25 April 2013



Drama's I didn't like or couldn't even finish.....

Warrior Baek Dong-soo
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Prosecutor Princess

I love Korean dramas so much.  I think they are so refreshing and romantic, with a hell of a lot of emotional depth, even the silly comedic ones tending to have a lot of heart.  But in saying that, of course I have still come across a fair few duds since my obsession began.

Some of these drama's are actually really popular and well loved, so I do understand I run the risk of being attacked by an angry mob for my low opinions of them but what can I say, everyone has their own loves and hates. Which is what makes the world so exciting!


This is the latest drama that I struggled through before finally being forced to admit defeat and give up. I really wanted to like this one as sageuks are generally great fun (the costumes, the fight scenes, the badassness and romance) and I actually did stick with this one right up until about episode 22 or so, which is pretty far in to give up, so close to the end. I just got the point where I realised I was bored most of the time, not being able to ever fully invest in any of the characters in this drama.

I really enjoyed it in the beginning, finding the character of  Dong-soo very likeable and interesting, particularly when he was still suffering from his twisted limb problems and wearing his bamboo outfit.  The story of a kid who longs more then anything to be normal, trying desperately to keep up physically with the children in his village, but never quite being able to manage it, was one I really liked.

It was quite a sad beginning and a great base for his character to build off, as I thought it meant he would grow into a humble, hardworking and totally awesome young man, someone who can understand and sympathise with people less gifted then himself.

Alas this was not the case.  

The very second the bamboo came off, Dong-soo became so egotistical that I couldn't bear it, constantly challenging everyone around him even though he was, to put it plainly, totally shit at everything. I think confidence is good but there is a fine line between quietly understanding your abilities and being confident in yourself, and actually just being a huge big douche.

Yeo Woon was pretty cool throughout, (especially when he was a kid and stabbing a stick through his hand! Talk about dramatic and heartbreaking) though I must admit I found it hard to sympathise with him later on when he was talking about his destiny and how he didn't have any choice but to betray everyone.
There is always a choice Yeo Woon!

Also, for a drama focusing so much on the fighting skills of it's characters I didn't think the fight scenes were actually all that great, compared to other dramas that don't even concentrate on martial arts such as 'Arang and the Magistrate' or even the 'Gu Family Book' which is airing at the moment, both of which have some incredible fights that actually make me gasp.
Warrior Baek Dong-soo, you could have been so good.   If only you had made your characters a little more likeable so I could care what happens to them, or made it so the Sky Lord didn't dribble all over his beard every single time he took a swig of wine.


I really run the risk of attracting a lot of haters by bad mouthing this drama, as I know it is a favorite for a lot of people, and although I can't claim it was the worst drama I have seen, I also unfortunately don't think it was all that good either.

I really like Sung Joon after seeing him in 'White Christmas' a little while ago so was actually quite excited for this drama, especially after hearing all the hype that surrounded it.  I did end up watching the whole thing but by the end, I found myself wondering why I had bothered. It didn't leave me with any good feelings, and I felt like the romance fell flat.

I am a fan of the Flower Boy series (especially Flower Boy Next Door) so it's not like the idea of a flower boy drama offended me or anything, but I really found myself disliking some of the characters.
For instance I didn't enjoy how mean and childish Lee Hyun Soo (L) was and how awfully he treated everyone. I  understand he was having issues at home but I found his attitude very frustrating and could not for the life of me understand why anyone liked him (least of all any women).

I like Sung Joon and thought the character he played was definitely the best in the drama but I really couldn't  get behind his romancing of Soo Ah, a key plot point, as I felt her character was absolutely paper thin and not much more then a really (really, really) pretty set piece.

I am not going to say I am getting too old to watch a drama about a bunch of teenagers finding themselves (though it may sound that way from my review), as to be honest I love teen dramas, it's just that I think this one had way to much emphasis on the pretty with not enough substance to back it up.


Whoah, I did not like this drama. Not one bit. I watched about 6 or 7 episodes before I realised that it was making me so angry that I was fuming for hours after every episode. Basically this was all the main character's fault.

Hye Ri is the most selfish, self-absorbed, self-important  and self-centered character I have ever had the displeasure of watching and I found her absolute lack of growth even harder to deal with. In saying that however, I admit I never saw the end and I do presume there was a bit of character development (I can only hope) and maybe she even did a complete turn around and became a good person, I don't know?  Obviously I can't comment on what I haven't seen, but during the first few episodes I actualy wanted to punch her.

The scene where she can't muster any sympathy whatsoever for a child who has been the victim of sexual abuse, as well as the totally unromantic scene at the airport where In Woo tries to keep her from leaving and she is all just 'Me, me, me why should I?'  Not to mention the plotline where a grown woman is hiding in the bathroom because her co-workers discovered she used to be fat??! How am I supposed to care about that?

Maybe I should have struggled through and perhaps I would have been rewarded eventually, though to be honest, what is the point of watching a drama unless you are having fun watching it?
There was no fun to be had here.

ugh ugh. That is all I have to say.

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