when actors we like are cast in those roles. I already forsee this problem for me in My Secret Hotel. I want to watch it badly but I like Nam Gong Min. Ottoke?
    You might want to skip Fated but I think you can still try My Girl. The OTP in Fated is undoubtedly made for each other, no two ways, so your heart will break! MG, I feel may not pose so much of a problem (maybe), Lee Jun Ki was very young then and he looked it. As much as I liked him, I just felt he wasn't suited for the heroine. That might mitigate the problem somewhat?
    You described Lim Ji Hoon to the T! Messy sexy, that's the vibe he channels haha. Binnie is more chameleonish. To me, he can channel anything. Goofy, sexy, bastardy, serious ...Erm, I don't know if Yoon Shi Yoon is in the Marines though, but yes, he definitely doesn't look the type. Not to be insensitive or anything but lucky (?) for me, I never understood the Park Shi Hoo appeal. But I won't ever see him in the same light again and will likely skip his future works. Any kind of abuse against women or children is a no-no for me.
    How could I forget Gong Hyo Jin? She looks like the sort I could hang out with to chill. I think she's down to earth and quirky.
    Darcy! Since my teenage years when I first read Pride & Prejudice, he was the ultimate sweep-a-girl-off-her-feet hero. When Colin Firth came along to put the face to the hero, oh man...For me, it is the only English drama that warrants any rewatching! PK koff, erm, I watched it again earlier this year. This year has been the year of rewatches for me! As much as I swoon for Darcy, it's now Park Kyu who's very firmly entrenched in the numero uno spot!
    Ooo characters. You already know my favourite male hero :-) Female protagonist has got to be Kim Sam Soon! I identify with her on so many levels! She's brash, unladlylike, not your typical sweet, petite heroine. Oops, I revealed more about myself than I intended. Hope you still want to be my spazz buddy keke. I'll have to think harder about 2nd leads. None really jump out although Choi Jin Hyuk's Daniel in Fated was quite awesome. It'll also be hard for me to name supporting characters as I love so many! Like I said, Big mama here has a BIG heart :-)

    1. Oh, second leads.... I guess my obvious one is how crazy I went for Yoo Ah In in Sungkwangan Scandal. It was in my early drama viewing days and it nearly broke my heart when she didn't choose him (even though really she was never even into him at all) but I think because I was so new into dramas I didn't even understand the whole second lead concept yet, as in I thought poor Yoo Ah In stood a chance!!
      Have you been watching dramas for a long time? I can't remember if you already told me :-)
      Oh I started my secret hotel because of Yoo Inna (I luuurve her) but am now trying to hold off until it finishes airing (which is very hard!!) And I was loving it though I must admit I don't know the male actors in it very well at all. I know the main guy from Scandal in the Court (I think thats what it was called) but I didn't particularly like him in that, or maybe just that drama in general was a bit depressing and I admit I never finished it... but he seems great in My Secret Hotel!!
      Ah I actually watched Sam Soon in my early drama days and at that point we had no Internet in my house so I just bought a copy off Ebay and they never had good subtitles, so in the end I watched the whole thing with the worst subtitles imaginable (like swapping everyone's names to the names of countrys like Iraq and Iran and also just making no sense) and I do think that may have tainted my enjoyment of it. As in I had absolutely no idea what was going on!!! :-(

