25 April 2013

GU FAMILY BOOK: Episode 1 - 6



It is still obviously very early days in regards to this drama, with only the first 6 episodes having been aired at this point, but so far I must say that I am enjoying it immensely.  I was not a massive Lee Seung Gi fan (though I have never disliked him) so when I read the news that Sung Joon would be one of the second male leads I nearly had a heart attack, as I have so far had the fantastic luck of always shipping the OTP in dramas and I was suddenly terrified that I would end up backing the wrong couple in this case (namely Yeo Wool and Gon).

Incredibly though, that hasn't actually happened.  The male lead of Kang Chi is instantly likeable (for once not one of the cold, rude noble types that has to evolve into a better person throughout the drama) so I warmed to him instantly, and even Lee Seung Gi's hair seems to be working for him in this drama!  Saguek styling really suits him surprisingly and I am liking him in this role a lot.

I am still loving Gon and the constant bickering and fits of jealousy which seem to be his character traits, but I am pleased to say I am actually rooting for the main couple of  Kang Chi and Yeo Wool which is a huge relief.  How the drama is going to manage to get the love sick Kang Chi to notice Yeo Wool though is another story, and something I am very much so looking forward to finding out.

Fantasy Saguek dramas have got to be my favorites and I am really liking the characters and the story so far, and think the set pieces and costumes all look incredibly gorgeous.  I liked the set up storyline about the parents generation though it was almost too tragic for me, their beautiful and sad love story's only saving grace being the fact that I presume the younger generation will surely get a chance to rectify their parents mistakes.
I will admit also that towards the end of their segment I was feeling a little bit of hate towards Seo Hwa, along with many others I am sure. I can understand her reasoning behind why she betrays Wol Ryung as she  believes him to be a monster, but really, if she had just had a little bit of faith in him none of it would have happened. And Wol Ryung was such a sweetheart who only wanted to be looooved. So sad.

Like I have read elsewhere, there have been a few weird (and kind of boring) plot turns so far,  for instance the abrupt introduction of Lee Soon Shin, who from my little knowledge of Korean history is a famous Navy historical figure. I am not too sure where exactly that plotline will be going,  but it hardly seems necessary amongst the much more interesting possibilities of watching Kang Chi turning into a half Gumiho and begin his quest to become human, presumably with the help of Yeo Wool (who he still believes to be a man) and her petty and jealous bodyguard. Bring it on!

And lastly, I just wanted to say how completely awesome and refreshing it is to be watching a Saguek where the leading man is going to fall in love with the tomboy commoner kick-ass woman, rather than the delicate flower noble lady.  Yeo Wool is definitely one heroine that I am very excited to learn more about, and I think Suzy is doing a great job playing her.  I know she gets a lot of flack for her acting abilities but I have never had any issues in that regard.  I am not a Korean speaker so maybe it is a different story when you are not reading subtitles or maybe I am blinded by my completely bias love for her first project 'Dream High', but either way there is just something about Suzy that makes me adore her.

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