  27. When I started watching K dramas, I much preferred modern ones cos, as you know, I only want sunshine and rainbows, none of that conspiracy, courty stuff. I still watched a few sageuks but they were never top on my list (hence Tamra). So I didn’t watch Sungkyukwan till earlier this year. Story was interesting and I like it enough, but I don’t identify with the online lurve it got and still gets. I somehow wasn’t that vested in the drama and got nowhere near crazy about it. Did you like or love it very much? That said, I also preferred Yoo Ah In’s character (like the actor too), plus, dare I say it? Yoo Chun’s character was somewhat dull, all scholarly and little swashbuckling. And now that you mentioned it, you’re right. The 2nd lead concept is definitely a lot more common in Asian dramas.
    My mum loves her HKG dramas, so I watched many Cantonese serials when I was kid. But I think it was in 2000 that I watched my first ever K drama. Definitely no internet then, had to borrow or buy CDs and I can't even remember why I picked Popcorn up at the shop. I haven’t exactly been consistently watching throughout though. There were pockets here and there when real life demanded more of my time and energy that I could muster. When did you start and how did you pick K dramas up?
    I’ve been reading such good things about My Secret Hotel and I’m really torn. I don’t know the male lead either and I’m so distracted by his muffin hair :-) that it’s hard to find him sexy from just pictures.
    Oh no, pity about your MNIKSS subtitles. I mean there’s bad subtitling but this is a first I’m hearing about replacing names with countries! I watched Tamra on gooddrama, viki and my own box set. And the subtitles all vary! I wish my own set allowed edits to subtitles haha. I would replace those parts which I thought good drama or viki did better! As non Korean speakers, dependent on subtitles, I’m sure we missed out on many insinuations, references and degrees of intensity that the drama writers intend. If you do ever try MNIKSS again one of these days, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!
    BTW, I’m dying for your next chapter of Things!

    1. Hahahah! Oh my gosh, what is up with that muffiny hair right?? I freaking hate it! It is so not manly and looks like a wig or something, especially when it is all curled and stuff. Not very attractive. ....and yet all the dudes are wearing it these days in the dramas. It makes me sad as it turns handsome men into total muffin tops so I just cannot wait until this trend is over!! The main guy does indeed look rediculous in My Secret Hotel and although I don't find him overly handsome personally he does have a nice deep voice and loads of chemistry with Yoo Inna.
      So I guess there are upsides and downsides :-)
      My first drama was Dream High and I have been watching for nearly four years now. Quite obsessively. I just followed random videos on youtube and came across suzy and I think the Jason character doing and acapella duet which was a clip from the drama. I liked it so checked it out and then went crazy. I watched four episodes at work during my lunch breaks amd got in early to snatch an extra ten minutes, and then I bought a copy with insane subtitles (they literally told me the school was called something about a unicorn at some point....for serious) yet I still watched the whole thing even though loads was lost in translation. I am re watching it at the moment actually and it is so lovable but dead cheesy with Taecyeon swanning around like the coolest street dude who ever lived. I just love it though... hehe.
      Oh and I agree about how much must be lost in translation, I have been trying to learn Korean and can only understand the barest tiny amount, yet somtimes now I can hear when they change really simple stuff in the subs and I don't understand why. Like the subs will say something like "yes, sir." But really I could hear they actually said "I understand."
      Like why does that need to be changed? It's so weird!!
      Oh and I nearly forgot, like you I never got obsessive about Sungyunkwan drama.... I also found Yoo Chun a bit boring (and not hugely attractive. .. I am so shallow! The shame!) And so I never really got invested in the romance....
      I do really like sagueks however (these days I adore the costumes and sets and the epic stakes) but I like the more fusiony less serious ones like Tamra or Faith. The too serious ones fan be a bit boring or too tragic (like the lead couple dying! Gross! I hate that!)
      :-) Have a lovely day SOSsy!!

  28. Oh you and me both Pops! I'm shallow to the core when it comes to my leading men. They ought to ooze smexy/charm/bastardy tendencies (some, not too much!). Chiseled features or six packs are a bonus. And they must be MAN, not some youngling masquerading as one. keke. Tsk tsk! I'm terrible ha
    Maybe the muffin man in MSH will change my mind if I start watching, we'll see.
    Sadly, I don't think the curls will go away anytime soon. Drama stylists seem to depend on it to vary the men's looks. Even in real life, I've noticed men on the streets sporting the style on my trips to Seoul.
    Not one of my rabid dramas but I liked Dream High. It felt raw and was engaging because it matched the coming of age angst.
    It's cute how you stumbled on Korean dramas. No wonder you have a soft spot for Suzy haha.
    I'm not as crazy as when I first started. I still watch every night but can no longer stay up till 4am like I used to, even on weekends, Too many things going on outside my drama life, plus age is catching up. What's your obsession level?
    The idea of learning Korean did occur to me. The thought of not having to depend on subtitles was very appealing. Unfortunately, I am lazy and already have trouble with my own languages so I only entertained the thought for all of three seconds! :-) So after these years, I can only recognise phrases here and there. But good for you! Hwaiting! Maybe you could be my interpretation consultant haha
    Yoo Chun - I know right? His character in the drama was just flat. How can a sageuk hero not fight? It's a given! He seems the gentle good fellow sort in real life but not exactly my cup of tea somehow.
    Agree about the heavy duty sageuks. I steer clear which is why I haven't watched The Princess man even though many say it is good.
    It wasn't love at first sight for me with the traditional Korean clothing since I was more used to the Chinese wuxia costume. I thought the gat pointless since it only served to highlight rank. But I love its distinct look now and even considered the hanbok for one of my annual co themed dinners. It hides MANY things keke
    You have a good weekend Pops!!

  29. Aaargh!! I wrote a huge long message to you just now and it got deleted!! Arrgh. So frustrating! ! (It was my fault, the train was going through an area where I can never get any signal ans yet I still tried to post the comment right then.....)
    I am so grumpy now!!
    Anyway, I hope you had a nice weekend!
    I will have to send you a proper comment tomorrow as I am too mad to write it all out again now.....

  30. Oh noes! That happened to me on one my first few comments to you too! But it was due to my unfamiliarity with posting, so it was my own fault.
    Anyway, it's ok, take your time, I ain't going anywhere :-)
    Btw, I like your new blog font!.

    1. Oh thank you about the blog font!! :-) its been so long since I changed anything so I had some fun, but I'm glad you like it (and can still read it!!)
      Gosh I have to say it sucks when you write a big long comment and get it wiped like that!! It's so depressing!!
      I was also thinking about what you said about liking those manly kind if jerkish male leads (I am exactly the same!!) and I think it is so funny that I love watching heros like that in my dramas even though really I can see that would be horrible in real life. Like when they drag the woman around and yell at her all the time, I kind of like watching that stuff but then I feel a bit guilty for admitting it!!! :-)
      Oh on a side note I mentioned I was watching Nightwatchmen (as one of my millions of live watch dramas) but I think I have dropped it now.... which is kind of sad. It looks beautiful but there is practically no character development at all and the romance is flimsy as hell. Sad :-( I so wanted it to be good, what with ghosts and joseon times and warriors and stuff.
      But I am watching Surplus Princess!! And it is awesome! ! Very cute and adorable so I am loving that one!!!
      You watching anything good lately? :-)
      Also, on a different side note, it is so awesome having people reading my story Things and it makes me so pleased, but I must admit it is also a bit scary!! I hope I can follow through and all the plot bits tie up! Oh well, I will just do my best and then see what happens I guess!! :-)
      Have a lovely day SOSsy!!

  31. I much prefer this font to the previous one actually :-) I admire your dedication and commitment to maintaining the blog. I don’t think I could!
    Oh yes! Horrible when a comment just disappears! It has happened a few times so now I’ve wised up! I just always copy whatever I’ve written before I hit ‘publish’ or type up my comment somewhere else first.
    I think that us gerls are all (well, most) somehow ‘programmed’ to be attracted to these jerkish types. Faced with a geek (no matter how adorkable with glasses!) or a bad boy, bad boy would win the feels first. Whether said gerl acts on the attraction is another matter for a separate discussion haha. There’s actually a Chinese saying which goes: Women love bad boys! I kid you not!
    :-) I hear you about the drag and yell. I’m ashamed but me like them too! Especially in those situations when he’s mad at her ‘for her own good’. And I’ll be like “Aw, he cares!” kekeke even as I’m typing this, I am laughing at myself for being ‘ridiculous’
    I’ve read that Nighwatchmen isn't up to expectations but now that you’ve confirmed it, I’ll probably give it a miss :o( Yes, Surplus Princess is also on my radar.
    I have a confession. I’ve not watched any dramas since Tamra, only watched some random movies. I love it so and even though I wasn’t re-watching it this past week, it felt like I was not ready to move on just yet. I’m being overly dramatic but I tell you, random scenes from the drama were still popping up in my head!! I do plan on starting Marriage not Dating this week though…
    I like Things and always look forward to new chapters. Keep up the good work! Hwaiting!

    1. Hello SOSsy!! I hope you had a nice weekend!! Sorry for my delay in replying, it's been a busy week! And now it is Monday again... :-( my least favourite day. The only good thing about Mondays is that is when I get to watch Surplus Princess which is currently my favourite show airing. :-)
      Yeah Nightwatchmen was not as good as I was hoping which makes me so sad! I love the idea of fantasy sagueks and it does look lovely but the character relationships are ao paper thin. Like for instance Jung Il Woo is just being a normal petty jerkish male lead to the girl, and he is yelling at her all the time (so far so good) but suddenly he tells her that the reason he is being so angry is (like you said) "for her own good"! Which is normally great, except it doesn't feel like its true. It feels like he barely knows her and that he isn't particularly interested in her either, and yet he is suddenly saying he has someone he wants to protect for the first time.... blurg. Absolutely no emotional set up at all. So sad!! I so badly wanted it to be good! !
      Yeah the jerkish male lead stuff is so weirdly appealing in a drama. I think your right that it is a bad boy thing, and also these jerkish guys are always the most emotionally damaged guys, and I think we all love dramatic damaged heros who cry a bit when you peel back the tough exterior (in dramaland at least). It is pretty rediculous though right? Hehe.
      Oh I totally get that you are still completely lost in Tamra and don't want to let go yet. It is such a nice feeling when something affects you that much and it is definitely then hard to leave it behind! I have a Tamra picture currently as my backdrop on my phone, so I am also hanginh on as long as I can!! :-)

  32. Blogwise, you’ve had a busy week!! :-)
    Agree that Mondays are the least pleasant day of the week, especially since it is also my running day :-( But it helps to have a drama to look forward to!
    I think we like drama hero jerks because deep down, we’re just hopeless romantics. We want to see love change this idiot of a selfish jerk into someone caring, who’d do anything for the woman he loves. Transformations are more dramatic with jerks and the greater the change, the higher on the romantic scale, the harder our heart strings get pulled. Not acceptable in real life, the wrist-grabs, the yelling, the sudden pull-her-in-for-a-kiss and shouted confessions, are all viewed through a romantic veil. Plus points if the hero cries! Especially poignant are those scenes when he realises that he might actually like her. All ridiculous and yet, I like!!! kekek
    Bummer about Nighwatchmen. Also the Three Musketeers I hear, has been disappointing. I’m currently waiting for MSH and SP to finish airing so that I can start watching.
    I read your JG review and while a part of me wants to watch it, I’m not sure if I will. I don’t like emotional trauma and with this drama, I’m pretty darned certain that I will be drained after. It sounds like it will twist and squeeze my insides then rip them out. For now, I think I’ll just contend with reading about it and yours was a wonderful review! The leads’ performances and chemistry sound amazing!
    Oh btw, I have a question about Things. Lee Yoon calls Soo In ‘brat’, could you tell me what it is in Korean?
    It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who’s hanging onto Tamra!

    1. Oh noes, I actually don't know what it is in Korean!! But I will have to try and find out for you! I will try to remember to ask my teacher because often I find google translate to say crazy things that are not entirely correct. I will admit Lee Yoon using brat was a complete Park Kyu rip off.... although I believe Kyu also uses pest too. Sorry SOSsy, not very helpful. .. :-)
      Yeah I really loved Joseon Gunman but I did blubber and sob a hell of a lot towards the end so it is a bit of a hardcore emotional journey! I guess it is a happy ending....sort of? I did love it though! :-)
      Oh I hadn't heard Musketeers was also possibly not performing great. How sad! I wasn't super excited for it because I am not partial to any of the cast, but I am partial to an adventurous saguek, so that is indeed sad to hear.
      Surplus Princess though (in my opinion at least) is still going sooo well. I am loving it, all quirky and kooky and funny, with some nice emotional stuff too. (And the boys are CUTE!!) Very fun!
      Hahah I think you have hit the nail on the head with the "why do smart girls like dramas about jerkish horrible men!" I agree, it is absolutely the growth into something more, and I am in full agreement that I adore that moment when they start realising they like the girl, and then they have to suffer in silence for ages feeling all unhappy and weird about it!! Hehehe (evil laugh). I shouldn't really enjoy that so much though, it's a bit mean. But I do particularly like it when the guy falls for the girl first and then she doesn't notice for a little while. Also the whole bickering thing is so fun too!!
      Oh dramas! What would I do without you? !! (Probably be really constructive and do all sorts of real life useful stuff!! :-) hehe)

    2. It’s ok if it’s too much trouble Pops! I just thought it might be nice to say it in Korean in my head when I read Things. It won’t mar my enjoyment so please don’t go out of your way. I thought it might be ‘managee’ but wasn’t sure since it’s translated as ‘troublemaker/filly (haha)’ in the versions I’ve seen heh.
      Cute boyS are always a reason to catch a drama :-) and I shall wait patiently for Surplus Princess to finish.
      I know right? It always gets me when the guy realises it first. On the contrary, I don’t think it is mean for him to suffer some since he was in all likelihood mean to the girl from the start (unless it was poor Kyu, who I felt had to go through more than his fair share). I’m quite the meanie aren’t I? haha. Bickering is definitely fun and just adds to the delicious underlying tension.
      Oh I doubt very much I’d be doing useful real life stuff if I didn't watch dramas :-) I’ll just obsess about the drama in books! Haha, it's just not possible to take the drama out of a drama fangerl!

    3. Haha! Too true SOSsy! I would probably be the same, getting all obsessive over book characters and movies and stuff! :-) which I guess is pretty much what I used to do anyway before I discovered dramas! Do you have any favourites? :-)
      I went to see Maze runner on the weekend which was exciting! There was even a character called Minho in it who was a bit quite attractive so I guess there is always something to be fangirling about. Sigh. So many fangirling sources and so little time!

    4. Sadly, I haven’t read in quite a while. Shawshank Redemption is one of favourites. But books are not really the same as dramas. I seldom had the inclination to re-read them, except perhaps a few classics like Mockingbird, Pride & Prejudice and Little Women.
      As for movies, I seldom get a say in what movies we watch these days. My two boys are all about watching things blow up, mad pointless chases on fancy vehicles and tight fancy costumes via Spiderman, Transformers, Guardians…you get the drift. Good fun but nothing to really to fangerl about! But I managed to catch the Japanese ‘Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno’ with the hubs about three weeks ago. Maze Runner is good? Will try to schedule that for one our ‘date’ nights :-)
      Haha, yes agree! I’m always game for fingerling. Useless pursuit but so deliciously fun!

    5. Oh gosh, I'm worried now because I don't want you to go see Mazerunner because of me and then hate it!! Eeeh! The pressure! :-)
      Actually my husband didn't really enjoy that much and I think that there is also some serious cheese in it too!!! Sooo.... I don't know if it is great, but I just really enjoyed it (possibly because all the boys were rather good looking. ....if also super young though!)
      Haha that is funny about your boys and their superhero movies! You have two sons? It is pretty great you still manage to find time to watch kdrama then!! It must be very busy! :-)
      Books.... yeah I also don't read as much as I used to. There just never seems to be enough time! I guess I have read a lot if young adult novels like the hunger games, but somehow they always leave me a little disappointed. I think the romances are built a bit clumsily compared to how they are done in kdrama, and these days I have been so spoiled I have become quite fussy about what entails a good romance!!
      Like you I like Jane Austen and I think Persuasion is probably my favourite.
      Also I don't know if you enjoy English period dramas, but if you do there is a bbc miniseries called North and South which is really great! Maybe you have already seen it, or aren't into that kind of thing, but I find it super romantic.
      Oh and I forgot to say I am going to see that Kyoto Inferno in a couple of weeks! I am so excited because I thought the first one was awesome!!
      I am so glad it is friday!! :-) Have a lovely weekend SOSsy!!

    6. Haha, no need to feel any pressure :-) I certainly won’t hold you to anything! I don’t even know if I will be able to catch it in the cinemas…
      Yes, I have two sons i.e. three boys to look after heh. Yes, it was tough when they were younger, which is why I had to take an enforced drama break. There just wasn’t enough time nor energy. Things are a lot better now that they’re older (10 & 7). I have a lot more me and drama time even though I still have to go home to a second ‘homework’ shift.
      You’re right about the romance in books. It’s usually under developed else it’s just sexual. At least you’re still reading. I did recently read ‘Eleanor & Park’ though and quite enjoyed it!
      You quite the fan of classical, period dramas aren’t you? Heh. I haven’t watched North & South but might check it out one of these days since it comes highly recommended :-P
      The first instalment of Rurouni Kenshin was really great wasn’t it? Totally unexpected! Not to spoil it for you but Kyoto Inferno isn’t as action-packed so be prepared that it’s more of a set-up for The Legend Ends. I still liked it though.
      You and me both Pops! It’s been an exhausting long week for me and I haven’t watched any dramas for two nights already :-(
      I will enjoy my weekend! I have dramas and Things to look forward to!!!!
      Good weekend to you to Pops!

    7. Cool thanks for the heads up about Kyoto Inferno, I think.its always good to have less expectations anyway so you can enjoy being pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed! I'm still looking forward to seeing it though but won't expect anything too Incredible.
      Wow two boys!! :-) it's nice now they are older that you are finding a bit more time for yourself again! And after all the (ongoing) hard work of raising two boys it sounds like you deserve it! :-)
      Also, how was Park and Eleanor? I read another book randomly by that same author (called fangirl) but the romance didn't really get me, I just think maybe I didn't like the actual characters enough. But I liked her writing style and it was very easy to read so I still enjoyed it overall.
      Oh, did you hear that Surplus Princess got cut by 4 episodes? I am so upset! !! I am loving that show and the romance stuff has been a very slow build but it has just got off the ground and everything is so fun..... :-(. I can't imagine with so little time left to sort everything out that they can wrap it up well..... boohoo hoo!!!! So upset!!! :-(

    8. Hey Pops! Sorry for the radio silence. Work has been crazy :-(
      I’m waiting to see The Legend Ends, and hopefully everything will all tie in nicely. Fingers crossed! I’m looking forward to it!
      Yes, two boys. Some days I barely believe it myself, heh! Me? Responsible for two little people…
      Park & Eleanor was quite nice. I didn’t have much expectations and it was a very easy read so I quite enjoyed it.
      Yes, I heard about the cut :-( wanted to check with you what you thought about it since you are watching it live. Will they be able to tie up all the ends? I hope this won't spoil the drama too much since I was really looking forward to watching it.
      I just finished ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, did you watch that? Sad to say, I didn’t really enjoy it. Shin Min Ah was cute but I wasn’t engaged in the romance. I finished the drama after FF’g a lot. I’m a completist you see, have to finish dramas I start unless they are really very very bad :-)
      Actually I wanted to discuss Things but I think that’ll have to wait a while till I’m not so bz..
      Take Care Pops!

    9. Haha, yeah, when life gets in the way of dramas!! Anyway no worries, I am always here so take your time!! :-)
      Well I am hoping so badly the Surplus Princess cut doesn't destroy it. I don't know why but I am just adoring that show ecen though I guess it did have a slow beginning but because of that all the characters are all so fleshed out and finally the love triangle has kicked into gear. There are two episodes left to wrap it up in, so I am hopeful they can do it (but still so sad they have to... :-( )
      I also started My Lovable Girl which I am really enjoying so far. It is very sweet and Rain is just so lovely so I am having fun!!
      But I think I have dropped My Secret Hotel! I wish I had the stamina like you to just finish it anyway, because its not actually bad or anything, but I am really not feeling the romance so as much as I love Yoo Inna, I don't really care which guy she chooses....
      I actually agree about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I watched it and enjoyed it enough I guess, but I never got sucked into it or lost in it. I have never been crazy about Lee Seung Gi though.... I never feel him as romantic hero characters.... Shin Mina I do like though!! :-)
      Anyway I will let you go after that massive drama drop! Have a lovely weekend!!!

    10. Well today I'm 'stuck' at home because I had an appointment to get a dental implant done. I slept the afternoon away which is such a treat! Tonight I can drama marathon Ha! Just need to find the perfect drama to hook me...
      Keep me posted about Surplus Princess. I'm still keen to catch it. Dropped My Secret Hotel, really? Oh noes,
      I don't know why I just need to complete the dramas I start watching. It's the need to know how things end?
      You and I seem to agree on one type of our leading men. I don't get the Lee Seung Gi appeal either. I don't mind him but he doesn't draw me as a romantic lead. And I think it's partly because he has the 'goodie', nice boy look, just like Yoo Chun. Also, they both lack the acting depth to channel angst which I need to feel. You reckon it's the same for you?
      It's finally the weekend and Yay I'll be waiting for the next chapter of Things :-)
      Good weekend too!

    11. Yeah I totally agree about the good boy thing, I guess that is never quite as interesting in a drama so you are right even though I hadn't thought of it like that before! In real life nice guys are the best but in dramas I like em complicated! ! :-)
      I accidently slept in this morning and so missed my train! What a stress! I hope I'm not late for work!!
      I wish I had the stamina to finish all the dramas I start but lately I have noticed I am being so picky all the time. I will get like ten episodes in or something and then just suddenly give up when I realise I am getting bored and trying to do other stuff whilst the drama is on. My Secret Hotel isn't bad at all though but I think I am just not managing to get behind the romance so it isn't working for me personally so I realised I didn't much care what happened to them. Maybe I'll pick it back up again at some point though!
      Gosh I really hope I make it to work in time!!!
      Have a great day and I hope you are feeling better after your dentist visit! :-)

    12. I hope you got to work on time Pops!
      I'm feeling ok, thanks for asking. Just need to get the sutures removed this weekend.
      Yes! The more conflicted the man, the better, in dramas that is :-)
      I guess we get pickier as we watch more dramas, just at different stages! I’m more selective about what I start while you are quick to decide if a drama isn’t worth your time. I wish I could drop them halfway, it’d be a lot easier for me but I don’t like the ‘hanging’ feeling.
      I’m now watching ‘Evasive Enquiry Agency’. The plot’s cute and I’m girl-crushing Ye Jiwon but I think I need me some romance after this :-)
      The weekend's just round the corner Yay~!

    13. Hi SOSsy!! Sorry it's been so long since I replied!! My work trip went well, but lately work has been feeling less good than normal, I think the office is getting so bitchy which is really not very nice. :-( I am thinking about looking for a different job but it is a bit scary as I am so used to this one now.....
      Anyway, I hope you are well and your family too!! :-)
      I haven't been watching many dramas lately cos of my trip but actually am only keeping up with My Lovely Girl, though there are heaps around that I want to watch at some point. You watching anything good lately? I started the Sound of the Desert, it is pretty fun so far and I am liking all the lead actors! :-) have a lovely day!! :-)

    14. No worries Pops! I've been caught up with work stuff as well. We had to grapple with some hostile takeover attempt and things were just crazy in the days leading up to our Annual General Meeting this past Thursday. I haven't even had time to breathe much less watch any dramas. Things have settled down somewhat but I've just been so tired, I didn't open my laptop the past week which for me is a record!
      I might start Surplus Princess but not tonight...
      I'm so looking forward to my break in mid Nov!
      You take care ya Pops!

    15. Oh that sounds terrible and stressful SOSsy! I hope things have calmed down a bit for you now at work. It sounds like you certainly deserve a holiday! ! :-) I started applying for a different job so am feeling quite nervous about it all and hoping I am making the right decision.
      Hopefully on your holiday you will get time to relax and watch some dramas to wind down!! :-) There are certainly some good ones around at the moment!

    16. Good luck with the job hunt Pops! Hope you find something you like.
      Things have sort of settled down but I don't know what coming up for me. My old boss wants to bring me along but part of me wants to stay and see where the new bosses will take the company. Unfortunately, he's old school and if I were to turn him down, it'll be a bridge gone rickety and the relationship won't be the same...
      I anticipate lots of walking (and eating heh) during the holiday so I doubt I'll be able to catch any dramas since I will probably crash every day. But I am looking forward to spending time with the boyz. Wait, did I just say that?! keke

    17. Haha, well have fun walking with your boyz!! :-) And I hope you make a decision you are happy with about staying or leaving. Good luck to us both I guess though I am sure it will all work out!! Fingers crossed :-)

    18. Thanks Pops! Whatever will be will be!
      Here's wishing us both happy and blessed lives! :-)
      I am very looking forward to my break and it's terrible that I'm already in a holiday mood. My leave hasn't even been officially approved yet haha

  33. I guess Tamra Island gets better after the first episode then? I borrowed the DVD set and I am having a hard time getting past episode 1. Honestly I'm finding it rather gross. Between the feces (the father "going" over the pig sty and then calling them to come eat, and then showing the exile how to fling it into the sea), and all the vomiting on the ship, I'm about ready to call it quits. There are many dramas that I love watching over and over again, but I can't imagine watching this first episode ever again! Does it really get that much better?

  34. By golly gee it does!!!!!!!
    I only managed to get past episode two on my second try. You have to keep at it!
    I promise you will be rewarded right Pops?

    1. Yeah it really does! ! It is mental at the start but all exciting and romantic later on! Stick with it a few episodes at least because all the poo/ vomit stuff backs off by then!!
      Hehe, it is quite funny because when I was watching it my husband always managed to be walking in whenever something gross was happening (like the pig toilet thing) and he still references this drama by that one scene he saw.
      But it is seriously so wonderful and so much more than that!! :-) We swear!

  35. Happy to find this post with your summary and review, and the comments submitted by readers. Happy because I'm not the only one who watched and rewatched the series. Thought it was just me! It's addictive! Found myself making lame excuses when my kids kept asking why I am watching it over and over. “Oh! I'm trying to learn Korean!” “Uummm … learning about Korean history and customs; especially in the 17 century.” “Really like the authentic clothing and accessories.” “Missed something in an episode! Need to go back over it!”

    Truth is … I just like the show! :)

    I rather like the fact that it took Virjeen (Beo-Jin) some time to fully realize that the man she would finally be taken by, was worth it! I'm glad it took a while because Park Gue had to work his way through all that “silly binding unnecessary nonsense, rules and traditions” that people invent and impose upon themselves about low-born and noblemen, etc. – when we're all just humans – who are all born and all die the same way. Once he broke away those barriers, he grew a love so strong for her that he would give up all just to be with her forever! Including live a life on an exiled island. Which was a life far better than being in the bustling capital city and living in the same house with his mom! That “piggy woman” worked on my last nerve!! :)

    I'm sorry but all suckers for love stories love a love story like Tamra, the Island! :)